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Summary: Willow finds her new co-worker the most bothering person in the world while others believe, especially Dawn, that he's great.

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyAlisaFR1312,335032,60428 Jun 0528 Jun 05Yes
Author: Esclavo_de_tu_piel

Title: Annoyance

Btvs/HP crossover

Rated: PG or K+ or FR 13

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, just the storyline.

Quick Fact: It’s a slight AU since the characters are the same age. Btvs follows after the last season and HP…well…don’t worry much about the timeline and you’ll be fine.

Summary: Willow finds her new co-worker the most bothering person in the world while others believe, especially Dawn, that he’s great.


“ Damn it!! You just ruined the whole thing! I told you not to touch anything!!”

“ I didn’t touch anything so shut your mouth!!”

“ LIAR!! I clearly saw you pour the extracted root into the pot y-you bleached-blond Barbie!!!

“ HAH!! Is all that you got Rosenberg?!?” He smirked as her face started to turn as bright red as her hair. “ That was the most pathetic attempt of an insult. And quit trying to put your failures on me, the most obvious reason as to why its ruin is because it’s all your own fault! Honestly! I don’t know why those wankers at the Ministry hired you! Your suppose called ‘witchcraft’ has no need here! Morons the whole lot of them!!” That broke her absolute last nerve. She did the one thing he least expected from her. She slapped him….twice!!

“ You are the most arrogant prick I have ever met!! I honestly have no idea as to why the Ministry hired YOU!! You do absolutely nothing around here but make rude comments to me ever since the day I was hired! You constantly insult my friends and whenever I do something right you either take credit for it OR you further insult my intelligence!!! I barely know you and quite frankly I don’t want to get to know you because YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A BIG MEANIE!!!!” They stared at each other for a couple seconds as she finished her babble. He holding his stinging cheek in surprise, her huffing and puffing in anger before she disappeared out of the room.


“ I honestly don’t know what got into me Buffy!” Complained Willow. Xander, Buffy, Faith and Dawn watched in amusement as their witchy friend paced back and forth in front of them.

“ So what did you do to him?” Dawn leaned forward anxious for the answer.

“ First I slapped him, twice!!” A round of ‘GO WILL’s!’ erupted from her friends. “ Then I started calling him an arrogant prick, told him I don’t understand how the Ministry could’ve hired him and then said he was a big meanie!! He made me that close,” She placed her index finger and thumb close together, “to using a bad word!! No one ever does that!! Not even Spike could crawl underneath my skin like he does!! Argh!!!” She plopped down on a chair finished with her ranting.

“ Here Willow, this will calm you down and refresh your dry mouth.” Buffy handed her a soda. “ I for one am glad you taught him a lesson and hit him. I’m sure that showed him.”

“ It felt so good too!! But now that I think about it, he’s going to bug me even more at work….urgh! I swear he does this just to get a rise outta me but I don’t understand why!”

“ I think it’s obvious to everyone here except you Red.” Faith said.

“ What do you mean?”

“ He’s obviously got the hots for you.” That nearly made Willow spit out her drink. “ All of us noticed straight away at the Christmas party. It was especially obvious when you weren’t around. He was always nice to us before you showed up and there was always a twinkle in his eye when you did show up. And I can’t believe I just said twinkle.”

“ There was no twinkle.”

“ Definite twinkle going around Will.” Dawn pointed out.

“ That’s all great and dandy but if he has the hots for me why does he pester me instead of just saying so?”

“ He’s reverting back to the elementary moves Wills. He’s using that tactic where you like a girl and by showing it you bug them a lot. Like pulling their hair or making fun of them at recess.” Xander said.

“ Even Cyclops sees the noticeable attraction which means that it is EXTREMELY obvious.” An indignant ‘HEY!’ came from Xander as Faith made her comment.

“ But we’re not little kids anymore!”

“ So! If it’s a means for you to put attention on him he’s going to do it.” It was apparent that Willow didn’t believe their explanations.

“ Okay, think of it this way. You have to admit that he is fine looking, he has that suave look, great body, has a bad boy persona going on, he’s smart and that voice! God! You could have an orgas…” Cries of ‘DAWNIE!!’ stopped her from completing the sentence. “ Sorry but moving on to my point. Most women would not deny him in fact they’d rather jump him. I would eve---“

“ I think,” Buffy jumped in, “what Dawn is trying to say is that the fact that you have shown no interest in him is making him want you.”

“ I think you slapping him is making him even more hard for you Red.”

“ No offense Willow but ewwww!”

“ Shut up Cyclops! Face it Red, what also factors in is that you are one powerful witch, smart and beautiful! This is making him drool. Hell! If I was a man, I’d have the hots for you too.”

“ Thanks Faith….I think.” It was weird hearing all of this from her friends, Faith especially. “ Before we start thinking of anything more can we please remember that Hello! I’m gay!”

“ Bullshit! I remember that Oz guy and that short interlude with Xander.”

“ Yea Wills! What was it you told me…it’s not the gender of a person that matters but rather the soul.” Buffy said.

“ That’s true but I still don’t like the way he’s showing his affections to me and I still think he’s arrogant jacka—see!! He almost made me swear again and he’s not even here! I’m tired of this. All I want to do now is go home, take a bath and eat chocolate.”

“ But Will!”

“ No buts! I’m going home.” With that she left.


Willow laid back comfortably on her couch, with a small tub of ice cream on her lap watching a B-rated movie about vampires when a knock came from her front door. Setting down her ice cream, she walked to the door and looked through the peep hole. Much to her surprise it was the King of Annoyance himself. She turned around and slowly she tried to walk away when his voice stopped her. “ I know you’re there Rosenberg! I can hear your damn television!”

“ Go away Malfoy!! I don’t want to talk to you!”

“ Too bad!! Don’t think you can hit me and get away with it! Open the door!”

“ Bite me!!”

“ Open the bloody door or I’m going to open it myself!!”

“ Go ahead and try!” She pressed her ear against the door and heard him whisper ‘Alohomora’ but no results. She smiled and started to giggle as he tried to unlock her door.

“ Bloody hell! Open the door Rosenberg!!” He yelled in frustration.

“ I’m sorry, what was that? I thought you were going to open the door yourself. Was it just too complicated for someone as intelligent as you to open it?” She laughed as he cursed and banged her door.

“ Open the door or else…”

“ Or else what?”

“ Do you like your neighbors?” Though he couldn’t see her face, he was sure she had a confused expression. Before Willow could ask what he meant, he started yelling. “ WILLOW!!! YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU!! PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR!!! I SWEAR, SHE DIDN’T MEAN A THING TO ME!! PLEASE BABY! WILL YOU FOR----”

Willow’s eyes widened and she immediately opened the door and dragged him inside. She looked down the hallway and saw some of the neighbors peaked their head out to see what was causing all the ruckus. “ Sorry, I’m so sorry! Sorry Mrs. Peterson! Won’t happen again!” Quickly shutting the door, she whirled around and started jabbing her finger into his chest. “ What is your problem?! Are you insane?! You must be, couldn’t you have waited till Monday when we go back to work but noooo you had to disturb me and now my neighbors probably think I have a cheating boyfriend which you sooo are not and if you even think I’m going to allow you to get away with that you have another thing coming mister so you better listen up, starting now you are to treat me with kindness and respect which I so rightly deserved because if not I’m going to hex your butt into a dimension you won’t like, probably a hell dimension but knowing you, you’d probably like it so I’ll send you to a place where you have no hair bleach or hair gel because I know how huffy you get when your hair is a mess, yeah that’s what I’ll do but first you owe me an apology so apologize!!!”

She looked up at him to see his reaction. He eyes were full of amusement and he was smirking at her. “ How can you say all that without breathing?” She blushed but refused to back down.

“ None of your business so apologize now buster!”

