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ARCAM: The Recruit

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Summary: A Buffy / Spriggan crossover. During the summer Buffy left town Xander is offered a new job.

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Anime > SprigganMidknightJFR1538,470043,46610 Jul 0510 Jul 05Yes



The library of Sunnydale High School was normally abuzz with activity once classes were over for the day. Hell, if things were getting... well, Hellmouthy... it would be abuzz during classes. That wasn't the case today however.

Sure there were people there, the whole gang were seated at the tables. With two notable exceptions.

"I was sure they would be back for the first day of classes." Willow said quietly, her head and arms resting on the table. Oz sat nearby and placed a comforting arm around her shoulder.

"They?!" Cordelia asked incredulously. "I don't care about the bottle blond. HE said he was going to be here."

She didn't even notice that all eyes were on her anymore as she continued her rant. "And when that loser does get here he is so dead. First I'll hit him then I'll humiliate him. NO! First I'll humiliate him then I'll kick him in the crotch! He'll be sorry! I'll-"

"Am I interrupting anything important?" All eyes turned towards the doorway where Xander had somehow managed to enter without anybody noticing.

"What? I got something on my-" He never got the chance to finish as Cordelia grabbed him and pulled him into a earth shattering kiss. After what seemed like hours they pulled apart. Xander with a goofy grin and Cordelia with a please expression.

"Wow." Was all his dazed mind could come up with.


"Oh! What was that for?" Xander asked as he rubbed the stinging cheek where Cordelia's palm had struck.

"You haven't called me in over a week! I was starting to worry!"

Xander had expected something like this and was actually prepared. After all it was true and only natural somebody would ask. The last few weeks had been hectic before being stationed back in Sunnydale.

"My uncle decided I was going to see the Nevada sights before I left and was dragging me all over the place. Although we kind of stalled in Vegas. It was just a real busy week. I should have called though, I'm sorry."

"Alright." Cordelia told him as she hugged him. "I'll forgive you... this time."

After Cordelia released him Xander found himself nearly knocked over by Willow who was babbling at exceptional speeds... even for her. Seeing that he wasn't getting out of this hug for a while he wrapped one arm around her while using the other to shake Oz and Giles' hands in greeting.

Suddenly they heard the library door swing open and turned as one. Gasps of surprise were heard and Willow extracted herself as they saw the person standing there.

"Hi everyone.... So... what did you guy's do this summer?" Buffy asked lamely, nervousness coming off her in waves.

Xander looked over at her, then to the stunned group behind him, and finally back to Buffy. A smile slowly crept onto his face. "Oh, you know, same old, same old."

The End

You have reached the end of "ARCAM: The Recruit". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking