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A Kingdom By The Sea

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Summary: Begins with an alternate take on 'Time Bomb.' What if Illyria were having trouble with her shell for a slightly... different reason?

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A Kingdom By The Sea

A Kingdom By The Sea
An Angel Crossover Fanfic
by P.H. Wise

Prologue: Though Much Is Taken, Much Abides

Disclaimer: I don’t own Angel. I don’t own Highlander. I’m not making any money off of this.


God works in mysterious ways, it is said. Certainly few were so odd as the case of Winifred Burkle. Country girl from a loving Texan family goes to Los Angeles to study to be a physicist, gets sucked into a hell dimension, rescued by a vampire with a soul, becomes a champion for the Powers That Be, and ends up dying, getting hollowed out by an Old One, which then takes up residence inside her body and uses as its own.

Fred Burkle was well and truly dead. Her soul, her fellow champions had been told, had been consumed by the fires of the Old One’s – Illyria’s – rebirth. They hadn't been satisfied with that, though. They’d gone and checked. Used the axis of Pythia. Her soul was nowhere to be found. They’d concluded that it had, in fact, been destroyed.

But they were all of them deceived.


Illyria gasped in shock as another tremor ran through her. Something was not right here. This shouldn’t be happening. Something was fighting her. It had begun fighting her the moment Fred had died. It might have fought her forever had the conflict between it and her own energy not proved too much strain for the shell to hold. “I possess so much grace,” she said, “more grace than this bag of sticks could express. I was the immaculate embodiment of rule,” a glowing blue fracture appeared on her cheek, and her body began to crack. “I blame this on the weakness of your species.” Blue light flooded out of the cracks, and also something else; a wind picked up within the training room, and bolts of electrical energy like lightning shot out from her body, swirling up into great arcs that nearly touched the ceiling before they plunged back into her.

“Wesley, what are you waiting for?” Angel yelled. “It’s our only chance!”

Wesley’s eyes widened, and he gripped the mutari generator almost desperately. “Wait, Angel...”

Angel cut him off. “I’ve seen how this ends, Wes. If you don’t shoot her, she explodes, and we all die.”

Illyria lifted into the air and began to scream. The blue light and the lightning surged around her. Wes lowered the mutari generator.

“Quickening...” he breathed, barely daring to hope.


Angel leaped for the mutari generator.

Illyria exploded.

A terrific wave of blue energy shot out from her levitating form, washing over Angel, and Spike, and Wesley, and Gunn. It washed over the Wolfram and Hart building. Over Los Angeles. Over California. Over the United States. Over the Americas. Over the world. Every demon, human, vampire, and animal looked up in shock as Illyria’s power surged past them. Most of them simply shuddered as it passed, and then convinced themselves that they were simply seeing things. Others – those that knew better – saw it for what it was, and were deeply worried by it. All the way around the world it went. Around the world, and back again, back through California, back through Los Angeles, back through Wolfram and Hart, and finally, back into Illyria.

The light winked out, and Fred fell bonelessly to the training room floor.

Angel, Lorne, Spike and Wesley stared at her fallen form with varying expressions of shock.

And then she began to stir.


At the same moment, every Immortal the world over felt a buzz like the presence of another Immortal, accompanied by a terrible, pounding pressure, a sense of writhing, and a thrill of horror the likes of which none had ever sensed before in all the long years of their lives.

Far away, in the city of Seacouver, Adam Pierson and Duncan MacLeod sat at the bar in Joe’s Blues club when the presence came. Both of them stiffened in shock, and MacLeod nearly fell out of his seat. He looked around wildly, but no other Immortal was nearby.

He exchanged a worried look with Adam.

“OK,” Adam said, “Now what the hell was that?”



Author’s notes:

It may be a little while before I update this story again. It began as the product of writer’s block while writing Epigoni, but it seems to be taking on a life of its own, and already I’m seeing many, many ways it could go. I suppose we’ll see what happens.

In any case, please let me know what you liked, what you didn’t like, and most importantly, why.
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