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Welcome to Gotham

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Summary: Gotham City's got a new visitor - Faith. Originally written as a series of drabbles for TTHDrabbles.

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DC Universe > Batman > Faith-CenteredBoosterFR1355610287,16120 Jun 0525 Jun 05No

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Series Title: Welcome to Gotham
Word Count: 100 each.
Fandom: Buffyverse, Batverse
Disclaimer: Buffy and the gang belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Batman and related characters are DC's and Warner Brothers. I don't own any of the characters in here.
Challenge: TtHDrabble #011: Comics
Summary: Gotham City's got a new visitor.

Originally posted in tthdrabbles.

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

She ran over the rooftops, leaping expertly from one Gotham building to another.

Catwoman risked a quick look behind her, and saw the pursuing figure closing in. Desperate to shake off her tail (and keep those delicious diamonds), she resorted to her last, best trick – throwing herself off the side of a twenty story building.

Rebounding from some convenient cables, Catwoman halted her fall and propelled herself some distance away. Ducking into a doorway, she tried to inhale.

A cough came from behind her.

“Hey, nice work-out,” said Faith, not even out of breath, “Can we do this every night?”
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