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Moon Light Over San Francisco.

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Summary: Two lonely and bitter people have a Charming night.

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Charmed > GeneralMagnusXXNFR2129,927379,00517 Jun 056 Nov 05Yes

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Moon Light Over San Francisco.

Auther: MagnusXXN

Disclaimer: I don't own Btvs nor do I own Angel, I'm pretty sure a

sadist by the name Joss owns them. Charmed belongs to.....someone, he

had a weird name, kinda girly. But be asured, I own nothing. You'd get

more money from sueing a hobo. NC-17

Moon Light Over San Francisco.

Xander Harris walked into this nice little restaurant, named Quake in San Francisco. He'd been in the city by the bay for a few days now, having left Sunnydale for a much needed vacation.

Anya had left him, over the fact that he still lived in his parents basement. Not understanding that though he had a job, it would take him a few months to save enough paychecks so they could move into a nice apartment.

So he'd left town for a little while, just to get his head on straight.

Its not like the guys could do much, even if they wanted him to stay and hang out. Get my head straight in Sunnydale. Willow didn't, of course she was still pretty messed up about Oz leaving.

Giles was in a funk because he no longer had a job, but the ex-Watcher had asked him to stay. Which was nice, and he was half tempted to just put his feet up, and sleep on Giles's couch for a few days. Just the guys, no jobs, little money, but lots of cable and beer.

Buffy had asked him to stay, which kinda surprised the once Zeppo. He'd have thought her too busy with her new boyfriend Riley to really notice he'd had left.

But he was wrong, and she did notice and was more then a little put out that he wanted to leave. It had been kinda nice. But Xander had to leave, and explained it only be for a little while, a couple weeks at the most.

So here he was, sitting behind the bar eating hot wings and moping over the fact that they refused to serve him alcohol. How many 19 year olds did they actually card anyway?

"Hey pal, it's my break, you want me to get ya anything else before I go?" The thin blond asked him behind the bar, the guy couldn't have been a day older then Xander himself. Guess he was the only one without a decent job.

Though if he had to wear that sissy ass white shirt underneath a black apron, the dark haired teen might debate swallowing a large bottle of pills and taking a header off the old high school building himself.

"Just another load of wings, and for Christ sake, can I get a drink?" He implored, only to get a nervous little shrug from the blond guy. Before he nodded against it and walked towards to kitchen.

"Dick." He muttered as the kid left.

"Hey, take it easy. Ralph is just doing his job." He'd half turned to give the interloper a peace of his mind before stopping cold. Sitting directly to his right was a smoking hot brunette, with the darkest brown eyes he'd ever seen.

"Ralph is being a dick. He's not even a helpful dick, I asked for 'hot' hot wings, he brings he this watered down shit." Though he's very aware how beautiful the women is sitting next to him, small talk isn't exactly his thing right now.

Rolling her eyes, the brunette opens her purse and pulls out a pack of Marlboro lights. Nodding only once to the new bartender, who puts down a shot glass in front of her, and a bottle of tequila.

"Ralph's a little shit, but he knows not to let kids drink in the restaurant." She doesn't even spare him a glance before striking a match, and holding the flaming tip against the end of her cig.

"I see they didn't ask to see your ID." Xander said rather bitterly, in no mood to be dismissed by hot, albeit bitchy brunettes.

Taking a drag before placing her cig in a ashtray, she poured herself a shot of tequila, and quickly downed it. The only evidence that it burned on its way down, was the tears that sprung to her eyes.

"Woo!" she coughed, "If they want to keep their jobs, they want pretend to not know I'm over 21. Not after the day I've had."

Annoyed, and frankly put out, he sarcastically asked, "Aww, poor baby. Have a rough day at the office?"

Finally turning to look at him, the brunette gave him a once over, obviously not impressed. "You know, I could have you kicked out of here with a word. Stop being such smart ass little shit."

Then she went back to her drink, and cigarette.

"Sorry if the black cloud hovering over my head is bothering you. Its not every day my girlfriend leaves me. I'll try to suffer quieter, your highness." Not caring if he was kicked out or not by this point.

