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Summary: Did the Goa'uld really think that she would forget them? S8 spoilers.

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesLorencyFR1521,325043,80318 Jun 059 Jul 05No


Cassandra Fraiser walked down the corridor with the armed guard beside her. His name was…Jensen something? She didn’t know. But he seemed to know her and chattered happily with her about the latest gossip in the mountain.

She smiled in a mechanical way. The guard didn’t seem to notice.

She had told the guards by the gate of Cheyenne Mountain that she wanted to surprise General O’Neill and SG-1. So they called Walter and he confirmed that she was alright to let in. She didn’t even needed to be searched, the guards had told her.

Cassandra had asked the guard to escort her to Walter first and then Walter could escort her to Colonel Carter. The guards had accepted this. Mainly thanks to her happily innocent chatter at the beginning.

“Cassandra!” a male voice cried out when she entered the Gate control room.

With a plastered voice she played her act well.

“Walter. It’s so good to see you.”

“What have you done with your hair young lady?” Walter asked her and got up from his chair to greet her with a hug.

She hugged him and then touched her black hair that barely reached her shoulders.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you like it? Dylan said it made me look cool.” She pouted and prayed that Walter hadn’t heard that she and Dylan had broken up months ago.

“I liked your red hair Cassandra. But if you like it…okay. I can live with it.” Walter fidgeted with his glasses. “So I heard you wanted to surprise the General and the Colonel by come to visit.” He grinned with mischief.

“Yes I haven’t told them that I would be home this weekend.” She moved closer and put a little disc in his pocket. He didn’t notice “But before I go and surprise them. What’s going on here? Any big battles or alliances to be planned?” she asked grinningly.

He smiled at her questions and even though he knew he shouldn’t be telling her, he decided to do it anyway. What could go wrong? What didn’t she already knew about aliens and other planets?

“Well not much. It’s just me, Steve and Jones over there to watch the gate. SG-14 is out on a new planet. We don’t expect them back until tomorrow but you know how we always have to be here. Oh and the Tok’ra is upstairs having another meeting with the General and SG-1.” Walter kept on talking while keeping his eyes on the monitor. He never saw the movement in the corner of his eyes until it was to late.

He felt something hit his throat and heard strangled sounds from his friends sitting by the other monitors. He turned around to see Cassandra standing with a gun in her hand. Her eyes were stone cold and Walter could have sworn that she was Goa’uld if it wasn’t for the part where her eyes didn’t glow.

“It’s alright Walter. It’s only a sleeping arrow. You will awake in a few minutes.” She told him gently. Or she attended it to sound gently but all Walter heard was her emotionless voice before he passed out into the darkness.

When all the technicians were asleep Cassandra moved into action. The bag she had with her was filled with equipment that she needed to make her way through the gate. She took out her Glock guns and strapped them on her hips.

She moved quickly and got into the computer’s safety system. She quickly dialled the address and then entered a further level where she made sure that the doors to the gate room would be locked down until she had entered the wormhole.

Cassandra grabbed her bag and took a firm grip on the gun that she had used to silence Walter with. When she ran down the stairs and through the doors of the gate room she saw the surprise on the guard’s face. The surprise didn’t last long and when he saw her gun he reached for his own but it was to late. The arrow hit him and he sagged down the wall.

When she entered the gate room she shot down the four guards standing there and the surprise were evident in their eyes before the passed out.

When the doors closed behind her the klaxons began to sound it’s alarm. Cassandra twirled around and looked at the control room where she saw Walter look at her with betrayal in his eyes before they rolled up and he fell down on the floor.

Damn! She hadn’t counted on Walter to fight the sleeping arrow like he did.

While the gate started to dial the address she heard noise from the control room when SG-1 and new technicians desperately tried to abort the dialing. She didn’t turned around when they tried to talk to her.

“Cassandra!” Jack barked. ”What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Cassandra turned around and faced her family. What was left of her family. What was soon to be shattered.

She had, without realising it, grabbed her two guns and were holding them down. The black pants and black leather jacket were clinged against her thin, but well trained body.

“Cassie, you can’t enter through the gate.” Sam tried to plead with her. “You know that the bomb will destroy us if you do.”

The wormhole behind her opened and Cassandra didn’t even flinch.

“We can talk about this.” Daniel tried. “What do you hope for achieve with this?”

She looked at them all coolly and then exchanged a glance with Anise that had a shocked look upon her face. Yeah, you didn’t see this one coming know did you bitch? Cassie thought humourless.

”Aequitas” was the only word she said to answer their questions and ran up the gate ramp and disappeared into the water, without looking back.

General O’Neill stood in shock looking at the closed gate infront of him. It hadn’t exploded. How come it didn’t explode?

“Aequitas.” Daniel murmured and translated. “Justice.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Aequitas" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Jul 05.

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