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Dressing the Part

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Summary: Whistler tries warning Angel about Halloween. He doesn't listen.

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Marvel Universe > Fantastic FourEdScottFR1595,99824735,70811 Jul 0522 Aug 05No

Chapter 2

Title: Dressing the Part (2/?)
Author: Ed Scott

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners... none of
who are me.

Summary: YAHF. Whistler tries warning Angel about Halloween. He doesn’t listen.

Warning: Crossover

Rating: R

Feedback, It's the coin of the realm.

Xander was knocking on Buffy’s bedroom door. “Come on, Will. My costume wasn’t that scary, was it?”

“You’re going as Dr. Doom, Xander. Are you nuts?!”

“No. Would you rather I go as Mr. Sinister or Apocalypse?” Willow nearly ripped the door off of it‘s hinges.

“Absolutely not! You couldn’t have gone as one of the many heroes in the Marvel Universe?”

“Where’s the fun in that? Cyclops is too much of a stick in the mud and I don’t have the build to be either Wolverine or Beast. The costume shop had only one set of armor and it was this one. Not the red one Magneto has. And I didn’t have the right color paint for the armor. Or the helmet. Even the mask and cloak are real props from that 1994 movie that never got released. It’ll be fun. Besides,” (dramatic pause), “it’s not like I’m going to become Victor von Doom for the night.”

Another Realm not Ours

Janus sat watching this little conversation in a small pool of water. In hearing those words, he started laughing his two heads off.

“Oh, this’ll be fun. And if he sees that vampire the male Power has a hard on for, I doubt he’ll like what the good Doctor would do to him.” After changing the properties of the spell in one specific case, the image of Druscilla appeared in the pool. Janus smiled again.

“How am I going to have any fun if that seer tells her boyfriend about tonight?” Janus intercepted the vision that the insane vampiress was about to receive about the Slayer being weak for the evening.

Back in the Buffy Verse

“Come on, Willow. Grab your ghost costume and let’s get our own group of sugar-hyped runts for the evening.” Xander never noticed the punk rock chick costume that Buffy forced Willow into wearing. Willow was very upset. But she didn’t let Xander know that. She put her costume on and followed Xander downstairs.

Joyce had taken a snap shot of Xander in his Dr. Doom costume and one of Willow in her ghost costume. In keeping with their costumes, Buffy curtsied Xander.

“Your Highness, I apologize for my earlier behavior. Please don’t hold it against my family.”

Xander was had a big smile under his mask. Luckily, the mask hid his smile. “Doom accepts your apology, Lady Summers.” Xander held his arm out to her. “Shall we depart? We all have a party to attend, and we don’t want our host to be upset. Although, he should be pleased that Doom would want to go to such a low brow affair.” As they were leaving, Xander looked at Mrs. Summers.

“You need not worry, Lady Summers. Doom will make sure your daughter’s virtue remains intact.” The mother of the Slayer nodded her head.

“Thank you, Your Highness. Good evening, all.” With those words, Mrs. Summers closed the door to her house to allow her time to prepare for all the children wanting free candy.

Spike’s Lair

“Spiiiiiiike?” Dru moaned, and not in a good way.

“Yes, Luv?”

“Something is wrong. For a moment, the stars stopped singing to me. They never stop singing to me.”

“Look Dru. Tonight’s Halloween. Tomorrow night I’ll go out and find out why the stars stopped singing to you. OK?”

“OK, Spike.” Dru was not a happy insane vampiress.
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