Snorting behind her drink, she actually turns to address him. "Small world. My boyfriend left me today for parts unknown. Not even bothering with a decent excuse."

He was half tempted to say, 'and this has nothing to do with your sparkling personality?' But since she had stood up and grabbed a shot glass from behind the bar and poured him a glass, Xander kept his mouth shut.

"I thought you all didn't serve minors here."

"Your girlfriend left you, my boyfriend left me, I guess we're in the same boat. Now shut up and take the shot, because I hate drinking alone." Needing no further argument, he downed the tequila in one gulp.

Almost choking on it as the 'fire water' had its way down his throat. "Jesus Christ." He coughed.

"Pussy." She answered, but with a smile adoring her lips. Which was a great improvement over the 'I know I'm better then you' look she'd been giving him for the last ten minutes.

"Name's Xander," he offered his hand, and after a moment she took it.

"Piper." She went back to her drink.

"You smoke regularly, or is this part of the whole breakup?" He gestured towards the second cigarette she was about to light up.

"I gave this up in my first year of college, but I think I can be forgiven this little trespass. After all, its Leo's fucking fault I'm even here." He only noticed now that Piper was well on her way to getting shit-faced.

Which was probably her plan, he thought absently. After all, he'd just down a second shot himself, hoping for the same outcome as she was. At least a few hours of drunken bliss, the hangover could wait.

"Can I bum one?" Not really a smoker either, but Xander wanted to see if they'd help.

"I'm sure a can spare a couple." He put the cancer stick between his lips, and leaned over as the brunette held out a lit match. Taking a deep draw, he drew in the smoke.

Fighting back tears, he was unwilling to cough as the smoke burnt his virgin lungs.

Checking her watch, Piper spied that it was already a little after 1am, and most everyone else had left. It was only a matter of time before she'd have to close the place, seeing as the manager was to lazy to be here.

"So Xander, what do you do for a living?" Ralph had long left, and his replacement's only duty had been to leave the bottle with her. So Piper turned away from the front of the bar on her stool, and looked over at her drinking companion.

"Depends. In the last year I've delivered pizzas, operated an ice cream truck, worked at a phone sex place, and stripped at a bar in Oxnard. It all depends." He told her with a shrug. "What do you do, Piper?"

Sporting a bemused smile, she answered. "I work here. I'm the chef."

"Decent job," He answered, only slightly jealous. "Good work, I suppose. Though, I could burn toast so it's not really in my future."

"I'm glad you approve." She answered sarcastically, but with little actual heat in her words. "So kid, how old are you? I hope I'm not furthering the delinquency of a middle-schooler."

"I'm Nineteen." He followed up, not knowing if she was joking or being a wise ass. He was leaning towards wise ass. "So I'm legal, well for most things. Just not drink."

A few moments passed in silence, as they continued to smoke and drink. No one else was even in Quake anymore. But after a while the silence was getting to her, so Piper spoke up.

"I see you didn't ask how old 'I' was." She knew she didn't look like she needed to be carded anymore, but hopefully the brunette wasn't looking over the hill.

"My mother was 'very' clear when I was growing up. It's rude to ask a lady how old she is, but since you've been a bitch most of the night, what the hell. How old are you?" He smirked at her outrage, knowing it was only paper thin from the grin trying to free its self around her lips.

"I'm twenty-four. And you haven't exactly been a breath of fresh air either pal." Looking at her watch again, Piper made up her mind.

"I'm a little tipsy, wanna woke me home?" She asked with a tired sigh, knowing that she was in fact pretty drunk. But not enough to not know she was asking a stranger over.

Snorting, Xander turned to look at her. It didn't take him long to make up his mind. "Ya, lead the way."


Piper Halliwell walked through her front door, and looked out to make sure her sisters were either gone or in bed. Seeing no one around, she gestured for her partner to follow suit.

Taking in the well kept house, Xander whispered, "A lot better then that shit hole I live in." She'd told him as they walked that she lived with her sisters. And didn't want to wake them up.

She spoke to him as they walked through the hall, only stopping for a second to drop off her keys on the coffee table as they headed towards

the stairs, "Ya? My grams left us the house in her will. We like to think of it as our....legacy."

Walking up the stairs as quietly as they could, as too not wake anyone up, the pair quickly made their way to her bedroom.

Piper shut the door behind them, as he stood in front of the bed, she watching him front her place leaning against the door. "So hot stuff, lets see what you're working with." She grinned, well bared teeth would be a better statement as to what she did.

Not shy in the least, the beautiful brunette walked over calmly and pushed him against the side of her bed until he fell backwards. His feet still planted on the floor.

Her hand reached out and felt the rather large bulge within his jeans, without breaking stride she dropped to the floor between his legs and smirked at the young man already panting before her.

"Ohhh, you're big. Guess I lucked out, huh?" Not waiting for an answer, Piper undid his zipper and pulling down his jeans till they were around his ankles and then eyed the rather tented blue boxers now before here.

Being able to do nothing at the moment, Xander simply pulled his arms behind his neck like a pillow and watched her work.

Her right hand slinked out and fondled his hard member through the thin material covering it, before swiftly pulling them down as well so she could get a good look at his stiff cock.

Reaching out Piper wrapped her warm fingers around him, grinned when he groaned at her touch. Remembering what a prude Leo had been, not letting her do this. Shit, she thought, what kind of man turns down head?

"If I knew you were this big, I would have cut the shit and taken you into one of the stalls at Quake." She told him earnestly, slowly running her hand up and down his shaft.

He watched her with barely-open eyes, "I think it was worth the wait." Xander was desperately trying to stop his eyes from rolling back into his skull.

Enjoying teasing him, Piper looked up into his eyes, letting him see her own lust there, and pleased at what she saw in his. "Ya, I think you're right. Good cock is worth the wait." She grinned when he twitched at the word 'cock.'

Men were sooo easy.

"You have such a dirty mouth." He informed her, acting from her teasing but strong willed enough to hold off from simply cumming in her hand.

Smirking at his choice of words, Piper answered, "Yeah, and your about to make it dirtier."

He almost lost it when her tongue slipped out of her mouth, and trailed up the length of his penis, from balls to the tip of his head. She did this a few more times, before her licks became more playful.

Like a little cats tongue, she was bathing his member with her spittle.

"Oh god, you dirty bitch." Xander told her as she continued her work. Only noticing what he'd called her when she nipped at his shaft, rewarded with a groan of pleasure and pain.

Once she was sure his cock had been cleaned completely, Piper leaned over and took the head into her mouth. She sucked on the purplish helmet-shaped part of the male sex, hollowing her cheeks to really strain her young lover.

From past experiences she knew just how sensitive a man's head could be, she remembered well how soon a nineteen year old man could loose

himself as quickly unload himself into her mouth. She didn't mind one way or another, but was pleased that he had enough control of himself to hold off his orgasm.

The kneeling brunette let out a loud slurp around his penis, seeing how far she could push him before he blew. And from the way his balls tightened up from their place in the palm of her left hand, she'd though it was all over.

But Xander surprised her with his self-control.

Loosing herself in the moment, Piper let her head begin bobbing up and down, giving him the best shine job he'd ever gotten in his whole life. She took more and more of his cock into her mouth, working its way deeper.

Relaxing her gag reflex, she began taking him down her throat. At an inch at a time, it was like torture of Xander.

Anya had gusto, but frankly she didn't want to try it. He, like most men was vain about his penis, but luckily he'd been gifted with a rather well sized cock, which is why Anya wouldn't try. This was actually the first time a women deep throated him, and it took all he had not to shoot now.

Once her nose reached his flat stomach, Piper knew she had all....8 or 9 inches of him safely locked down her throat. Now came the fun part, relaxing her throat she slid him out of her throat until only the tip remained in her mouth.

Them she did it again, and again, letting her tight throat muscles do the work, fucking him with her mouth.

"Please, yes, please....."Xander moaned, not caring if her sisters heard him.

The hungry brunette's hands weren't idle during this ordeal; her right hand was busy toying with his heavy sac. She didn't want them to get cold while she had her fun, knowing just how to touch him, and what was pleasant.

Knowing how to make him loose total control, Piper let his moist cock 'pop' out of her mouth.

"Don't stop! Please, don't stop..." He begged, surprised that she'd released him when he was soo close, but she was running the show.

"I don't intend too, babe." She told him with a sharp grin, before she reached down and took one of his balls into her mouth, sucking on each ball, before releasing it and simply breathing on them, letting her hot breath do all the work.

Her hands were stroking him above her head the whole while, not forgetting completely about his cock. Closing her eyes, she licked his sac forcefully, loosing herself in the act itself.

It had been too long since she could have such fun, and Piper silently cursed her former boyfriend for his prudish sexual ways.

"Piper! I'm close, so damned close....."Xander whined.

Giving his heavy sac one last playful suck, she pulled away to look at him. "Then cum, I'm not stopping you." He had no idea what he was in for.

Wrapping both hands around his aching and slick cock, she mercilessly began jerking her hands back and forward, faster and faster. Knowing the friction was enough to drive him over the edge.

"Cum for me you fuck! Spurt that white jizz all over my face, you fucker!" Her voice was harsh and needful, her hands were well-lubed from her on saliva, so they slipped up and down with increasing speed.

She felt his balls tighten once again, knowing this was it.

"I'm cumming Piper! I'm cumm....." He shouted, not giving a shit who was trying to sleep.

Piper sat up and aimed his member like a fun, right at her face. Xander's orgasm was too much to fight off, he gave in like he'd done some many times before. His hips bucked wildly into her hands, before his cum began shooting into her grinning face.

The twenty-four year old Halliwell allowed his semen to cover her face, as load after load escaped his cock. She opened her mouth and caught some of it there, and swished it around, tasting the salty texture.

His eyes had finally rolled back into his skull, so he wasn't privy for the event, missing out on his jizz drenching the kneeling women between his legs. The erotic sight might have brought on a second orgasm, even if it was too see for him to reload.

She felt his hardness resend, leaving the member soft and warm in her hands as she continued jerking him off. Milking his cock for every last drop of semen he had to offer.

When he was finished, Piper leaned over and gave his slit a quick kiss. "Who would have guessed you had it in you?" Her voice was pleasant.

Xander opened his eyes and saw the evidence plastered all over his face, and couldn't help but grin. "Yeah, who would have guessed."

"When you're up for it, crawl back into my bed, I want to take this bad boy for a ride." She reached up with one hand and slid a finger against her cheek, collecting some of his cum before she sucked it into her mouth.

He did as he was instructed, only stopping to kiss her deeply. His own tongue warring against hers, he tasted his cum in her mouth, and was only slightly unnerved by that. His hands found her breasts underneath her shirt, and he spared her few words. "Off!"

Piper easily pulled her shirt over her head, breaking the kiss to do so, she also whipped away Xander's spunk from her face. Not wanting it to dry there. She wasn't wearing a bra.

"Beautiful titties, if I do say so myself." This actually got a blush out of the stone cold fox, since it was either Prue or Pheobe who would get comments on their chests. Not her, the middle sister.

The teenager spared little time before taking one of her nipples into his mouth, earning a groan of pleasure from his partner.

He rolled that pink bud around his lips, letting his tongue lick up and down against the ripe aching point. Piper ground her crotch against his chest as he did this. Wanting the foreplay over, so they could arrive at the main course.

Feeling his cock bursting upward, Piper was pleased to find him back to life, and ready for round two. "That's a good boy." She teased.

"Yes ma'am." He replied in a rather smart ass way, but she wasn't gonna stop so say something. Not now anyway. Afterwards, she was gonna give him a peace

of her mind.

"Just shut up and fuck me." Was all she said before undoing her own jeans, she wasn't wearing panties either. What a shocker.

Xander reached up and sucked on two of his fingers, making sure they were nice and wet before he reached between her legs and pushed them into her tight, hot box, one that was so very ready for him.

He grinned openly as Piper panted from his action.

Removing his fingers, he pressed them to her lips, and after a second she opened her mouth and sucked on the digits. If he could taste his semen, she could taste her own pussy.

His member was held tightly against his flat stomach, and its very presence was more then she could bear. "Enough! I need you inside me already."

