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Summary: Someone drops onto Andromeda

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Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon and Andromeda and all characters belong to Gene Roddenberry

Chapter 8: Betrayal

Buffy and Tyr avoided each other like the plague, but they avoided Trance as well. Buffy spent most of her time with Harper and although Tyr would never admit it, he missed her and was jealous of Harper, so Harper avoided Tyr. Dylan was at his wits end about what he should do, he didn’t know the whole story, but half of his crew was not talking to each other and no one would tell him why.

“Captain,” Andromeda said, interrupting Dylan’s’ thoughts.


“We are being boarded by Nietzscheans.” Andromeda told him and Dylan took off running.

“Can you call everyone to a point where they are boarding?”

“Yes,” she told him and by the time that Dylan reached the loading bay Buffy was already they’re fighting.

“I see you met our guests.” Dylan said as he moved to her side and began fighting with her.

“Yes,” Buffy said, “I hate when uninvited guests show up.” Buffy and Dylan fought side by side, until the Nietzscheans stopped boarding.

“Well that was fun.” Buffy said, wiping sweat off of her forehead, “Can we do it again?”

“Captain, Beca and Tyr are being over run by the observation deck.”

“Seems you get your wish,” Dylan said, patting Buffy on the shoulder and then taking off towards the observation deck. When they arrived they immediately joined into the fight, Beca was thrown over into a wall. Buffy moved to help her, but she was hit by one of the blasts.

“Ow!” Buffy exclaimed, turning on the Nietzschean that had fired on her, “That hurt, didn’t your mother ever tell you that it wasn’t nice to blast a lady?” she asked, kicking him in the stomach and then upper cutting him, which sent him sprawling into the wall. “Not that you knew your mother, you are a test tub baby.” She muttered to the down body, before moving to intercept the next one. They had the Nietzscheans down to about two, when they decided a strategic retreat would be good, Tyr immediately took off after them, Buffy went after him to help him, but lost them in the twists and turn. By the time that she had located them again Tyr had already taken care of them, so she turned around and left making her way back to Dylan and Beca.

“What’d I miss?” Harper asked as he came in.

“Did you sleep through the entire thing?” Buffy asked in disbelief and he nodded.

“I’m a growing boy!” he protested and Buffy and Dylan laughed at that statement.

“I’m sorry but I think that you stopped growing a long time ago.” Buffy told him.

“At least I’m not as short as you!” he told her and Buffy glared at him.

“I’m not short, I’m vertically challenged.” She told him and Harper, Dylan, and Beca laughed this time, although Andromeda and Tyr were a little lost.

“Challenged is definitely the right word.” Harper teased and Buffy mocked hit him, only Dylan noticed the look of hurt flash across Tyr’s face, followed closely by anger, before Tyr turned and left the room.


“Yes, Andromeda,”

“We seem to be launching Beca’s ship.” Andromeda said and everyone turned and rushed to the docking bay.

“Not my ship!” Beca exclaimed, “Come on, why couldn’t they take the Andromeda?”

“Hey!” Dylan exclaimed, “We will get your ship back. Andromeda follow her.”

“Yes, Captain.” Andromeda told him, as the rest of them made their way to command deck. “She’s going into slipstream.”

“Beca, prepare to go into slipstream.” Dylan said and everyone took a spot so they wouldn’t fall over when they entered slipstream.

“Here we go.” Beca said and everyone held on, except for Buffy who seemed to be really enjoying it. When they came out behind the ship they stopped and were immediately surrounded by Nietzschean ships.

“Wow! That was like a roller coaster.” Buffy exclaimed and got a few funny looks, especially from the Nietzscheans who had opened a com link. “Uhh, hi?” Buffy looked around and noticed that Tyr wasn’t anywhere, so she went to look for him

“Dylan, a strike fighter has been launched.” Dylan looked around the room and noticed that Tyr and Buffy where gone.

“Where are Tyr and Buffy?”

“They are on the ship.” Dylan sighed in anger.

“Alright, the no good Nietzschean would do it, but not Buffy.” Harper said, defending Buffy.

“Dylan I don’t think that she is conscious.” Andromeda said, reading the body levels of both passengers. Suddenly everyone lurched forward. “They are towing me.” Andromeda exclaimed and a look of disgust passing over her features.

“Alright I’m going to drop down after them, and hopefully return with both of them.” Dylan told them, “Beca you are in charge.”

On Tyr’s home world

Buffy awoke a little groggy.

“Good, your awake.”

“Why was I asleep in the first place?” She asked, confusion marring her face as she took in the chamber they were in.

