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Home Is Where The Heart Is

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Summary: Dawn does a spell to reveal your true love but it backfires. Everyone is transported to where their true love lives. How do they cope with their apparent true love? Do they even want to go home again?

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Chapter 2

Title - Home is Where The Heart Is

Author - Clara Lou

Disclamier - I don't own any of it, it all belongs to Josh Whedon.
Harry Potter Belongs to J.K Rowling

Summary - Scenario 33 at The Next Level: Dawn does a spell to reveal
your true love but it backfires. Everyone is transported to where
their true love lives. How do they cope with their apparent true
love? Do they even want to go home again?

Rating - 15

Author's notes - I finally got another chapter of this done after
nearly a month. My muses returned in droves this ened up at over 4000

This is the Buffy and Spike part

Please let me know what you think, I've nevr wrote Snape or Ginny
before and I want to know how you think I did writing them. Any
feedback is great, I love it all :)

Spike groaned and pushed at whatever was covering him, cracking an eye he growled slightly as he saw it was Buffy that was on top of him.

“Bloody hell Slayer, get off me! “ He growled as he pushed at her again and finally succeeded in pushing her to the ground.

Buffy groaned as she landed on something for the second time that day, she slowly opened her eyes and quickly closed them again as the sun threatened to burn her eyes. Holding a hand to her head she slowly sat up, she felt as if she had a hangover. Not that she had ever had a hangover this bad before, but that was what it felt like.

Cautiously she opened an eyelid and then the other as a shadow loomed over her. She looked up and swore words she had learned from the person before her.

“Spike what the hell is going on?” she asked as she looked about, her eyes coming to rest on a castle to her left “And where the hell are we?”

Spike smirked and grabbed her hand to pull her up “Don’t have a clue ducks, maybe the witch got a little spell happy earlier” he said as he watched Buffy sway slightly as she tried to get her bearings.

“It wasn’t Willow, she was with me, when that strange white cloudy thing came after us. Oh god it got Willow as well! Is she here?” she began to panic as the thought of Willow lying somewhere hurt or worse lingered in her mind.

Spike watched her with a slight smile as the oldest living Slayer began to panic “Red isn’t here, it’s just us two” he said in a bored tone as he stood under the tree.

Buffy narrowed her eyes for a second and then they enlarged in shock as she watched a patch of sunlight dance of the back of Spike’s hand. “Eh Spike shouldn’t your hand be on fire right about now?” she asked.

Spike looked at her like she was insane “I’m in the shade you stupid bint”

Buffy pointed to his hand “But your hand isn’t” she said and hid a smile as Spike began to jump up and down and holler as he pulled his hand out of the sun and inspected it for burn marks.

He finally stopped and looked at his hand curiously. Turning it over her frowned as he saw the skin was still smooth and unmarred. Warily he placed his hand in the sun and held it there, he watched in fascination as the rays bounced off his skin in ways they hadn’t for over a hundred years. Slowly he edged his way out into the sun and stood there in wonder, he slowly began to twirl around in a circle raising his arms up in the air.

Buffy started to giggle as she watched Spike, she couldn’t believe that William The Bloody was, well the only word she could think of was frolicking in the sun. Her giggling got so bad she had to sit down or fall down.

Ginny Weasley tried to keep the boredom out of her eyes as she listened to Professor Sprout talked about the proper way to plant and take care of abyssinian shivelfig. Professor Dumbledore had decided to run a series of classes together and this month it was the turn of Herbology and Potions turn.

She uncrossed her arms and tried to not slouch as Professor Snape’s eyes swept over the group of seventh year Gryffindor and Ravenclaw students currently sitting near Hagrid’s hut.

Breathing a slight sigh of relief as he turned his back on them, Ginny began to look about. She watched in shock and fascination as she spotted a blonde haired man twirled around in a circle as a blonde female watched on in hysterics. She titled her head to the side slightly as she watched them.

“And what is so riveting to take your attention away from my lecture Miss Weasley” Professor Snape sneered as he stood looking at her.

Ginny raised her head to look up at him, even now a year after Voldermont’s defeat Snape still instilled fear in the students. She swallowed hard as she peeked around him to make sure the two individuals were there and not a figment of her imagination.

“Well?” he asked her with annoyance laced in his voice.

“ wasn’t really riveting…..more like strange” she told him as she pointed past him to where Spike and Buffy were.

Professor Snape turned around and stopped as he spotted the two individuals “Interesting indeed” he drawled, “I think this would be an ideal time to finish today’s lectures Professor Sprout. Everyone back to the castle and I’m sure you will inform Professor Dumbledore we have visitors Professor Sprout” He told them in a tone that tolerated no disobedience.

Quickly the pupils scurried off towards the castle, with Professor Sprout herding the more curious ones away from Snape. Many of them looked over their shoulder to see what had caused the Professor to end the class early. However one pupil stayed behind and managed to invade Professor Sprout’s eye. She stepped out from beside the tree and looked first at Snape and then at the couple under the trees.

“I thought I told everyone to go back to the castle Weasley or has all that red hair blocked your ears?” He asked her mockingly. Ginny shook her head as she continued to look towards the trees.

