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Accidental Utterances

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Summary: Someone accidentally utters something they knew better than to.

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Anita Blake > General > Alternate UniverseKneazlesFR1311,346023,8347 Jul 057 Jul 05Yes
Title: Accidental Utterances
Author: Kneazles
Rating: FR13
Crossover: Anita Blake
Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me and I am not making any profit from this piece, it is just for entertainment purposes only.
Summary: Response to twistedshorts challenge #08 (What’s Next). Someone accidentally utters something they knew better than to.
Author’s Note: AU for Buffy S6, and Angel S4. Also a response to mookiegatto’s request over at fic on demand. The werewolves are from the Anitaverse, but the hellmouth's energies have affected their beasts. I am debating about using this as a Prologue to the ‘Where are We Auntie?’ Challenge. If I do decide to answer that challenge it will be after I refresh myself more with Connor.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Spike looked at the various components of the car. “Hey Red?” He yelled figuring the read-headed witch might be able to help him.

“What?” Willow asked as she approached. “Err… Spike? What did you do?”

“Dunno pet, the bloody car wouldn’t start.” He said pulling a cigarette from his pocket and lighting it.

Willow sighed. “Then why’d you get me?” She asked.

“Chuck’s out with Peaches and the Slayer.” He said. “Figured that you’d know something, more than Wussy or either of the other birds.” He said.

Willow sighted and she bent over to examine the bits and piece shaking her head at the various pieces of gum, rubber bands and toothpicks that seemed to hold the car together. “Do you ever take this thing in?” She asked.

“Nah I just stick things that broke or fell apart together, it’s much cheaper.” He said. “I’m not going to pay some wanker who over charges to fix it.”

Willow grabbed a flat head screwdriver and started scraping the gum off the engine. After she removed as much as she could reach, she yanked Spike towards the car. “Hold the engine.” She said “I’m trying to remove the gum, it might have gunked up the engine.”

Spike let out an unneeded sigh and did as requested. “But the view’s not as good here.” He whined.

Willow swatted at him before continuing to remove the gum. After a while Spike growled. “Hurry up luv, this isn’t getting any lighter you know.”

Willow grinned. “But you’re a big strong vampire.” She said. “Besides it’s not my fault that there’s so much gunk.” She dropped the screwdriver to the pavement. “Almost done.” She said as she tightened a loose bolt. “Okay lower it back in gently.” She said.

Spike let the engine fall back into place. “That it Witch?” He asked.

Willow shrugged. “I don’t know, start the car.” She said stepping back, but leaving the hood up so she could view the car’s innards.

Spike grumbled but started the car. There wasn’t a sound but there was some sparkage around the battery.

“Spike I think your battery’s dead. You’ll need a new one.”

“First you say its gum, then you say it’s the battery. What’s next? A werewolf in the tires?” Spike asked throwing down his cigarette in aggravation.

Willow quirked her lips. “Don’t know its not my fault; if you took better care of your stuff it makes it easier.” She said.

Spike grumbled. “You sure it’s the battery?” He asked.

Willow shook her head. “Can’t tell, I’m not a mechanic, its just the fact that there was sparking around the battery, makes me think its dead or busted, either way you’ll need a new one.” She said. “Get Gunn to check it out when he gets back.”

Willow noticed a gleam in the shadows of the bushes. “Spike, what’s that?” She asked pointing in the direction.

“Not sure pet. It looks like the streetlight’s reflecting off the eyes of a mutt.” The comment seemed to elicit growls. From the bushes, a pony sized wolf-like dog leaped out fangs bared.

At the large creature’s appearance, Willow glanced up at the moon. The moon was a crescent. She frowned, since she couldn’t think of any other thing that would be so large.

Spike tossed the canine several meters. The lupine stood and shook before charging at Spike again. Spike kicked at its head and the thing yelped. It jumped onto the roof of the car and there was a slight crunch.

“That’s it pup!” Spike growled catching the thing by the neck as it leaped towards him. He snapped the creature’s neck.

“Spike!” Willow yelled, her expression one of annoyance. However, soon her face twisted into an expression of horror as the wolf shifted back into the form of a human in front of their eyes.

Spike frowned. “Peaches’ll be mad, but I swear that thing didn’t smell like a werewolf.”

Willow stepped toward Spike, laying a hand on his arm. “I know… the moon’s not full, and I’ve never heard of a wolf shifting outside the moon cycle unless it was enraged... and since it didn’t attack until you insulted it, I don’t think that would explain it.”

Angel, Faith and Gunn walked up.

“You guys got attacked by the wolfmen as well?” Gunn asked as he spotted the body.

“Yeah.” Willow said.

“Bleeding wonderful,” Spike said, “an epidemic of demonic werewolves!”

“Wonderful,” Faith said sarcastically, “ that means research—just what I wanted to do on a Friday night!”

Fred ran out of the hotel. “The radio said that there’s been a rash of feral dog attacks along the coast.” She exclaimed. “That doesn’t sound normal to me.”

Willow turned to look at Spike. “You know this is all your fault, you just had to go and say ‘W-h-a-t - - n-e-x-t’ you should know better.” She chastised the vampire.

“No it doesn’t sound normal.” Angel agreed with Fred.

The group made their way back into the hotel, ready to research. Willow and Fred hit the computers. The girls were going to search for different cases about the wolf like attacks and see if there was a pattern. Cordelia and Gunn had sat down beside the radio, and started a friendly game of tic-tac-toe while they listened to the news report. Wesley had already started researching demon dogs.

“Spike, why don’t you go see if any of your demon friends know anything?” Angel suggested.

Spike gave a short nod. “No problem.” He said. “I’ll take the Angelmobile.” He grabbed the keys to Angel’s car and strode out the door before Angel could say anything to the contrary. Angel and Lorne went to another room to talk.

Almost an hour later Fred let out an excited squeal. “Almost a week ago there was apparently a portal opening in between here and Sunnydale. The next day, the first of the attacks started. The majority of the attacks seemed to scattered within a hundred mile radius of the origin of the portal however attacks have been reported as far away as a thousand miles.”

“Great…werewolves from another dimension…. I wonder if the hellmouth’s energies are affecting them?” Willow said.

“Probably Short-cake.” Lorne said from the doorway.

“I guess we should gather as many of them as we can and keep them tranquilized until we can find a way to transport them home.” Willow said.

Cordelia gave a nod. “We’ve got enough rooms in the hotel… with some magical reinforcements we should be able to keep them contained.”

“Sounds like a pan.” Angel said.

“Fred, Willow and myself can research a way to return them to their home.” Wesley said.

Connor walked into the hotel, ignoring both of the vampires. There was a large wolf walking behind him. “Something’s wrong… this filthy creature keeps following me.” He said. The beast growled, and the miracle child turned and glared at the beast who stopped growling.

“It’s a werewolf Connor.” Angel said before turning to Wesley, Fred and Willow. “Good luck you three… the rest of us will round up the werewolves. Lorne, do you think you could whip up some kind of spell similar to the sanctuary spells to keep the werewolves contained?”

“No problem Angel-cakes.” The demon said. “Shortcake, why don’t you ask Anyanka if she knows anything about a possible dimension the werewolves came from.”

Almost a week later the gang had brought the werewolves back to the area they had first arrived and resummoned the portal to send them home. Anya had filled them in on the fact that there was a world where supernatural creatures were common knowledge, and it seemed that was where the werewolves were from.

“Spike, never say those two words ever again!” Willow said as she watched the last werewolf disappear into the portal.

“Sure thing pet.” Spike said resting an arm on the witch’s shoulder.

The End

You have reached the end of "Accidental Utterances". This story is complete.

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