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What Anya Fears

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Summary: We all know Anya's greatest fear... Xander is about to meet where that fear came from.

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Movies > HarveyTjinFR71344062,0704 Jul 054 Jul 05Yes
Sorry all, this plot Bunny (Insert Insane Cackle here.) has been bouncing around my head for a while and i finally got it written out.

I don't own BtVS or Harvey


Xander stared at the yellowish brown liquid for several seconds before tipping it back into his mouth and grimacing at the taste as it burned its way down his throat.

Nodding as the burning sensation hit his gut he motioned the man behind the counter and pointed towards the empty glass in hopes he would understand the meaning.

“Sorry pal, but I’m cutting you off.” The bartender said as the young man stared at him for a minute before the words sunk in.

“Thas k,” he slurred as he pushed his way off the bar and swayed back and forth for several seconds before the room stopped spinning.

Pulling his wallet out Xander dropped several twenties on the bar before stumbling towards the exit.


Carefully making his way down the street Xander wondered if a vampire was going to attack him when he shrugged it off.

It would keep Anya from getting a chance to curse him. He decided as he stared at the dull grey pavement as it passes by his feet.

Stopping at a cross walk Xander looked both ways as he waited for an opening to get across.

“Good evening Mr. Harris.” A mellow voice said behind him.

Slowly turning around Xander stared at the figure before him in shock as he wondered whether this was Anya’s attack before shaking the thought off.

//No way in hell could this be Anya’s work.// Xander decided as he wiped his hands on his pants and help it out to the figure.

“I’m Xander…” he said and waited for the others name.

With an ever present smile the six foot three and half foot tall large white rabbit took Xander’s hand and shook it firmly.

“People call me Harvey.”


(Now am i the only one that gets a kick out of the mental image of Giles trying to look up info on Harvey?)

The End

You have reached the end of "What Anya Fears". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking