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Three Warriors (Mariah's version)

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Summary: Answer to hakuchihirolover's challenge. (Buffy/Highlander/Stargate)

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered
Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Action
mariahFR152235,798712087,46725 Jun 051 Sep 13No

Lovers, Old and New

(The next morning)

Xander slipped into the library as the sun was rising over the horizon. He had cleaned up in the school locker room, digging fresh clothes from the bottom of his school locker. He rarely went home now, preferring to sleep with his packmates, at Willow’s, or, on full moons, out in the forests that surrounded Sunnydale. He had summoned the pack after Buffy left, and the eight of them had completely obliterated the human stupid enough to challenge a slayer. While they usually hunted deer or wild goats, human meat was a precious commodity, always shared and always appreciated. Human meat was usually only available if a vampire drank and dumped, and in Sunnydale, the vampires were mostly so stupid that even the minions turned their meals, rendering them useless for consumption by weres. In the light of the morning, however, Xander was a bit dazed, still high from the full moon, and puzzled -- why had Buffy killed a human, and what was that lightning storm afterwards?

The library was deserted this early in the morning, not even Giles would be here for another half-hour. Xander groaned as he checked his pockets for change. No dice. Two nickels and eight pennies would not a Twinkie buy. He was used to going hungry, and he wasn’t hungry, really, but he hated going to lunchtime with no human food -- it made him feel, well, feral. And knowing that the full feeling in his belly was due solely to a man once named Gregory just gave him the creeps. Xander headed to the back stacks hoping that he could find a book sophisticated enough to make an impression on the English lit teacher.

The doors of the library crashed open, yielding one blonde-maned slayer and one broody vampire. “I don’t know, Angel! He was a headhunter. But he didn’t know he was on a hellmouth. Most of the older ones stay away from these sorts of places.” Buffy stalked around the library counter, reaching for the teapot and heating up water on the hotpot.

Angel grumbled, “I don’t like you stealing. It’s wrong.”

“It’s not stealing -- I have his quickening. By the rules of the game, everything that was his, is mine.” Buffy gave her lover a tweak on the nose. “’Sides, it never bothered you before. And I am now the proud owner of a lovely blue Aston-Martin DB9.” Buffy smiled turned her face up to her lover, “You weren’t complaining this morning. Kiss me.”

Angel obliged, grudgingly. “It was the quickening. You couldn’t help yourself. He was one sick bastard.”

Buffy cursed fluently in some language Xander did not recognize. Then she pulled herself together and put her hand around Angel’s neck and pulled him down so she could lick his neck and whisper in his ear. Despite her words, her voice was breathy and seductive. “I’m a sick bitch, Angelus. If you can’t handle my taste, find someone else to give you your jollies.” Buffy plopped down in the chair in front of the computer. “Xander, come on out. I can sense you, and no doubt you can smell the donuts and coffee I bought you.”

Xander walked around from the back stacks to see Buffy already busy at the computer and Angel scowling angrily a few feet away. He snagged a donut and grinned at Angel. “Rough night, huh, Deadboy?”

Angel seemed distracted by his own anger. “I wouldn’t call it rough.” A barely-there smirk showed under his scowl. “And don’t call me deadboy -- dogface!” Angel stalked around Xander, sniffing. He smiled broadly. “Semen. Someone did a man last night. Always knew you were a faggot.”

“I’m going to eat your dust!” Xander launched at the vampire, his claws out, although he was still in human form.

“Stop it! Both of you.” Buffy stood behind Xander, holding him by the collar of his shirt. “Xander, you know vamps don’t like hyenas, hyenas don’t like vamps. Quit taunting each other! Angel, he’s the alpha of the pack, and therefore, female. That‘s how it works with hyena weres. It doesn‘t matter what his sexual orientation is when he‘s human, he‘s still a female hyena.”

Angel nodded and stepped away from Xander, whose claws were still out. Buffy returned to the computer. Xander perched behind her on the desk, looking over her shoulder. The screen held nothing but column after column of numbers. Buffy‘s hands flew expertly over the keys. “What’cha doing, Buffster?”

“Transferring Gregory’s offshore holdings to my accounts.” Xander watched while Buffy repeated the same process at least four times, then closed the window and pushed away from the desk. “That’ll do for now, Giles is due right about, now.” The library doors swung open, revealing Buffy’s watcher carrying three thick tomes under his arm.

