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Summary: Did the Goa'uld really think that she would forget them? S8 spoilers.

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DISCLAIMER: I do not owe Stargate or it's character. I do however owe this story.

AUTHORS NOTE: If anyone get any ideas of this story, please go ahead and write it. Just don't forget to post the link so I can read it.

The graveyard was as beautiful as she remembered it. She was glad that this was the spot they had buried her mother. Her last rest was in a place with heroes of the past.

She walked among the stones and grieved silently for the heroes that died to protect the people they loved.

Her path stopped infront on one gravestone that looked new even after one and a half year. She kneeled infront of it and stroke the inscription.

Janet Fraiser

Beloved Mother and Friend

A Hero for us all

“Hi Mama!” she smiled sadly. “I’m sorry I haven’t been here for a while. I’ve just been busy at school and training.” She paused for a few minutes, not knowing what to say.

“The team is alright. As well as it can be expected. You remember what I told you about Sam getting married to some cop? Well, she changed her mind and went fishing with Jack instead. Isn’t great?” she laughed at the idea of what the two of them were doing at Jack’s fishing cabin. Then her laugh faded.

“Jacob’s dead.” Was all she said and knew that there was nothing more to say. Her mother would know the answer to her statement.

She pondered over something. Her beautiful face showed a great deal of turmoil. Then she closed her eyes and nodded.

“I gave a promise when I buried you. I have waited long enough to gain the strength and knowledge to go through with it. I’m ready now Mama. I’m ready.”

She put a gently kiss on her mother’s grave. When she rose from her position she could feel the wind that gently tugged her hair. A presence of safety that played with her hair in the most caring way.

When she walked away her gentle smile had become cold stone. In her eyes was a dangerous power making itself known. Oh yes she was ready.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking