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The key in smallville

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Summary: When Dawn jumps story: she lands in smallville, where Clark finds her. Yelling ensues...

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Smallville > Dawn-CenterednotmydestinyFR1322,6510124,60420 Jun 0521 Jul 05No

The key in smallville

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!!!!!!! I repeat:ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!. Everything belongs to something else, except the writing, which is mine.

Rating:pg-ish, may turn a bit more later.

A.N: Sorry I haven't written in a while, I think my beta's on vacation, and if I did not release this story soon, my writer's block would overcome me. Please review I need it.

Oh, and I'm not an expert on smallville, this is NOT a Dawn/clark fic, I may bring Connor in aswell, and expect two or three more chapters.

A great swirl of green-blue energy appeared in the air, then, just as quickly vanished, making a strange thudding sound as it left, as if it dropped something, at least that’s what Clark Kent heard through his enhanced hearing. And with intense speed, he dropped the hay bunch he carried, and ran to that spot in the cornfield.


Dawn summers was in pain. A HELL of a lot of pain. She was the very definition of pain, or so she felt. “I swear, the world had better be saved, or else the powers are gonna be in for a hell of a time with me.” She muttered, with her eyes closed. She slowly opened her eyes, expecting to see the heaven she entered, expecting to see soft pink clouds and a blonde hot guy with wings reaching a hand out to her, and instead found… Corn. Lots of it. All around her. And a hot, brunette guy staring down at her, wingless. A look of horrified confusion crossed her face as she felt a breeze where there shouldn’t be a breeze, and looked down, to find herself bare of all things, except her body, and a VERY bloody one at that. As weak as she was from all the pain, and the past events with glory, and having to knock Buffy out, she had barely managed to lift her head and open her heavy-lidded eyes. But now, with the current events of her being butt-naked and NOT being in heaven, by the looks of it, and a hot guy watching her, and being stuck in the middle of a cornfield, she did what she hadn’t done since she was a child and had seen blood for he first time… she fainted.


When she woke up next, she was clothed with a large shirt, and skirt, and all her cuts had been bandaged, and she felt the slayer blood of her sister’s already closing the wounds. By the weeks end, there wouldn’t even be a scar. She looked around and found herself on a couch, in a place that looked to be an attic. The boy was watching her again. She blushed when she remembered what he had seen before, and when the realization dawned on her that someone had to clean and bandage the wounds, and put the clothes on and take her to an attic, not to mention the fact that he saw-

“My mom did everything, and I didn’t watch. I didn’t look to long in the field, I covered you when you fainted.” The boy said quickly in a deep, shy voice. She had to smile at his… what was it they call it? Chivalry. She grinned at him.

“Its fine, I understand, I just need to know where I am. By the way, my name is Dawn Summers.”

“Clark Kent. You’re in Smallville, Kansas. Where are you from?”

Kansas! How was she going to explain this to Buffy? It was far from California, but not too far. Wasn’t the portal supposed to make her the key, in all realities of the term? She was supposed to be a floating green ball, unless… no way, it couldn’t be, well, maybe, but wouldn’t she be dead then since it gave her energy to live?


“Hmm? Oh, sorry, Sunny dale, California, do you think you could take me to the hospital?”

“You’re not going anywhere until you answer a few of our questions.” A man and woman who looked about in there mid-forties came in; she assumed these were Clark’s parents.

“Ask away, just don’t expect straight answers.” She told the man in a light pleasant tone.

The man and woman pulled up chairs across from her. Feeling strong enough she sat up, and looked at the man evenly.

“What do you know about the portal that you appeared out of?”

“Well, I was unconscious when I passed through, I know a lot of things about it that really wouldn’t interest you, and all I can understand right now is that pre-portal, eyes were blue, now they’re green, oh, and minus clothes.”

“Listen, if they sent you from krypton, you can go the hell -”

“Don’t tell me about hell, OK? I don’t know what Krypton is, but it sounds evil, and I come from sunny dale, California. I was expecting to die, and go to heaven, but no,” she looked up disgustingly at the roof, and stood up, feeling stronger. “I get sent to a freaking cornfield, SANS clothes, and a guy watching. I mean, usually, when someone saves the world, selflessly sacrificing themselves for the good of all mankind, you’d expect to at least get a thank you note, but maybe because I’M NOT THE FREAKING SLAYER, if I save the world, it doesn’t count.” She didn’t even seem to be talking to the rest of them now, but appeared to be arguing with the roof. “I mean, what, they sit on their asses all day, handing out the trouble, and what do we do? We help people. We protect them. Just because I was made out of the slayer, just her little sister, I guess I’m not important. I HAD to be her sister to keep the god from destroying them, yeah, that’s right, YOU!” she looked at the roof angrily. “You greedy BASTARDS! Do you even know how much pain I was in when I jumped?” she was aiming this question at the roof, and Clark was beginning to think the hospital might be a good idea. So did Jonathan. “A world of pain. So if you decide to screw up someone’s life, next time, LET THEM GOT TO HEAVEN when they die, you stupid selfish little…” and Jonathan was extremely surprised at the extensive amount of curse words released from the small, petite, pale, injured girl. Some of it didn’t even seem to be in English. He identified French, some Spanish, and then some languages he couldn’t even identify, and one he wildly guessed was Latin. Finally, she seemed to calm down, and panting, she turned on Clark and his family. “So will you take me to the freaking hospital or not?” she glared. Clark was silently awed at the commanding presence this small girl commanded, and silently a bit fearful for a reason he couldn’t explain. He was a freakin superman for Christ’s sake. He could stop a speeding truck, let alone a little girl. What was he so afraid of? One look at the glaring eyes, and he quickly remembered some of the threats aimed at the roof. Some that, amidst her seeming weakness, he seemed positive she could enforce. He looked at his dad for approval, and his mom and dad both nodded, still shocked by the girl.

“Ok, lets go.” She said cheerfully, as if she hadn’t described how she would disembowel it’s entrails to the roof with nothing but a fork, and took Clarks elbow, guiding him down the stairs as she practically skipped down them, humming a tune. He was more fear stricken by this girl than anything this world could show him.


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