“ No.”

“ No?!? Then get out!!” She flustered.

“ I’ll only say I’m sorry if you agree to go on a date with me.”

“ What?!? NO!! You really are crazy! Now get out!”

“ Say yes.”

“ No. Nononononono!!”

“ Nobody says ‘no’ to a Malfoy.” Willow started to become nervous as she saw the predatory gleam enter his eyes.

“ Well, get use to it. No.” He took a step forward, she took a step back.

“ Are you sure?”

“ Positive.” As she took another step back, she gasped as her back hit the wall. Willow bit back a curse, he blocked her against a corner. All those years fighting alongside Buffy, learning lessons from her, one of the ultimate rules: Never allow the enemy to back you into a corner. Willow just failed that lesson. She stiffened as he placed his mouth near her ear.

“ Are you sure you won’t reconsider…Willow?” That was the second time he used her name. She had to admit it did sound good rolling off his lips. Her mind reverted back to the conversation she had earlier with the Scoobies.

* You have to admit that he is fine looking, he has that suave look, great body, has a bad boy persona going on, he’s smart and that voice!* She banged her head against the wall hoping she could shake away the thought. “ Leave me alone Malfoy.”

“ The name is Draco.”

“ Go away Malfoy.”

“ Draco.”

“ Malfoy.” Nervously, she saw him press his body against hers. She placed her hands against his chest to push him away but that proved to be fatal. He moved in so close that her hands were pinned against the two of them. He tipped her head back and leaned his head close to hers.

“ Draco.”

“ Malf---” She anticipated the kiss and sucked in her lips just in time. He pulled back when he didn’t feel her lips, just the outline of her teeth.

“ Come now Willow. Show me those pretty lips of yours.” She shook her head. “ Sneaky, I like that in a girl but I can also be sneaky.” He ran his hands down her sides. “ Ticklish?” She shook her head again but her eyes gave her away. He brushed his fingers against her then attacked. Willow desperately tried to keep her lips tucked away but the urge to laugh was too strong. The moment she let go, he dived in and took her. She refused to respond to his actions but did notice how soft his lips were and how they sent tingles. She could feel the beating of his heart against her hands. When she felt his tongue brush against her lips for entrance, once more she refused. He pulled back when he felt no movement from her. He sighed and opened his mouth to say something when she beat him to it.

“ I’m not some prize or something you can use. I’ve heard your reputation and seen the some of the women you date. I won’t allow myself to become that.” She was surprised when he took a step back, his face serious.

“ You’re right. I won’t allow you to become like that either. You’re not some prize to be shown about then thrown out. I’m playing for keeps which I intend to share with no one and promise to care for and not mistreat.”

“ Then why start all the arguments? You could have gotten my attention another way.” He snorted.

“ Not likely Rosenberg. Once you’re in that lab you refuse to acknowledge anyone unless it’s work related.”

“ Even if that’s true there are other ways. Like sending flowers or candy.”

“ You’re right.” He smirked. “ But I like the way you look when you’re angry. You become so passionate and fiery.” She blushed at that. He laughed at her reaction. She smiled as a thought entered her head. She pushed away from the wall and walked to him. He stopped laughing when he felt her hands touch his chest then trail up to his shoulders around his neck.

“ You know, there is a ‘different’ and ‘better’ way to get that passion out of me.” It was Draco’s turn for his eyes to widen at the implication of her words. She smirked and pulled back. “ Just don’t expect for it to happen for awhile. I still haven’t received my apology!” Then Willow smacked him across the back of his head. He caught her wrist and pulled her back against him.

“ I’m sorry.” He said before dipping his head and kissed her. This time she allowed him entrance and kissed him back. She moaned as he plundered her mouth, entangling his fingers in her hair. He tightened his hold on her as she stroked his tongue with her own. Soon they move back a bit to take in the air they desperately needed.

“ So how about that first date?” Willow asked.


The End

You have reached the end of "Annoyance". This story is complete.

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