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The Slayer and a Jedi

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Summary: BtVS/Star Wars crossover ; Buffy does not escape the collapsing Hellmouth, but is transported to another world....

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Star Wars > Buffy-CenteredCristinaFR152137,20778971,68615 Jun 0524 Jun 06No

The Slayer and a Jedi

The Slayer and a Jedi

by Cristina

Disclaimer: Star Wars universe and characters belong to George Lucas, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel characters belong to Joss Whedon. This fic was inspired by Buffster3000's fic called Unworldly (author of the story also gave permission that if I want to use anything from her fic I can)

Rating; PG-15, it might change

Summary: BtVS/Ats/Star Wars; Buffy does not escape the collapsing Hellmouth, but with the burst of energy from the collapse a portal is created and she is transported to another dimension. And Connor didn’t end up in Quar-Toh he is on Tatooine, living with the Lars’.

Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance/Misery/SF


Distribution: Twisting the Hellmouth, fanfiction. Net anybody else, just tell me where you're gonna put it.

Feedback: yes please

Facts: now in the canon of BtVS there are mentions of Star Wars, mostly by the terrible nerd trio. For the sake of this fic I’ve ignored it, so the trio was just Star Trek fans, Star Wars was never mentioned. All else in BtVS happened. In Star Wars verse everything up to the point of Buffy’s arrival happens.

On Ats all up to Connor’s kidnapping happens. Cordy still becomes host to, but Angel becomes father of Jasmine, all other stuff happens except NO Connor, he is on Tatooine, living a happy life.

Now as for pairing Buffy…this will be Buffy/Anakin... oh and don't you worry abut Padme (I like Padme)

That is all... oh and these are ~thoughts~ .

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.
--Lady Galadriel to Frodo in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


Prologue: Bright lights, new home


Daniel Holtz, a demon hunter from past, was smiling. He had finally managed to get a hold of his enemy’s son.

Looking over his shoulder at Connor, who was strapped into a car seat, he said "Hello, son. I'm you're father. That strong lady with the black eye is your mother. Your name is Steven Franklin Thomas. And you're going to grow up with me on a little ranch in the middle of nowhere.”

Then he turns to his companion, a tall, good looking, red-headed woman, “What's it like in Utah?"

Justine turns to Holtz revealing, that she indeed has a black eye, answered, “It’s pretty."

"Let's go."

Holtz starts the car and they drive off. But they don’t get very far as a Hum-vee overtakes them and cuts them off.

Holtz turns the car off the road, but is quickly blocked by more Hum-vees.
Angel jumps out of one of them, rushing to the car where his son was. Holtz grabs Connor out of the back, while Justine tackles Angel.

But she is no match for him and it is only thrown aside like a rag doll.

Holtz seeing that he is trapped calls out. "Come any closer and I'll snap his neck!"

Angel fearing for his son’s life comes to a dead stop.

The commandos employed by Wolfram and Hart are jumping out of their vehicles cocking their machine guns.

Looking around, Holtz asks Angel "Who are they?"

But it was an attorney from WH that answers.

"They work for me."

"Ah. The attorney."

Lilah smiled and continued in her best ‘I have you now’ voice. "Yes. You are going to give us the child, Captain Holtz."

Angel alarmed by appearance of members of the law firm that was being his number one enemy, cries to Holtz.


Lilah smirks. "That's cute. You'd rather see the fanatic with the baby than us?”

Turning to Holtz she adds with confidence. ”Those are automatic weapons pointed at you. They didn't have them in your time. They fire sixteen bullets per second."

Angel still talking to Holz "And if they were going to use them they would have already. They want the baby alive."

"Something we all have in common." remarks Holtz.

The air shivers and Sahjhan appears. With a fearsome scowl on his demonic face.

"Not all of us.”

The demon turns to Lilah glaring in anger. “You do not want the child alive. You want the child dead. That was our arrangement."

Lilah smiles sweetly. "Yeah. I'm a lawyer. Have you met me? We have a new arrangement. I'm keeping the baby."

"You can't do that!" Sahjahn shouts at the smirking lawyer.

Lilah to commandos: "Ignore the loud mouth with the bad skin. He's impotent in this dimension."

"We're leaving." interrupts Holtz.

"No one's going anywhere." Lilah states confidently.

One of the commandos steps closer, and Angel knock him down, taking the weapon away from him and turning it on Lilah.

"Don't shoot."

"Yeah. You really don't want to. Your bullets won't kill me. But mine will kill you - and her first." Angel threatens Lilah. Then looks over at Holtz and Connor.

"He'll be dead before I hit the ground." Says Holtz coldly.

"I know." And he does, he knows that Holtz will kill his son if he does not play his cards right.

"So, I'm going to leave now, right? With me, he gets to live, anyone tries to take him, and he’ll die." Says Holtz slowly and deliberately.

Angel was thinking, hard, but at least if Holtz gets Connor, he won’t be used for evil like he would be if Lilah got him, coming to the decision he says quietly.

"Take him."

Sahjhan frowns, "Woah! No! What is wrong of you people?"

