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Letters from No One

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Summary: A book recommendation for Buffy.

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Lord of the Rings > GeneralKneazlesFR71364011,44214 Jul 0514 Jul 05Yes
Title: Letters from No One
Author: Kneazles
Rating: FR7
Crossover: Lord of the Rings
Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me and I am not making any profit from this piece, it is just for entertainment purposes only.
Summary: Response to twistedshorts challenge #12 (HP Chapter Titles). A book recommendation for Buffy.
Word Count: 342

Buffy walked into the library of the new Watcher’s Council. She saw Willow curled up in a chair with a good book and Giles sitting at a table doing some cross referencing. “Whatcha reading Willow? ‘Death Omens’ or ‘Prophecies for the Twenty First Century?’” She asked, hoping it wasn’t anything like that; although there were now many slayers to handle most things, she has had enough of the apocalypses, but couldn’t sit back while others saved the world.

“Nothing to worry about. It’s just an old collection of letters titled ‘Letters From Eowyn.’” Willow said looking up from the old leather-bound book.

Buffy frowned. “‘Letters from No One?’ that doesn’t sound like the normal research.”

“Eowyn, not ‘no one’” Giles corrected with a soft chuckle at the slayer’s habit of butchering names. “Its not, it’s a slow period right now. We’re just reading through records of the past and itemizing things so that future research might be faster.”

Willow glanced up again. “Yeah. This is one of the few books in the Library I think you’d like.” She said.

Buffy wrinkled her nose at that. “Sorry, old musty books aren’t my kind of thing. I’m more a slay them kind of girl.”

Giles gave a small smile at that. “Perhaps, but Eowyn is a lot like you. Despite the fact that during her time, the women were left home, Eowyn wanted to be in the midst of the action.”

Buffy looked slightly interested. “Really?”

Giles nodded. “She was described by Hama as being fearless and high-hearted. She was loved by her people and was recommended to be left as the lord of the Eorlingas, while the men were at war.”

“Really?” Willow asked curiously.

“Yes Willow, some of her later letters reflect this and it’s mentioned in a few of the other books from that region and time period.” Giles said.

“Coolness… I’ll read them after I finish this.” Willow said.

Buffy smiled at the pair of them and left the library, figuring they would soon be absorbed in a history debate.

The End

You have reached the end of "Letters from No One". This story is complete.

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