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Wizards Convention

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Summary: It was fate meeting you. It was my choice to become your friend. But falling in love with you? I had no control over.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterdaydreamerFR1311,021031,75023 Jun 0523 Jun 05Yes
Wizards Convention

Disclaimer: Not mine. All the characters belong to Joss Whedon and J.K. Rowling.

It was fate meeting you. It was my choice to become your friend. But falling in love with you? I had no control over.

~~~It was fate meeting you~~~

It was not my choice. If it were up to me then I would have never gone. It’s only because It was Willow.If it was anybody else then I would have refused but she always knew how to make me bend to her will. She was was supposed to go to a wizard’s convention but she and Buffy ended up saving the world…again. Instead she made me go in her place. It also helps that I was the only one at the time not doing anything. Not only did I not know what kind of convention it was but she forgot to inform me the little fact that it was a weeklong convention, in London.

He was the first person that I met or I should say bumped into. It was on the streets of London and I had no clue where I was going or even where I was supposed to be. It was really fate bumping into him, if not I would have never gotten to the convention. He introduced me to some people he knew there. He stayed with me the whole first day making sure I knew my way around the place. It was sweet of him. I didn’t get to see much of him the second day or the third one for that matter. On the fourth day, we had some time off in the afternoon so he said he would take me around Diagon Alley, wherever that was. So I agreed. It was marvelous! The next three days I was always with him. Just before I left to take a plane back to California he gave me a slip of paper and told me to call him. He said he usually didn’t do this but he just had to in my case.

~~~It was my choice becoming your friend~~~

The whole way home I contemplated should I or shouldn’t I? I didn’t really know him. Sure we said somethings about ourselves but what else did I know besides his name? I was not usually a risk taker not since I was 14. But for some reason I knew that this was one risk I had to take. So I did. I called him. The night he was supposed to pick me up I was a nervous reck. What if he changed? What if he is a totally different person than he was at the convention? What if… And so it went on, me worrying over nothing really. We were just going out to get some coffee. Now when I look back on that night I laugh at myself, at my antics. That night was wonderful. I wish I could have said the same for the coffee though. To my relief he had not changed one bit. Harry Potter was exactly same way he was since I had first met him.

~~~But falling in love with you? I had no control over~~~

After that, we had gotten together quite often. We became the best of friends. I was there for him when people close to him had died during their war and he was there for me through my heartache. Through thick and thin we had always comforted each other and always had been there for one another. When he had gone to the states to recruit more members for his side of the war and had stayed there for three whole months he called me every night seeing how my day had gone. During those months I had come to realize that he was the one that I would always come to when I had a problem. He was my savior from all the bad that was in this world. Sure I had Buffy but she was busy saving others. I had missed him terribly but when he returned the pain was already forgotten.

One morning as I woke up I had come to a realization. I loved Harry. Not just as a friend, nor a brother but as a soul mate. I was in love with him and I suspected that it had not been suddenly. I was about to call him and tell him when one single thought popped into my head.

What if he doesn’t feel the same as I do?

It scared me. That one little thought had scared me. So I kept it to myself.

Days had passed into weeks that had passed into months. I never really did stop loving him. We dated others just as before but for some reason I just didn’t care anymore. No man was Harry. It was excruciating just knowing he was so close yet so far away. Then one day he had told me that he was engaged. The night before he proposed to his girlfriend of nine months. Ginny Weasley. I smiled and said how happy I was for them. I acted happy, for him. But my insides were twisting and turning and I was heartbroken. I wanted to hate her yet I just couldn’t. See I had become close with his friends especially Ginny. We had a lot in common especially being neglected by our older siblings who always saved the day.

After the wedding we had started to lose touch. His war was at its worse and I ended up being a big advantage for our war. During that time we had drifted apart. We saw each other when we could and those times were the happiest yet the saddest for me. After all the time I was still in love with him. And to this day I never told him, nor anybody. It’s my secret and I will go to my grave with it.

It was fate meeting you. It was my choice to become your friend. But falling in love with you? I had no control over.

A/N In case you are still wondering it was Dawn who was telling the story. Hope you liked it :)

The End

You have reached the end of "Wizards Convention". This story is complete.

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