Giles looked up to see Angel in the library and he visibly paled. “Good morning, Buffy. To what do I owe the pleasure of his presence this morning?” Giles’ unhappiness was directly focused on Angel.

“He’s afraid I’m going to go crazy and start chopping heads off everybody in the school.” Buffy replied smoothly, walking behind the counter to fetch Giles‘ tea.

Giles sat in one of the chairs at the big library desk, dropping the morning paper on the table, all the while observing his slayer and taking her words seriously. Angel was looking at Buffy openmouthed. “And why did he think that? Did anything strange happen on patrol? Any strange demons? Are you hurt?”

“Nope, just the usual dumb vamps. Xander took down his first master last night.”

Xander yelped. “That brute was a master?!”

Buffy snagged a donut as she put a cup of tea in front of her watcher. “Yup.” She flopped into a chair next to Giles.

Xander stood up and did a snoopy dance. “I did it! I did it! Took down my first master.” Xander grinned at Angel, “Wanna be number two?” Xander growled. Angel flinched. That earned a laugh from his still-miffed girlfriend and a curious look from Giles, who was used to the two lovers presenting a united front.

“Buffy, were any vamps wearing a locket like this?” Giles opened a book he had brought to the library with him. He handed the book to Buffy, who looked at it, then ran her eyes down the page as though reading it. Giles watched her closely as she studied the page, but since Buffy didn‘t know ancient Sumerian, there was no way she could decipher its contents. “Nope. But I’ve seen it before. Why?”

“It appears to have magical properties if it is possessed by someone with the ability to control it. A prophecy in this book, Giles pointed to another book. ”Seems to indicate that it may appear on the hell mouth in the next few weeks. A demon posing as the Egyptian god, Anubis, I believe, is due to arrive at the hell mouth two full moons hence. The locket is necessary to defeat him.”

“Oh.” Buffy mumbled. “Well, that sounds fun. Perhaps we should throw him a party.” She smiled brightly and looked at her watcher. “Who‘s first in line for rape, torture and mayhem? Xander?” Xander shook his head wildly. “No.” Buffy kicked her boyfriend under the table and shot him a dirty look. “Angelus?” Angel scowled at her. “No? Perhaps I should drop Drusilla and Spike a line. I really hate Egyptian gods.” Buffy popped the last of her donut in her mouth, clearly sulking.

Giles took a sip of his tea, and then sat up straight in his chair. “You’ve seen it? The locket? Where?”

“An old friend has it in his possession. I think he tried to get mom to sell it in her shop once.” Buffy shrugged and snagged yet another chocolate-iced donut. “It’s of no use to use, there’s no chance of finding him, he’s always traveling around. And Mom probably sold it years ago. Besides, you said you need special powers to use it. Who around here could use one of those things? What does it do?”

“As best I can tell, it can open a portal to another dimension -- then we force Anubis through.”

“Lovely. Won’t work.” Buffy scowled. “Nice idea, though.” Buffy straightened in her chair. “Great, he had friends.” She stood up and stalked over to her coat, pulling a saber out of it. She placed the saber on the table, and sat down behind it, proppng her feet on the table. “Guess Angel was right. I will be chopping heads today. There’s a demon coming, Giles.”

“Now?” At Buffy’s nod, Giles paled, pulling a throwing knife out of his boot and holding under the table. Xander went to the weapons cage and grabbed an axe.

A minute later, Principal Snyder entered with a tall raven-haired man behind him. Buffy had her saber at the second man’s throat in an instant.

“Miss Summers, what do you think you are doing?” Principal Snyder hissed at her.

“Business or pleasure, Adam?” Buffy demanded.

“Business.” Buffy tightened her grip on the saber, holding it two handed and nicking him just under the jaw. Adam gave her a wistful smile. “Not that sort of business, love.” He pushed the saber gently away from his neck. “But I’m always willing to mix business with pleasure.” As Buffy slowly lowered the saber until it clattered on the floor, Adam held out his arms, and Buffy launched herself at him like a starving thing. Adam gripped her tight, picking her up so that her face was even with his, and planting a long but tender kiss on her mouth, and peppering her neck with kisses.
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