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Dressing the Part

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Summary: Whistler tries warning Angel about Halloween. He doesn't listen.

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Marvel Universe > Fantastic FourEdScottFR1595,99824735,71111 Jul 0522 Aug 05No

Dressing the Part

Title: Dressing the Part (1/?)

Author: Ed Scott

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners... none of

who are me.

Summary: YAHF. Whistler tries warning Angel about Halloween. He doesn’t listen.

Warning: Crossover

Rating: R

Feedback, It's the coin of the realm.

Angel’s Apartment October 31, 10 AM

Whistler was knocking on Angel’s door. “Open up, Angel. We need to talk. Now!”

“Alright. Alright. What do you want to talk about?”

“Stay inside tonight. No matter what you hear outside. Lock and barricade the door if you have to, but stay indoors.”

“Why should I stay indoors? If there’s going to be trouble tonight, I should be out there to help stop it.”

Whistler did what he was sent to do. Warn the Vampire, and he did that. “Look. Take my warning or don’t. What I can say is that people will turn into their costumes and it won’t be good for you.”

Angel didn’t believe the Balance Demon. “Is someone going as Jack Crow or Abraham Van Helsing?” The badly dressed 70s pimp just walked away not even bothering to answer Angel.

“If only it were that simple, Rat Breath.” And with those parting words, Whistler left Sunnydale.

1630 Revello Drive

Xander stood out the Summers residence wearing a suit of armor covered by a green cloak. He knocked on the door, which was opened by Joyce.

“Nice costume, Xander. Who are you supposed to be?” Joyce stepped aside, silently inviting him in without knowing she was doing so.

Entering the house, Xander answered, “You’ll find out in a few minutes, Mrs. Summers. I’ll let you know when Buffy and Willow show up.”

A few minutes later, Buffy did come down the steps in her gown to impress Angel. Buffy sees Xander in his armor and cloak talking to her mother, who was holding a camera.

“Hello, Good Sir Knight.” Buffy bowed. “And who might you be?”

Xander felt outraged at being called a knight. Scowling, he put his mask on and got in Buffy‘s face. “Knight? KNIGHT? Listen to me my lady, I am no mere knight. I am Victor von Doom, KING of Latveria. You will show me the proper respect that a King deserves. Is that understood?”

Buffy was shocked. She was startled at Xander and started to back away. Suddenly, they heard a *click* and saw a flash. They turned around to see Joyce Summers laughing her head off.

“Oh, my. That was.” Joyce was having a hard time breathing. “Too funny. I’ve never seen that look on Buffy’s face ever.” Joyce was leaning against the stairwell, in an effort to keep herself on her feet. Just then, Willow came down in her ghost costume. She saw Xander in his costume and ran screaming to Buffy’s room and slamming the door shut. Xander removed his mask.

“What was that all about?” He walked up the stairs to Buffy’s room, sans his mask, and went to calm his best friend down. ‘I hope so.’
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