Holtz ignores the demon and says to Angel: "I will take good care of him, as though he were my own son. He'll never even know you existed. Don't come after me. - You will though, won't you? Maybe I should just..."

"No. Please."

Justine looks from Holtz' hand moving closer to Connor's neck to Angel and back.

"Take him."

Sahjhan, raising his hands fed up with everyone, starts to chant.

"Lekko najine forkahdio!"

There is a big explosion with bright sparks and a hole opens in the air. Past the burning edges we can see a turbulent, blood red sky.

Sahjhan turns to the humans and vampire. "What you are looking into is Quortoth, the darkest of the dark worlds. So - I can widen the portal and you can all be swallowed up by a world you can not begin to imagine - or you can keep your word and kill that child.”

Then after a beat he looks at Lilah.

“Now!" When no one moves he spreads his arms.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." and opening in the air grows bigger.

Lilah seeing that the demon is serious and not willing to risk her life she gives the command to her flunkies.

"Kill it."

"No!" shouts Angel pointing the gun at them.

The commandos and Angel stand there with the weapons aimed at each other. Holtz grabs a hold of Justine and pushes her away from him then heads for the hole in the air. Angel drops the gun and charges after him.

"Daniel! Daniel!" yells a terrified Justine, whose shouts are almost drowned by Angels’

"No! NO!"

Holtz jumps into the roiling red air of the portal and disappears from view. Angel jumps after him, but is thrown back by a lighting bolt lashing out from the portal and hitting him full in the chest. He flies backward, landing with a hard thud and rolls to look back at the portal.

"Wow.” Mutters Sahjhan.” I didn't count on that. Kind of takes care of my problem."

Both Justine and Angel are lying on the ground staring at the portal.

Sahjhan raises his hands and chants again.

"Forkahdio najine lekko."

The hole in the air quickly shrinks to a pinpoint and disappears.

"All right then.” Says the demon and looks down at Angel, who is still staring at where the portal used to be “Have a good summer."

With that Sahjhan disappears into thin air.

Lilah, looking down at Angel, who hasn't moved: "Humph! Well, I'm looking at a mountain of paperwork." Then she turns to go. Justine gets up and stumbles towards Wes' car.

Commander of the thugs stops Lilah "Should we do something about..."
She turns and looking back at Angel.

"Yes, we should. - We should let him suffer."

Angel rolls over onto all fours and looks around him. Sees Justine drive off in Wes' car and collapses back onto the hard ground, once again facing towards where the portal used to be.



In a Galaxy far far away.


Speeding through roiling red air Holtz is holding Connor close, so that they wouldn’t separate. Then suddenly red light becomes green. Then nothing. They’re falling through the air and colliding with warm sand.
Slowly standing, Holtz takes in his new surroundings, two suns and a west desert.

He starts to walk.


Lars’ farm

Beru is setting the table for her fiancé and his family, when she hears a tell tale hiss of an opening door. She rushes forward the two men who have appeared on the doorstep.

Hugging the younger one, she turned to greet Owen’s father when a bundle of cloth, in Cliegg arms, lets out a hungry wail.

Shmi who heard the cry, came quickly and looked at an agitated baby in her husband’s arms.

“Where did you find this poor baby?” she asks while she pries the infant from her obviously ruffled husband.

“He was all alone in the dessert; well there was a body of a man with him, probably his father. He’s dead,”

“He needs to fed and there should be some cloth somewhere that should serve as diapers.”

Beru went to find the clothes while Shmi started to change the baby. Both men uncomfortably retreated to the other room.

“It’s a baby boy!” comes Shmi’s voice behind them.

“Father, will we keep the child?” Asked Owen.

Cliegg smiled at his son and nodded. “He has no one, besides I don’t think your mother would want to do otherwise.”

“What name..?”

“He’s name is Connor.” Said Beru when she walked to the two men. “It was sewn in the cloth.”


AN// In BtVS it was normal timeline except Angel and Cordy were Jasmine’s parents, that is about the only difference.

Now in SW(Attack of the Clones) universe 3 years have passed so Connor is a healthy and most importantly a happy 3 year old.


Sunnydale, California USA

Buffy slowly opened her eyes. When the harsh light of the day greeted her, she closed them again. Groaning, she rolled onto her belly away from the light and opened her eyes again. When her sight adjusted, she was able to survey her environment.

Looking around, she discovered that she was surrounded by sand dunes. She was in the desert. How she had gotten there was a mystery, because the last thing she remembered was a fight with Uber-vamps and a bright green light, had she somehow been knocked out? Was this some sort of the dream?

Was she dreaming abut the First Slayer again? She could have sworn that this place looked similar to the one she had gone to when asking for guidance. But the aching from the wound that she had gotten while fighting the Uber-vamps told her that this was no dream.

Then her muddled brain become clearer; there had been a series of events before the green light, the activation of the Potentials as Slayers, the battle with the army of Turok-Han and Caleb, the amulet that Angel brought.




»I love you.” Buffy whispered, holding Spike’s hand in her own.
He was dying: rays of light were exploding through his body.