She kissed him deeply, letting her tongue battle against his. Her mouth opened in a silent scream when they were aligned, and Xander thrust into her without warning. "Bastard..." She hissed.

Her tight pussy was wrapped around his member, and with cumming a few moments ago, Xander knew he would be able to hold off for some time before the need to cum again, even with an exceptional sex like Piper's.

The petite brunette rose on him slowly, taking him deep with every thrust of her hips. Up and down, up and down, their rhythm soon matched.

"Sweet Jesus, your a fucking goddess." He told her truthfully. Renouncing any and all former claims he'd given his ex Anya. Piper was just something entirely different, and so much better.

His hands came down and wrapped around her waist, having a better grip on her now, he soon picked up the pace, thrusting into her harder, and harder, only to have her match him thrust for thrust.

Her back arched as they fucked, pressing her nipples against his face, he soon took one into his mouth, sucking on that bud, nibbling at the soft flesh much like she had with his member. This only spurned her on more.

Xander spared only one hand to reach between them, his left hand found her clit and as his shaft entered her, his fingers were busy playing with that ball of nerves within her sex.

The twenty-four year old brunette groaned out madly, lost in the sensation of it all. Pressing her breast into his mouth more, she sighed when he began to nurse from her nipple.

Leaning back, they fell from their upright position so that he was now on top of her. Piper wrapped her soft legs around his waist, and pulled him further into her. "Fuck me harder, babe. Give it all too me."

He did just that, thrusting the whole of his member deep inside her, earning a cry of pleasure and pain from her as he filled her up completely, and then some.

"Ohhh, Xander!" She shouted, it had been far too long since someone had stuffed her so fill. She looked down as his cock worked back and forth into her with every move of his hips.

"Like that, do you?" He teased softly, breathless from their love making.

Her pussy was so soft, but burning hot, it was almost enough for him to loose it now and fill her with his semen. But she hadn't cum yet, not once. And he refused to go a second time before she'd had her first.

Picking up speed, he mercilessly pounded into her, covering her mouth in a deep his only to stop her from shouting out. Piper was already getting pretty loud, they both were.

"I'm almost there, fuck me harder!" She begged, and her wish was carried out soon after. So much so her whole bed was rocking from the strength his was putting behind every thrust of his body – she knew she'd be sore tomorrow.

Her inner muscles clamped down around his member now, she could take no more. "I'm cummmming!" He didn't bother to try and cover her mouth with his own this time, as her orgasm arrived. "Yes! Oh yes, that's fucking good."

But the squeezing pressure was all he needed now, and with a grunt, Xander cam with her. Their eyes both fluttered with the blindingly bright pulse of pure sexual release. "I'm cumming too, babe," was all he got out before his warm jizz entered her in long streams.

Her aching pussy was made even wetter, for his semen, the throbbing member added an extra spice to the whole ordeal. It was very rare that Leo would cum with her. He was such a quick hitter.

Exhausted, Xander fell against her, his head lying over her shoulder as he pressed quick kisses to her throat. He didn't even have the strength to pull himself free from within her.

Not that Piper was complaining. She grinned in satisfaction, and turned away to allow him better room to reach her throat. Loving those gentle licks and kisses he placed on her, now was the time to enjoy theafter glow

"Anyone ever tell you, you're a grade-A fuck?" She questioned, eyes drooping.

The nineteen year old laid a chaste kiss against her lips before answering, "It might have been said once or twice."

Smiling softly, Piper let her plans be known. "I think I'm going to have to keep you around for a while." Then rather shyly, and not at all with what he'd become used to the brunette bitch, "That is....if you want too?"

He nodded from his place, his cheek against her chest. "Oh yeah, I'd like that a lot." He told her honestly.

"There's no way your sisters slept through that." He informed her, knowing that they'd probably heard the racket that they'd gotten into. God knows that bed had been rocking against the wall hard enough.

"Shit. I think you're right." Finally opening her eyes, she looked into his, "Guess I'll just have to show you off during breakfast, now won't I?"

Xander grinned, "Free food, and world-class fucking all in the same day? I think my life's looking up."

She matched his smile with one of her own, "Yours and mine both."


): )
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