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Citizen Harris II

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Summary: Sequel to Citizen Harris. Spoilors for SG S8 and atlantis, and Buffy S7

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Citizen Harris II

Citizen Harris II

Sequel to Citizen Harris

Disclaimer. BtVS belongs sadly enough not to me. Neither does StarGate.

Part 1 Destiny

Minnesota, Jack's cabin

Jack O'Neill was a sarcastic man by nature. But ever since he almost died last year, to save the world once more, the sarcasm was dripping from him. It's what the constant fighting against overwhelming alien evil and even humans, and hey don't forget the Russians, did to a man. He studied his beer as he just grabbed two of them out of the fridge. That's why he needed to relax as much as possible. To clear his mind and to realize what his life would have been if the Stargate never had been found. It wasn't much he knew for certain. He'd have been drowning in sorrow of what could have been forever. Now he had a good family and a purpose. And the constant fighting was a very small price to pay for having that. And that was where all irony originated from.

To deal with all this could only be done by fishing. That was what the imaginary doc had recommended him and luckily that was his favorite hobby, so it would work out fine. You know, like it always will.

With a little force he freed both bottles from its seal and walked outside, where the young man tried his best to perform the art of sweeping his fishing line into the water with some basic decency. Alexander Lavelle Harris he recalled the man's name. He seemed somewhat like the ghost lieutenant they once had. Sam had performed a background check on him and it all matched with his memories. Almost twenty four and already scarred for life by the horrors he had seen and faced. Xander was now the big brother to a group of girls with superpowers and he knew they needed him as much as he needed them. But he knew that, just like him, the young man also sometimes needed to get away from his obligations. That the young man also needed to relax. He wondered if that was why the man had arrived at his home this morning. Or was it something else?

They had received a message from the guys from Atlantis, the legendary city from the Ancients, and they needed all the help they could get. He hated it, but he had no other choice than to ask as he sat down to Xander on the pier. Better ask it right away. "You know we could use a guy like you."

"Yeah, I know."

He could sense the denial in the kid's voice. Too many years of battle had done that to him. He couldn't blame him. "Most would consider it an honor."

"Like Daniel," Xander replied with a grin.

Jack couldn't help himself than to laugh. Daniel had been like a puppy dancing for sausages to get to Atlantis ever since he had discovered its location. Probably it had to something to do with geeks and a box chockfull of candy sweet secrets. He stared at the little circles rippling in the water, waiting for his victim to bite. He was waiting for Xander to bite his trap. That's how it felt to him. "It's not only the gene, you know, that makes you special."

He saw him making the lies in his eye. 'Sorry Jack, I have no formal training or special skills.' would be his excuse. 'You have the hard learned experience what only very few have' was what he would reply. And in a war like this, experience made all the difference. The young man sighed and looked away, waiting for his own prey to bite. "Look, you don't have to decide now. But, I want an answer tomorrow."

This earned him a serious and slightly confused glance. "I have my duties," the young man replied as if it was common knowledge.

He knew Xander was simply tired to the bone. He knew it was a lie. "Son, I know that you deserve to get away from all of this. To lead a normal life. And there's nothing more than I want you to do that. But we both know that you can't turn away from this war."

He saw the surprise in the man's eye. "The girls need me. I would never abandon them for a normal life."

That was all he needed to hear. "I know. Can't blame me for not trying though," he said with a smile. His words earned him an eye-roll. "Hey, I have no choice. Atlantis needs you. You fit the match and you're the only one who could communicate with me from another galaxy. You have no choice, it's your destiny."

He knew it would make the man angry. The man protected 'girls with a destiny' with his life twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. That was the man's destiny. That was the man's special gift. "Destiny my ass," was the answer he got. The words were cold, but he saw the doubt shimmering in the man's eye.

He just hated himself. He was ripping a man away from his family. Being a general over the SGC was a big pain in this ass. Protecting the world from alien invasions was his duty, not protecting the world from demons and other supernatural crap. "That's not my problem, son. I know you came to me because I know you think exactly the same. You can't just turn your back from it."

"You know Buffy is going to kill you for this?" the young man asked, his tone serious.

"After Willow flayed me alive?"

The young man chuckled. It was a nice sight. Despite all the man had faced, the kid inside him had never left. "That's probably after Dawn has kicked both of us in the balls."

"I think you should invite them over. I'll explain the situation to them."

He could see the gratitude in the man's eye - despite the mad of frustration that had filled the man. "You're gonna show them the Stargate?"

"Do you think Buffy likes 3D shooting up games?"

"You mean that cool thing that almost killed Teal'c?"



"Well, then there's a chance I'll survive."
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