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Summary: Fic-for-alls that are not holiday related. Multiple crossings, numerous pairings!

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFArestiveFR131118,037075,45513 Jul 0526 Apr 07No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Winning (Anya/ Wolverine)

Title: Winning

Author: Restive Nature (aka

Rating: FR-13 (some mild

Disclaimer: I do not own any
of the characters mentioned from BtVS. Those babies belong to Joss Whedon and
Mutant Enemy. Nor do I own any of the characters or settings from the X-men.
They belong to Stan Lee and Marvel Comics.

Timeline: For BtVS, it’s
seventh season. Anya has returned to the demon fold after the almost marriage
with Xander. For X-men, it’s after the second movie and Jean Grey is dead.

Pairing: Anya/ Wolverine for
TtH’s Fic-For-All Pairing #806


Summary: It doesn’t matter
how you play the game… because somebody is always changing the rules!





“Yes!” the girl’s slightly
excited voice rang out, causing Logan, a mutant also known by the code name Wolverine,
to wince. “Payday!” she sang out happily. Her gamine little face turned up to
his and she held out her hand expectantly. Logan dutifully checked the square on which
she had landed and then counted out the play money before him. How the hell had
he been roped into this damn game?


“Oh no,” came another voice
and Logan’s
eyes darted to the giggling Jubilation Lee. “Here comes the capital dance of
whatever the hell!” And sure enough, little Anya, the latest mutant to come
into the fold had jumped to her feet, her hips swinging wildly, her head
bobbing back and forth as she counted her pink and blue and green money, almost
as if it were real.


Logan couldn’t help chuckling. As irked as he might be at
having to baby-sit the kids in the recreation room that night, it had its
compensations, such as like right now. Ever since Anya had arrived at the
school, he’d been reluctantly charmed by her blunt outspokenness and sparkling,
vivacious eyes. There were times that she’d eyed him a little too closely, but
he was getting used to that. It wasn’t like the other students of the female
persuasion hadn’t developed crushes on him.


Rolling his eyes as Anya’s
dance became a little more exuberant; he turned his head to see the last little
member of their group. Rogue. And remembered exactly why he’d let himself be
conned into playing the game of Life. She’d been moping in front of the
television, her eyes on the schmuck who was supposed to have been her
boyfriend, now snuggling up with another recent turn-up of the Professor’s.


Logan had had to control himself, for her sake only when
he and Rogue had discovered Bobby tucked away with that young lady, in a not so
delicate situation, a few days ago. His first instinct had been to rip the kid
to shreds. But the trembling lip of Rogue and her sudden flight had compelled
him to follow, though not before casting Bobby with the deadliest glare he
could muster. The kid had gulped. He knew that at some point he was in for it.
Only the professor’s interference had saved his life.


And worse of all was Rogue’s
stoic acceptance of it. Her damned mutation or being unable to touch another
living human without causing them severe physical damage had led her to believe
that this sort of thing was inevitable. She’d known that it would be too
difficult to maintain a relationship in which the participants couldn’t even
touch skin to skin. But the longer Bobby had held on to the illusion, the more
she’d begun to hope against hope.


And so tonight, even though
she’d protested, Jubilee and Anya had had their way. Pulling Rogue from the
television and encouraging her to get back into the teen swing of things. And
Logan, noting that there was just a hint of smile on the redhead’s face as she
watched Anya skipping around their little group, felt that he could put up with
the discomfort Anya brought. Truly, some of the outspoken, blunt garbage that
flew from the blonde’s lips astounded them all into laughter, Rogue included.
And to Logan,
that was a good thing. Finally, after a few more minutes, Anya settled herself
back down to her cross legged seat. She stowed her money under her section of
the board and waited expectantly for Jubilee to take her turn.