“I wanted to bring you with me and I knew that you would not be willing.”

“So, you hit me over the head with a freaking pipe or did you drug me? Either way it doesn’t bode well for you, because I will get away from you.” Buffy told him, angry with him for taking her.

“I know.” Tyr stated simply, “If you are wondering where you are you are on my home world. I have become leader of the Jaguar Pride and I gave them Andromeda as a show of trust.”

“You gave them Andromeda!” Buffy exclaimed, “Are you nuts?” she asked, her voice rising in anger, this was worse then what fishboy had done. She attempted to stand and noticed that Tyr had chained her. “Couldn’t get a date any other way?” she asked sarcastically, “These won’t hold me.”

“They will hold at least ten Nietzscheans, they will hold.” Tyr said, although he sounded like he wasn’t sure about that answer. Buffy snapped the chains and got up, stalking Tyr, who had enough sense to stay away from him.

“Take me back.” She stated firmly, not willing to spend another moment with him.

“I will not.”

“Then I will break every fucking bone in your body and then call Dylan and have him bring me back.” She told him and quickened her pace to catch up with him.

“You will not.”

“What’s stopping me?”

“I am,” Dylan said from the door of the cave.

“I expected you sooner.”

“And I expected that we could trust you, but hey! Look how that turned out.” Buffy said, and Dylan glared at her. “What?”

“You need to come back and fix what you did to the Andromeda.”

“I cannot do that.”


“Because you make me hesitate and hesitation is a weakness.”

“What is it with you and fucking weakness’?” she asked. “I’m a weakness, he’s a weakness, and did you ever think that you could use your weakness to an advantage. My feelings help me fight. At least Angel understood that. They may have put him in your body but you are nothing like him, he was an honorable man.”

“He was a vampire.”

“So, you say.” She told him simply. “And what did I do to deserve being knocked unconscious?”

“You made me laugh, and feel jealousy and anger.” Tyr stated in a monosyllabic tone.

“And? Generally when I get knocked unconscious it is for a better reason. Spike he knocked me unconscious and chained me up to prove he loved me, he had a reason, very wacked out, but a reason none the less. Of course there is the time that Angel knocked me out so that we could find out what side the other slayer was on.”

“Wait, I thought there was only one of you?”

“There is, or was supposed to be, but I died and my friend brought me back to life and another slayer was called.” She said, “But that is beside the point. The next slayer she was raised by her watchers, she didn’t have any feelings or friends, all’s she did was slay. I’m going to tell you what I told her, emotions give you strength. You even remind me of her. She died, just so you know.” She turned to face Dylan, “Can you bring me back?”

“Yes, if you go out and take a left and follow the corridor all the way down you will find the strike fighter. I will be there in a second.”

“Thanks.” She turned to go and Tyr watched her, he moved as if to touch her and Dylan put a hand on his shoulder, he really didn’t want to see Buffy carry through with her threat.

“So, will you go?” Dylan asked when Buffy had moved out of hearing range.

“Yes.” He said following the blonde slayer out of the caverns.

“Get into this ship thing with me and you will be singing soprano.” Buffy said when Tyr tried to enter the strike fighter she was in. Dylan shrugged and got in, knowing Tyr would get into the other one and follow them back to Andromeda. The flight was short and quiet, which was the way that Dylan preferred it, but it was an awkward silence.

As soon as they got out of the fighters, Tyr took off for the mechanical room, where Harper was trying to fix it.

“What did I ever do to you?”

“You made me laugh.”

“I did not.”

“On the inside.” Tyr told him and then pulled him out of the way and entered the code that allowed the slipstream to go into use. “I hope that you will do it soon.” They ran up to the command deck.

“We have multiple ships entering the system.” Andromeda told them. “They are firing on the pride home land, they are not interested in us.”

“Alright, take us out of here.” Dylan told her and Beca took them into slipstream again.

“What were you thinking?” Dylan asked, turning to face Tyr.

“My son.”

“You have a son?” Buffy asked in shock, “And the PTB wants me to have sex with you, why don’t they just use the fucking son you already have?” Tyr attempted to approach her so that he could calm her down, but she punched him and ran, no one was able to follow her because she used the entire slayer power to get away form them.

“Whistler get you demon ass down here!” Buffy demanded after she had gotten to her room, Whistler amazingly, appeared before her.


“You can tell the PTB that they can use the son he already has, because I want nothing to do with him.”

“His son will not survive.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?” she asked, “You want to use me as a brood mare and I am supposed to go along with it willingly?”