“No, you don't,’’ Spike replied, smiling through his pain, "But thanks for saying it anyway. Go! “

Buffy ran as fast as she could, avoiding falling debris from the ceiling of the school. Then she saw the bus that her friends and the new Slayers were in taking off. She knew that she had to reach it, so she ran the length of the roof and then at the edge, jumped onto the roof of the neighboring building.

But her luck ran out when sudden bursts of bright green light exploded outwards from the school. The amulet had done its work. The green light moved horizontally and enveloped the fleeing Slayer. And that was when she lost consciousness.

End flashback


~Great, just what I need, she thought, I'm stuck in the dessert, with no idea whatsoever as to how I got here, and where exactly is here, because as far as I can remember … ~ then her eyes widened impossibly as they caught sight of something unbelievable.

~TWO SUNS! What is going on?! No, better yet why do these things happen to me why not Faith, or Kennedy but nooo it's ME again~ she ranted as she was slowly rising to her feet. But her private rant was abruptly ended when some sort of a creature appeared before her, the likes of which she had never seen. That only annoyed her further. She was tired, cranky, dirty, her hair was probably a rats' nest and her clothes … she really did not want to think about them and she had probably been transported to another dimension, two suns?? … All in all she was one cranky Slayer. And messing with a cranky Slayer was a very bad idea.

She glared at the creature. “ Listen buddy, I've had a really bad day, and you really don’t wanna piss me off. If you don’t get lost in 30 seconds you’re are going to lose some parts.”

The thing made some weird cry and then many more came into view. Now she was seriously pissed off.

Before the thing knew what had happened, its weapon was wrestled out of its grasp. And then it was dead. Others came out of their shock and attacked the Slayer. They had no chance of surviving. Buffy killed them in a matter of minutes. Soon bodies covered the sand, some of their necks broken, some speared with their own weapons.

“Never mess with a Slayer.” she muttered quietly.

“Well done, kid.” said an all too familiar voice behind her. With narrowed eyes she turned around and glared at the balance demon.

“Whistler,’’ she hissed, “tell me one good reason why I shouldn't beat you to death right now.”

Whistler backed away from the enraged Slayer, holding his arms up in the universal sign of surrender. “Now easy there, kid, don’t kill the messenger.”

Buffy crossed her arms, and her glare remained fixed on the demon. “Get the message out then, Messenger!” she grunted out through gritted teeth.

Whistler sighed. “You really turned everything upside-down, kid, big time.” Seeing that Buffy was about to erupt in rage, he hurried on with his message.

“The First was never supposed to enter your reality, and you were supposed to stay dead. But with your resurrection, the barriers between dimensions became weaker, and that allowed the First to gain the upper hand. We never foresaw you getting the Scythe either that was meant for a Slayer far in the future. We didn’t anticipate that you’d get the idea to use the slayer weapon to activate every Potential as a Slayer; you were supposed to accept the power that the Shadow man could have given you. And your coming here was an accident….”

Before he could continue, he had an enraged Slayer in his face. “Now listen to me, demon guy. I have had enough of this from my friends and family. I don’t need it from you. If I was supposed to stay dead then why didn't I? Why didn’t you played messenger to my friends and tell them that I was safely tucked away in Heaven and not in some demonic dimension. Then you have a nerve to say that I was supposed to let some mojo men to chain me to the ground and perform magic on me against my will, like they did to the First Slayer?! I don’t think so!” she shouted the last sentence at the cringing Whistler.

”Now, kid, you can’t blame this on me or the Powers that Be, we don’t interfere in free will.’’

” I’m not finished yet.” She snarled. “You say that you could not interfere with free will, and then you have the gall to say to me that I should not have asked Willow to activate every Potential as a Slayer. Just because some Shadow man decided to create a warrior from the same evil that she was suppose to hunt, that was free will as well. So you can shut up about that, what's done can't be undone.’’ Then she took a deep breath and continued more calmly, “You said that my coming here was an accident. Where is here and how I can get back home?”

Whistler eyed her warily, then decided that she had calmed somewhat, and started to explain. “You’re in another dimension where, well, there are no demons, there are creatures that are not human, but no vampires, or werewolves.” He trailed off when he saw the narrowing of Buffy’s eyes.

”Now you are lying Whistle boy, you are a demon and you are here…’’

” I’m here because the Powers sent me as their channel, they are investing a lot of their power to keep me here, and I don’t have a lot of time so if you don’t mind I'll continue’’ he said with no small hint of anger. Buffy just nodded imperiously.

”As I was saying, no demons, but your powers are still intact due to the resurrection spell performed by the witch. That spell changed you a little. There is nothing wrong with you.” He hurried to say before the Slayer could hit him again, and was a little put off when he saw her smirk at him. “ The matter of your returning, well, there is nothing that you can do, help would have to came from your friends and they think that you're dead.” Then he jumped away from her and quickly blurted out, “and we can’t tell them, unless they ask questions about your whereabouts.’’

An enraged shriek of his name was the last thing he heard before he winked out of sight.

To be continued …
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