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Summary: Dawn/Draco -- Dawn tries out a spell that goes amazingly wrong. Now she has to go to Hogwarts to get it fixed and meets someone that she sorta connects with.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco Malfoy(Site Founder)JinniFR1547,7141117,46322 Apr 0325 May 03Yes


Title: Metamorphosis
Author: Jinni (
Pairing: Dawn/? (mentions of W/Remus)
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Genre: BtVS/HP Crossover
Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things HP belong to JK Rowling, et al.
Distribution: WLS, TTH. The archives of any list I post to. Anyone else who wants needs to ask first.
Author’s Note: Just a quick Dawn fic my muses came up with all spur of the moment-like.


She knew the book was here somewhere. After all, she had watched Willow pack it away with the rest of her things before she left for Merry Old England. Those same things would be getting shipped across the ocean soon and Dawn desperately wanted to make sure this book didn’t make the trip. She searched quietly, knowing that if Buffy found her going through Willow’s things she’d end up grounded for the rest of her young life, but also not wanting to be discovered for fear someone would try to stop her.

And she didn’t want to be stopped.

She pushed aside a heavy leather-bound volume and saw immediately the book she was looking for. Smaller than most of the other books by a good fifty-percent, there was nothing that immediately identified the tan-colored tome as a spellbook. No crackle of energy or whisper of power – at least none that Dawn could feel. But within its pages were important spells, spells of power and discipline.

That should have warned her off right then and there, but the notion had gotten into her head and she didn’t want to be forestalled. She had watched in awe when Willow successfully did the spell, vowing to herself at the time that she would give it a shot as soon as she had a chance.

And now was that time.

She stuffed the rest of Willow’s things back into the box and pushed it back into the closet. The book itself she tucked in her waistband, pulling out her shirt so that it covered it just in case she ran into Buffy on the short walk back to her room. Luck was on her side, either that or the gods that look out for foolish young blondes were looking out for her – because she made it to her room without once running into her sister. She shut the door, not bothering with the lock. Locking it would only make Buffy want to open it that much more, and with her Slayer strength nothing would really be able to keep her out.

Dawn sat down on the floor, pulling the book out and flipping through its pages. There weren’t many spells in it, she noted with a wry smirk, remembering the time Willow had explained to her that many of the more advanced level spells weren’t written down. The one that Dawn was interested in, lucky enough for her, was one of the few to be written down on a regular basis.

She found it after a couple more moments of flipping, the pages still creased from the last time the book had been used, months before when Willow had completed the arcane transformation.

“How to become an Animagus,” the teen read with wonder and awe in her voice. This was what she wanted! To be able to change into an animal of some kind – that wondrous freedom that she was sure would come with being able to run or fly with wild abandon. She skimmed over the spell, memories of that night she had sat up with Willow as the other woman did the ancient rite flitting through her brain. Willow had made it all look so simple and easy – surely it couldn’t be too hard?

Incense, a lot of chanting, and some good, hard, wishful thinking is all it appeared she would need. She smiled, pushing the book under her bed. It could wait until tonight, when Buffy was patrolling.

She wouldn’t want to be interrupted for this.


“Something’s wrong.” Willow muttered, rolling out of her lover’s arms to glance out the bedroom window of the cabin they shared together.

“Why do you say that?”

She shrugged, shivering despite the heat from the fire burning in the fireplace. “Just a feeling I have. Something’s either wrong or will be wrong very soon.”

Remus Lupin sat up, rubbing at his eyes with the palm of his hand. He regarded her evenly, seriously. In the past she had been privy to ‘feelings’ that preceded catastrophic events – like the downfall of the Dark Lord himself. If she said something was going to happen – something really was going to happen.

“Here or back there?”

Willow’s brow furrowed together in a tight line. “I don’t know. There, I think.”

“Do you want to go check on things? If we start the apparitions now we should be able to get there in a few hours.”

The red head nodded and turned to his embrace, offering up a kiss to his lips before pulling away to dress herself.

Something was going to go wrong.


Dawn watched the hands of the clock on the wall, counting off the seconds until she felt secure enough that Buffy was gone for the night to begin. Finally, five minutes after her sister had left the house, the young woman was up and out of bed, grabbing supplies from the bottom drawer of her nightstand. These she had gotten from Anya, for ‘no real reason’, which the former demon had taken as a good answer, selling them to her greedily just for the profit alone.

She settled onto the floor, book in her lap, before lighting the incense. Tonight would be the night, she just knew it. Sure, it had taken months of intense practice for Willow to get the hang of it – and even then it may never have worked if she didn’t have what it took inside of her.

Or so Willow had said.

Dawn, however, was not only sure that she had that ‘special something’ inside of her, but that she had enough of it to get this thing learned quick-like. If she were lucky she’d be free and wild very, very soon.

She looked down at the book, reading through the instructions one more time. She had to concentrate, that was the big thing. In fact, concentration and force of will seemed to be the key to making sure this whole thing went off without a hitch. Nodding to herself, she took a deep breath, willing the outside world away with the simple sincerity that a teenager could manage when they wanted to truly ignore something. Eyes on the book, Dawn whispered the words of the spell, concentrating on the idea of changing, morphing. Somewhere inside of her, if everything was as she hoped, there was an Animagus form just waiting to be let out.

Her voice grew weaker as time wore on, despite the fact that she had started out whispering to begin with. Now it was just a breathy sigh, each word nothing more than a gust of air past her lips. The air was thick with the incense smoke, the sickly sweet smell nauseating. But still she continued. She would succeed at this – she just had to.

She had no way of telling how long it took until she felt that first twinge inside of her. All she knew is that one moment she was chanting, and the next moment she was tingling. It wasn’t pleasant or unpleasant, sort of a dull ache inside of her that was spreading throughout her limbs slowly. She continued to concentrate on her objective, now mumbling the words instead of fully chanting them. Something was building inside of her, she could feel it growing like a thunder cloud on a warm summer day.

Then it happened – snap really, of her concentration and the buildup, a soft cry escaping her lips as she toppled to the floor, her own limbs no longer comfortable or familiar. She shut her eyes, coming to terms with what had happened, silently evaluating her own body. She couldn’t tell what she was, though. Couldn’t tell if she had accomplished what she was seeking. The magic was gone, that was apparent. That stifling buildup of power had washed through her before disappearing. She cracked open her eyes and took her first look in the full length mirror she had set up earlier that day.

And felt her heart drop out of her chest, a scream forming in a mouth no longer suited to scream.


Willow apparated with a ‘pop’ into the Summers’ living room, the feeling of dread that had been in the pit of her stomach all the more greater now that she was here. This was definitely where something had happened.

“Buffy? Dawn?” She called, as Remus joined her. He looked at her with warm, worried eyes.

“There’s someone upstairs.” He offered.

The red head blinked and then nodded. Thank the goddess for his supernatural hearing; she had almost been ready to assume that Buffy and Dawn weren’t home.

Taking the stairs two at a time, Willow sniffed deeply. Incense. Someone was burning incense. And not just any incense, at that. She recognized it as one of the blends that Anya sold in her shop. One of the ones that were for true believers and not just the average tourist. The sick sense of dread filled her and she was running towards Dawn’s bedroom door, pushing it open.

“Dawnie!” She shrieked, hand flying up to cover her mouth. She tried to fight it, tried to hold it back. But when Remus joined her, and began to slowly chuckle, she couldn’t resist any longer. With a snort of mirth, the red haired witch dared to laugh out loud at her best friend’s sister –

The half-teen, half white cat just glared with kitty-slitted green eyes.

~*~End Part One~*~
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