“Sorry blonde, but they have already decided. We thought you would be happy, after all it is Angel, just in another body.”

“And that is supposed to make it all better?” She asked and Whistler was unsure of how to answer that. “I died for you, twice! Why can’t I be done? I’m supposed to be dead.”

“But you were the best fighter they ever had.” Trance said, coming into the room. “I know that you don’t want to hear it, but your child is needed. It will be the last slayer that this universe will ever need, she will bring peace to it and help the light win. They need you to help. You were supposed to have a child with the vampire, but the gypsy’s put their stupid clause in, so the PTB wouldn’t allow you to conceive the child, they wanted to protect you from Angelus.” Trance said as she put her arms around Buffy.

“So they killed it and know they want a new one?” she asked, “It doesn’t work that way. It isn’t that simple.”

“Well, make it that simple.” Tyr said as he walked into the room, Whistler having left when Trance arrived. “I understand more than anyone that you don’t want to be forced, but we have been through so much, and there is no clause this time to hold us back.”

“You have his memories?”

“Yes, most of them.” Tyr told her, “We can make it work this time around, I won’t leave you.” He promised her, but she didn’t look too convinced. “Come on, I followed you to the other side. There is nothing keeping us apart.” As he was talking he moved closer to Buffy until he was holding her in his arms.

“But you have a son.”

“Yes, and I love him, but I want a child with you.” Tyr said, “I love you.” He said finally and Buffy looked at him in shock, at least it wasn’t a sewer though and then fainted.

“That wasn’t exactly the reaction that I was going for.” Tyr stated and picked her up and carried her to her room.

Buffy awoke in her own bed and sighed in relief, because for a moment there she had thought that Tyr had a son and remembered being Angel and everything else.

“I do and it wasn’t a dream.” Tyr said, startling Buffy out of her thoughts.

“What the hell? You can read my mind now?”

“No, your face is just so expressive.”

“Oh.” Was all she said and looked at him, wondering what he was thinking. “So?”

“It is allot to accept, but Whistler had a talk with me about it, as did Trance.”

“And?” she asked, sounding slightly annoyed it was like pulling teeth trying to get hi m to talk.

“I think that we can make it work.” He said evenly.

“That’s what you always say and then you leave me for my own good!”

“A) That was Angel and not me and B) I won’t leave you, not even death could keep us apart.” Tyr promised and Buffy looked very skeptical at him.

“You, Angel, what’s the difference?” she asked, “You both make decisions without me, even though it’s my life too and you keep things from me.”

“I have never made a decision without you.” Tyr protested, “And it was for the protection of my son that I didn’t say anything to you.”

“Yes, because I am going to go and kill you son,” She told him sarcastically, “Hello! You knocked me out and took me off the damn ship, I do believe that is making a decision without me, because I was unconscious.”

“I’m sorry I knocked you unconscious, but you wouldn’t have left with me.”

“How do you know, did you ask?”

“Well, no,” he said, confused, “But you weren’t talking to me, so how was I supposed to ask you?”

“Oh ya. Forgot about that.” She said, anger still evident in her body language and tone. “But that doesn’t excuse you for knocking me out.” She muttered and got up and began to pace the room.

“I already apologized.” Tyr said he couldn’t seem to understand why she didn’t let it go.

“Because that made it so much better!” she exclaimed, advancing on the Nietzschean, who was slowly backing away from the slayer. “Are you going to go and betray us again?” she asked and he shook his head, “Why not? I just made you hesitate and back away and fucking feel like a fucking human! Lord forbid that you act like the species you evolved from.” Even with Angel’s memories Tyr was still lost at her tirade, it didn’t follow a structural pattern at all! She switched from one subject to the next without thought.

“Do you always jump from subject to subject?”

“No, and don’t change the subject.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

“If anyone is going to be a smart ass it will be me.”

“Well, your ass is pretty cute,” Tyr, said, cocking his head to the side like he was checking to make sure he still agreed with that statement, Buffy blushed. “You look pretty in that shade of red.” Buffy moved to mock hit him, but Tyr grabbed her arm and pulled her forward until he kissed her, Buffy resisted for all of two seconds before giving in.

Whistler and Trance watched the exchange and smiled, it would go well, the prophecy was coming to pass. The Powers would see to it and the children would be well taken care of, until their time. Whistler nodded to Trance and disappeared.

“Well, I won’t have to see him for another eighteen years or so.” Trance thought as she walked away from the lovers. “They will be ready by then.”

The End: For Now Part Two or Book Two to follow, maybe.

The End

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