But unbeknownst to the
occupants of Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Children, also known by the
students as Mutant High, there was more to Anya Jenkins that they had ever
assumed. For even while she danced, pranced and shocked with her verbal
outpourings, she was there for a purpose. After her not a wedding to Xander
Harris, she’d returned to the demon fold that for so long had been her life. Vengeance
with a vengeance. That was her motto nowadays.


And if ever there was
vengeance needed, it was for Rogue. Of course, Anya ignored the fact that this
really was more of her best friend, Hallie’s domain. The demoness Halfrek had a
special affinity for children in pain. Just as she ignored the fact that Hallie
had kind of slid this one her way. Since there was a young man involved, which
was Anya’s domain, Hallie was able to fudge things a little. She was helping
Anya, who’d been out of the game for several years, to ease back in. And as
Anya thought about this, her mind began to scheme as to how to get Rogue to
admit her deepest darkest desires when it came to punishing her two-timing
boyfriend. Perhaps Anya could even give her some suggestions of what she would
have liked to do to Xander.




“Wow,” Rogue whispered to
Jubilee under her breath. Both girls were watching the intensity on Anya’s face
as she stared at Logan.
Neither realized that Anya was actually lost in her own thoughts.


“Yeah,” Jubilee whispered
back, careful not to garner Logan’s
attention. The odd man out was rearranging the money while Jubilee made the
pretense of taking her turn spinning the dial. As the little clicker spun
around, Rogue used the noise to cover her next words, knowing just how well the
Wolverine’s hearing was.


“You know, I really wish
that Logan
could settle down and be happy with someone,” she began, then glanced at the
newest blonde addition. “Like Anya. They just seem so…”


Jubilee giggled. She knew
exactly what Rogue meant. There was just something so unpredictable about both
Logan and Anya. Not that they were in any way alike. They just seemed to be so
odd that they went together. “Yeah,” she agreed. “I know.”




Both Anya and Logan’s heads snapped up
at the same time, thought for different reasons. Logan glanced warily at Anya, wondering if
she’d overheard what he just had. She was staring at Rogue just as intently as
she’d been staring at him a moment ago. What the hell was she thinking?


Anya found that while she’d
been musing the prime moment over, her chance had come and almost gone. She’d
heard the special words uttered from Rogue’s mouth. And as tradition and her
job dictated so she… “Wish granted!” she thundered.


Every single occupant in the
room, though mutants every one of them, were stunned when Anya Jenkins, teenage
mutant, suddenly sprouted a veiny, grotesque face and deep preternatural voice.
But the moment faded quickly for all of them but the so called mutant in the
center of attention.


Anya could feel things
shifting. Some minute, some huge. But there was something shifting inside her
as well. She wondered if this was the way her clients felt when she granted
their wishes and wondered why she would feel it if this were Rogue’s wish. But
soon the feeling faded and Anya looked around, slightly dizzy.


“You okay, darlin’?” came a
gruff voice from her left. Anya glanced at Logan as his hand brushed away the hair that
had fallen over her cheek.


“Yeah,” she answered slowly,
unsure if she really was okay. But then, a bright sparkle before her caught her
eye. On her left hand was the most gorgeous diamond solitaire that she’d ever
seen, coupled with a solid gold wedding band. Anya smiled down at the set of
rings, until she noticed that underneath her hand rested something even more
intriguing. A very rounded stomach that belonged to herself. “What’s going on?”
she demanded softly, trying to ascertain exactly what had transpired. This was
what Rogue had wished for? For Anya to be married and pregnant? Somehow that
didn’t make sense.


“You won the game,” Rogue
piped up from her right and Anya’s head swung around to stare at the mutant for
a moment before her focus took in Jubilee and the board game once again. Oh
yes, they’d been playing the game of Life. A large grin spread over her face.
She turned back to Logan
to find him leaning towards her as his own hand slid over her burgeoning belly.
She could see the matching wedding band adorning his hand. She lifted her face
and met his lips in a quick kiss. Anya sighed happily.


“I like winning!”
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