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Dreams and Encounters

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Summary: Xander dreams. Daniel dreams. Will those dreams come true? (Slash)

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Daniel JacksonkarinmsFR1821,7174277,57119 Jun 052 Dec 05No

0. The Dream

Dreams and Encounters

Author: Karin (karinms) LiveJournal
Beta: misagoddess
Date started: summer 2005, WiP
Fandom: BtVS crossover with the Stargate: SG1.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters from BtVS and Stargate. SG:1 was created by Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright (MGM). Buffy was created by Joss Whedon (Mutant Enemy Productions).

Summary: Xander dreams. Daniel dreams. Will their dreams come true?
Pairing(s): Daniel/Xander
Warning(s): slash, violence, OOC

A/N 1: Xander is in Africa. Daniel is back from Ascension. I haven’t watched every episode or season of either show so consider this AU. I got the idea from a dream and just had to write it down. It was very detailed but I can’t really remember it now. Too bad. I will add more warnings later on.
A/N 2: I’m spelling Xander like Sander since SG1 has never seen it in written form before, only heard it.

thoughts & dreams
-*-*-*- scenery change between dream and reality
-.-.-.-.- memory, flashback

The Dream

He pressed the body up against a tree. His hands held the other immobilized. His leg was situated between the other’s; his thigh rubbed gently against the growing hardness found there. He heard the other man moan. He mirrored it.

Sniffing the exposed neck in front of him, he then licked it. The man tasted like coffee and earth, he smelled like home. He pressed a kiss against the tan throat, moving up over the chin, hesitating before finding the lips.

It was a shy kiss, lips barely touching. He stared into blue eyes, shadowed by need. He closed his own eye and kissed again.


In the desert night, a young man was dreaming. The dark-haired youth was moving; his body was restless. He sighed in his sleep.

On a planet far away, in a tent shared by two men, a dark-blonde man was also dreaming restlessly. His companion, still awake, watched him toss and turn. Heard him murmur a possible name; Sander.


He was held captive but didn’t want to move. He could break free but didn’t feel the need to. The young man was intriguing. He could feel himself reacting to the closeness of their bodies. He longed to move, to touch but didn’t dare. He heard the other one moan in response to his own sound. The sniffing and licking felt almost primitive. Their first kiss was surprisingly shy.

One brown eye stared into two blue eyes for a moment. Their next kiss tasted sweet and familiar. Like home.
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