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One heck of a kiss

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Summary: : Cordelia finds herself in a new world and finds that not all older men brood so much.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Cordelia-CenteredRougeMageFR151403022,5168 Jul 058 Jul 05Yes
Title: One heck of a kiss

Author: Rouge Mage

Rating: FR 15

Fandom: BtVS/X-Men

Pairings: Cordelia /Logan

Disclaimer: I do not own Codelia or Logan. I so do not own BtVS, or the X-Men multiverse. If I did I’d be one happy person. This for all purposes is just me having fun.

Spoilers: None that I know of. To be on the safe side this fic will be post series finally for both Angel and BtVS.

Summary: Cordelia finds herself in a new world and finds that not all older men brood so much.

Word Count: 397

Cordelia Chase was coping well to be honest. It had been a month prior to her falling into this new world. Part of her wanted to scream at the top of her lungs at times. Though she had the first day here, so not her fault. Guy with metal claws charges her and threatens her with bodily harm, sort of.

Professor Xavier had stopped Logan which had made the bald man look very nice in the eyes of the Seer. He had discovered along with Jean Grey, a lady who Cordelia respected in ways of fashion and brains, that the fall through the portal had changed Cordelia. Nothing really major, just changed the nature of Cordelia’s visions. Made her one happy young woman. No longer was she a part-demon pawn for the Powers that Suck Majorly, she was a mutant sort of late bloomer.

Of course being someone gifted with precognition, she never saw some things coming. Flowers were sometimes left by the room she was staying at. Sometimes at the desk she used in the library, seeing as her new so-called job was helping the students study and do research, even though Cordelia was the first to admit research wasn’t her best area. She always thought of Wesley or Fred as researching types, not her.

Though she did catch a wiff of something this time, off of some daises she found near her door. The after shave smelt like Logan. She frowned and stalked off to find Logan. That jerk had no right to just leave flowers and not say anything.

She shortly found herself standing in front of Logan’s door. Then knocked on it, after three sort raps on the door, it opened up showing off a bare-chested Logan.

“You, mister are an idiot,” Cordelia snapped at Logan as she jabbed her finger in his chest. And what a sexy chest to jab at.

“What?” Logan gave her a look of confusion. Though deep down he was pleased by her actions.

“You know what. Leaving me flowers,” she began. But she didn’t get to finish her half way done Queen C rant, as Logan pulled her into a toe curling kiss.

“Wow,” she managed with a pleased grin; he sure was one hell of a kisser. Then smiled sweetly at him and in classic Cordelia fashion added in, “You owe me one expensive dinner mister.”



The End

You have reached the end of "One heck of a kiss". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking