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Agent 666

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Summary: Xander gets the call of his life. A crossover with the Global Frequency comic.

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Agent 666

Agent 666

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Buffy and co are owned by Joss and others. Global Frequency is owned by WildStorm/DC Comics and Warren Ellis

Rating: FRT-13 at worst. Oh for the days where you could look at a fanfic rating and know what it meant.

Summary: Xander gets the call of his life.

The silence was almost deafening as three friends walked away from the hole that was once their home. They had said their final words, and if this had been a television show they would have ridded off into the sunset with nothing spoiling the moment. Because this wasn't television the memorable silence lasted for two steps before it was shattered.

“Xander, your suitcase is ringing,” came a voice from inside the school bus.

“You brought a suitcase?” asked Willow as started to run towards the bus.

Xander didn't answer his best friend as he opened the metallic suitcase revealing a cell phone, a black jacket, and some small weapons. Pushing a button on the cell phone Xander said, “Agent 666.”

“This is Aleph. You're on the Global Frequency Xander,” said the voice on the other end of the line.

“Figured as much when I picked up the phone. Are you going to send me somewhere cold again?”

“Arizona this time, but right now I need you to tell me everything you can from the pictures I'm sending you,” said Aleph.

Looking at the screen on his phone Xander cursed at a sight that was all too familiar to him. “Tell any shooters you have there to aim for the mouth or eyes. Something like that would probably shrug off any low caliber rounds anywhere else. Also if the team find any humans with yellow eyes and large foreheads go for decapitation and disabling shots, nothing else will stop them.”

“Info is sent, and just in time according to the agents on site.”

“I'm two hours away from L.A. Can you have a flight waiting for me by the time I get there?”

“Flight 247 at LAX won't leave without you. I'll call you if anything new comes up so keep the phone close.”

“Got it,” said Xander as he set the phone to standby. In this mode Aleph could start talking without him having to pick up the phone again.

“Xander what was that about?” asked Buffy in a frosty tone.

“Good question Buff, but one that needs to be answered on our way to LA. Hey, Wood, you think you could step on it? The world may be ending twice this year so time is of the essence.”

When the newly called Slayers began to groan and threaten bodily harm Xander decided to expand his statement. “Don't worry ladies; some friends of mine are already there so this one will require no Slayer intervention.”

“What friends?” asked Willow when the cheer died down.

“Global Frequency,” said Kennedy as she examined the leather jacket that was in Xander’s suitcase. “According to dad, they're a bunch of freaks cleaning up the mess people make.”

“I guess that's how some people see us. Global Frequency is a rescue operation with one thousand and one members, and deals with situations the government denies ever happen,” said Xander as he grimaced at the weapons in the case. A stake, a hunting knife, and two vials of holy water weren't going to cut it with the demon Aleph had shown him. He really should call Aleph back and tell her which weapons were needed, but convincing a bus of super powered teenage girls not to hurt him was a higher priority.

“If they gave you 666 as a call sign they can't think much of you,” said Giles as he began to clean his glasses.

“I can see Aleph giving it to me as a joke, but nothing more. Truth is that when I joined four years ago there were only six hundred and sixty five members, I just got the next number.”

“Does this have anything to do with what you did on your road trip does it?” asked Buffy with a slight blush.

“Yes, but not what you are thinking of, and before you ask any more, remember that no power on earth will get me to tell you more than you know,” said Xander with a smile.

“Okay, how about I ask you why you didn't tell me that you joined some kind of secret society,” said Buffy.

“Or me,” said Willow.

“I didn't tell Buffy because she was feeling overwhelmed by college, and it would have just made her feel worse. Other than that it isn't a big deal. I've only been called once before when there was an angel sighting and it was a just bunch of people that went nuts.”

“How did you come to belong to this group Xander?” asked Giles.

“I just saved the boss lady from a vamp and instead of doing the usual 'this didn't happen' bit she started to grill me on what had just happened. Next thing I know I'm Agent 666, the demonic expert for Global Frequency,” said Xander with a shrug.

“Why did they keep you then? No offence intended, but while your knowledge of the supernatural is far beyond that of a normal man, you don't qualify as an expert. If this group truly recruits the best and brightest, I would assume that they would want someone more knowledgeable than someone who had just finished high school,” said Giles.

“Don't look at me, I've told them there are people smarter then me. Heck I even told them that you should take my place with you being non-Watcher like at the time. Near as I can tell saving the big cheese earned me some major trust points, and they don't want anyone else.”

“This is so cool!” squealed Andrew as his excitement boiled over. “You're like James Bond or something!”

“Except he isn't British,” said Rona.

“Well no one is perfect,” said Giles.

When everyone looked at him Giles covered his face and muttered, “Dear Lord, they finally corrupted me.”

“Can we get back to the world possibly ending,” said Dawn as soon as the chuckling died down.

“We don't know that the world is ending, I'm just assuming that because of the time of year,” said Xander as he tried to get comfortable. “I figure that after seven experiences I should be able to tell if it’s end of the world, or just really bad once I get there.”

“So how are we getting there?” asked Willow.

“We?” responded Xander.

“Yes 'we', as in you, me and possibly Buffy. You may be their brains, but if the world is ending again you'll probably need magic to stop it,” said Willow with her resolve face on full force.

“Flight 247 at LAX,” said Xander with a sigh. Now he really had to call Aleph back and beg her to allow his friends to go on the mission with him. Of course, that would probably turn out to be harder then the actual mission.
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