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The key in smallville

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Summary: When Dawn jumps story: she lands in smallville, where Clark finds her. Yelling ensues...

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Smallville > Dawn-CenterednotmydestinyFR1322,6510124,60420 Jun 0521 Jul 05No

finding, and finding out

Disclaimer:I don't own anything, blah blah blah.
A/N:I BEG for reviews. PLEASE!!!!
A/N2:no, this will not be a Clark.Dawn story, atleast not so far. Patience...

Clark and Dawn were driving in the pick-up, in a silence. An awkward one for Clark, and a non-evident one to Dawn. She was humming happily, while looking out the window, though she kept glancing up distractedly at the sky, making Clark a bit uneasy.

“So, why do you want to go to the hospital? We bandaged you pretty good, and your injuries seemed to be healing pretty fast.” He wondered strangely at how fast it was, though.

“Well, I need to figure out some things, like who exactly I am. And I will find that at the hospital.” She said, still looking out the window.

“So, uh, how’d you get those cuts?” He asked calmly, thought he was burning to know. She looked at him deadpan.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” She said and then turned back to the window, seemingly less happy. Clark left her alone after that, as they rode to the hospital.

They arrived at the front, and Clark parked the car there. “I’ll get out and meet you back in five minuets.” She said. “If I’m not back by then, just leave.”

“Wait, I’m going with you.” Clark said, not liking how calmly she stated this, and also feeling a strange need to protect her from any more potential injuries, seeing how badly she was wounded before. He got the feeling it happened more where she was from, because of how little it seemed to phase her.

“Fine, but don’t get in my way.” She said, and began to make her way to the doors. Clark followed behind. It was around noon now, so doctors were coming out to eat lunch, as were nurses, and others.

Dawn walked through the front doors, the determined look on her face replaced by a shy smile, and soft doe-like eyes. Clark gave a shiver at that. If guys shivered, he added quietly, which he didn’t, he told himself. She walked up to a nurse, the image of a shy innocent girl. Clark stood at the door, watching, hoping she didn’t maim the nurse. “Excuse me, Miss? Do you know where the mental illness ward would be?” she asked smiling sweetly.

“It’s on the third floor, down the hall, to the right. But your not aloud to visit them there, you have to make an appointment, or have special authorization.” She said kindly, believing Dawn’s act.

“Oh, don’t worry. My cousin works in that ward, and he said he’d meet us there for lunch. The nurse just nodded quietly and left. Dawn walked quickly to the elevator. Clark ran after her.

“Are you sure you know what your doing?” he asked her warily. “She said we weren’t supposed to go up there.”

“And if I did what I was told every time I was told to do something,” she thought a moment, “I probably wouldn’t be here, but that’s besides the point.” She quietly thought of ways to amend and prove her meaning. “I mean, if every time the people I KNEW did the stuff they were told to do…” she trailed off remembering the numerous traps Buffy had walked into. “OK, FINE, if I always did what someone told me to do, I’d probably be in a lot less trouble, but at least I wouldn’t be someone who couldn’t think for themselves.” She darted a quick glance at the ceiling. “Which I CAN.”

“Dawn?” Clark asked, interrupting glaring contest she was having with the wall now.

“What?” she snapped, coming out of her trance.

“We’re here.”

“Oh.” Then she happily made her way down the hall, Clark in tow.
There weren’t a lot of people on duty. Dawn managed to dodge them successfully, until they hit the door where the insane ward was.

“You might want to stay out here; I’ll only be a minute.”

“Dawn, let me come with you.” Clark insisted. He had seen what crazy people could do. He wasn’t going to let Dawn go alone.

“I can take care of myself Clark.” She assured him. He looked doubtfully at her, then her stomach, where she was bandaged. “I need to do this.” She looked at him pleadingly. The green eyes wide with asking, where they were threatening before. Clark was helpless against a Summer’s put, so added that, he had to nod. She smiled at him. “Thanks.” She said softly, then went in to a room of beds. Old people and young were lying there, some mumbling to themselves, others quietly staring at the ceiling. Suddenly, the room was aware of her. They all started shouting.

“Nothing’s there. Nothing’s there.”

“It’s so shiny, nothing, nothing”

“It’s not real, it’s not real.”

“Nobody, empty, empty, empty, empty…”

“Dawn?” She turned around quickly to find Clark behind her.
“Dawn, what’s wrong?”
She was crying, she realized.
“Nothing.” She said, wiping her eyes, then storming out. Clark tried to catch up to her, but she ran. He didn’t want to use his super powers in front of people, so he just ran at his normal pace. This didn’t seem to be enough, because she seemed to be running faster than him. It seemed almost unnatural. She got to the elevator before him, so he rushed down the stairs. He saw her running out the door to the car. When he finally caught up with her, she was in the car, much calmer, though pouting.

Clark silently got in the car beside her, and they drove off. When Clark had hit the long dirt road surrounded by Cornfields, he spoke. “Dawn, why did those people all act that way? I’m not the clueless country boy. I know they’re mentally ill, but they wouldn’t all have the same reaction, and reach that same conclusion. Who the hell are you?” Clark had thought, though a little odd, she was human. Now he wasn’t so sure.

Dawn seemed to look at him for a long time. Suddenly, something seemed to hit her, and her eyes flashed a moment with sympathy, then replaced with meaning. “My name is Dawn summers, I didn’t exist until about a year ago. I am a thousand year old force, green energy, which is the key to all dimensions. I was made by the monks, out of the blood of the slayer, who is a warrior who fights vampires, and demons in my dimension, so she would protect me from a hell god who was after me. The hell god wanted to get back to her home dimension, and in order to make the key work, you have to bleed them till the last drop. So the cuts on my body were made to sacrifice me. I was meant to die, because I wasn’t exactly human. But my Sister, the slayer, Buffy, defeated the god, and she was about to die, but I forced her away and I jumped, expecting to die. But the portal which hell dimensions were leaking out of, could only be closed once the blood stopped flowing. So that’s why I kinda acted psychotic in your attic over there. Sorry.” She gave him a small smile.

Clark, seeing the things he did, could easily believe it. Except, “There are alternate dimensions?”

Dawn snorted, relieved he believed her. “Hell yeah. Hell dimensions, this normal dimensions, dimensions made of shrimp, there’s a lot. Numerous. Uncountable.”


“Yep. Don’t worry; we had to hide the knowledge of higher powers that weren’t exactly human too. I totally understand you’re going through.” Dawn’s simple statement took a few moments to register itself in his brain, but when he did, he jumped.

“What?! How did you know?”

“I didn’t exactly until now.” She grinned. As Clark seemed to grow more worried, she said “Don’t worry, it’s safe with me. And it’s not obvious. It’s just that me being a mystical key, and growing up on a hell mouth,” at his confused stare, she said “so a story for another time, I kind of detect things not quit human. Call it a spider sense.”

“So you’re a mystical key to all dimensions?’ He said after a few minuets. She nodded slowly. “And you know I am not exactly human?” She nodded again. Did he have a whole lot to tell his parents. And if he was really lucky, they would believe an eigth of it.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The key in smallville" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Jul 05.

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