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When Xander Joined the pack

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Summary: A Holloween cross over with The Wen spencer's Books about Aliens bikers and more.

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Literature > Fantasy > Pack Series, TheThewanderFR1524,000143,4034 Jul 0528 Jan 06Yes

Letters from the road

Title: Letters from the Road
Author: Robert Jackson
Permission to archive: yes, just let me know where.
Rating: pg
Summary: a new pack Story,
Warnings: None.
Notes: you can find most of my stories at
Just a little short piece to get the muse working again.

“BUFFY!” Willow screamed, As she ran into her Literary. She was waving a letter in her hands. A letter from Xander.

“Mygodhewroteushedidntforget,” Willow babbles as Buffy walks up to her. Had been sitting on the counter watching the Blond slayer work out, while Cordy had been doing he make-up. She had a date tonight with Devon. She had broken up with Larry after usually halloween thing. He kept talking about buggery? What that was she didn’t know, and from the looks on Giles face when she asked she truly didn’t want to know.

Buffy and the red-head started to go over the letter. Faith nudged the Queen of Sunnydale.

“Who’s got their panties all wet?”

“God, Faith can you be any cruder?” Cordy asked.

“Yeah, I can.” Faith said with a smile, “But who is the letter from, everyone is here.”

“Xander probably,” Cordy said, “Now be quiet while I put my Eye liner on.”

“Well, he’s still alive at least.” Buffy was saying. The letter didn’t have much more than a I’m alive and ok. Nothing else just that he was doing what he thought was right.

The Scoobies had not heard from in over a year. Now a letter.

{Hey Girls, and Guy,

Didnt want to forget you Giles. Well I am alive. Having a blast too.}


The Building in front of Xander was on Fire, he could feel the pack moving around him. But it was too dark for any one to see. The door of the build flies open and a figure walks out, his arms are on fire and he had a shot gun in his hands. He aims at Xander only have Xander to pull a Submachine gun from under his duster and fire into the man, who falls back into the burning home.

*That’s the last of Hex’s gets here.* Xander though to the pack. *let’s roll.*

All around him the sounds of Motorcycles roar to life. And head out into the night. Another nest and another night.

Earlier that day he had cornered one of the gets from the area, and gotten information from it about this nest. Then he shot it. It had taken a whole clip from AK-47 to put it down, then he pored gas over the body and lite it up. As he walked away he didn’t see the Camera over a nearby door. That caught the whole thing.

*End flash*

“Well that’s something,” Willow said, “Xanders making friends.”

The End

You have reached the end of "When Xander Joined the pack". This story is complete.

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