“No sir, I was just…curious and wanted to know who they were cause you know I spotted them…first” she trailed off quietly knowing that he wouldn’t accept that as a reason.

“Really well I’m sure your curiosity will be filled later as the inevitable gossip gets around the school about our two visitors” he grounded out as he looked about for Professor Dumbledore.

Ginny hung her head slightly and shuffled her feet in the dirt “Yes Sir” she said quietly and slowly began to walk back to the castle. She kept her head down as she walked, not noticing Professor Dumbledore in front of her until a pair of slightly heeled black buckled boots came into her view. She stopped and looked up to see Dumbledore smiling and his blue eyes twinkling merrily.

“Now Miss Weasley walking like that will only get yourself hurt or even someone else which would give Madam Pomfrey more work and we wouldn’t want that” he told her as he turned her around and began to walk with her back towards Snape, guiding her with a hand at her back.

Ginny walked with him, slightly shocked at his actions to even begin to question him. Dumbledore smiled mysteriously at Snape’s raised eyebrow.

“Well what seems to be the problem Severus?” he asked as he reached the potions professor.

“The problem is the two uninvited visitors we seem to have, Miss Weasley here spotted them first” he said indicating towards the tress where Buffy and Spike now sat under a tree talking.

Dumbledore watched them for a couple of minutes and then turned back to face Snape “Well then we should make them welcome. Severus, Miss Weasley?” he said and then began to walk towards them, knowing that they would follow.

Ginny hurriedly caught up with the headmaster not wanting to spend any more time than that was necessary with the potions professor,

Buffy shook her head “It wasn’t Willow Spike. I can’t have been she was with me most of the day, only time I wasn’t with her was for about half an hour this morning” she said for about the fifth time

“Then who bleeding well did it then?” Spike asked as he patted down his duster looking for his cigarettes. He finally found the battered packet in his inside pocket with only two cigarettes left in it. He pulled one out and stuck it in his mouth, letting it hang there held only by his lips as he looked for his lighter.

“I don’t’ know, but we aren’t going to find anything out sitting here” she replied as she swiftly stood up. She looked at him as he found the lighter and quickly lit the cigarette. He took a long drawl and pulled the smoke into his lungs savouring the nicotine as it worked its way into his body.

“Well maybe we could ask the old codger in the purple dress coming this way” he said as he sat there leaning against the tree.

Buffy whirled around and swiftly fell into a defensive stance and laid her fingers over the stake tucked into her jacket pocket. She eyed the man warily, noting the feeling of power he gave off. The only other person she had ever meet with that much power was Willow when she went all black vein girl and tried to end the world.

Spike took another long drawl of the cigarette and stood up. He dropped the butt of the cigarette on the ground and stomped on it to put it out. He stood there silently as the two, now wait three people walked towards him. He felt a grin start to spread over his face as he spotted the third member of their little welcome committee and resist it. He let his eyes sweep over the girl, tallish and slim but not to slim, slim unmarked neck, oval shaped face, creamy white skin with a scattering of freckles over her nose and cheeks. Big brown eyes stood out from her face, he dropped his gaze lower to her mouth, slightly pink from her nibbling on her bottom lip, all and all she looked delectable.

Buffy took a step back to stand beside Spike and watched as the trio stopped in front of them. The older man in the purple robes stepped forward slightly and Buffy notice that his beard and hair were longer than her hair.

“I’m Professor Dumbledore, this is Professor Snape and this is Miss Ginny Weasley. Welcome to Hogwarts.” He told them.

“So let me get this straight, this place is a school for magic, kids come here from the age of eleven to learn magic. We are in Scotland and in our own dimension?” Buffy said for the third time.

“That is quite right Miss Summers, though I am confused as to how Mr Bloody here was not harmed by the sun. It must be some left over effect from the spell” Dumbledore told them as Buffy paced slightly across the length of his office.

Spike looked up from his scrutiny of Fawkes and shrugged “Doesn’t bother me mate. I’m enjoying it, what with not seeing the sun for over 130 years and all.”

“At least it’s only the sun and not the whole Gem of Amar all over again. Though it would be funny to see you standing there with a stake in your heart and not exploding into dust” Buffy said

Dumbledore smiled “Indeed, but from what I know the Gem was destroyed 2 years ago.”

Spike grumbled, “Almighty Poof had to destroy it, the things I could have done with that ring”

Buffy shook her head “Anyway what are we going to do and how are we going to get home? We can get home can’t we?” she quickly asked Dumbledore as the thought popped into her head

Dumbledore stood and walked out from behind his desk “Of course you can Miss Summers, however I would like to find out what this spell was first. It must have sent you here for a reason”

“That’s if the bleeding thing worked right” Spike said thinking about Willow’s botched up Will be done spell.

“I told you before Spike Willow didn’t do the spell, I don’t think Anya would she isn’t very into magic. It couldn’t be Tara cause you know……she’s gone.” She paused for a second “Giles wouldn’t do it, you didn’t do it, I can’t do magic I don’t think anyway, either can Xander so that only leaves……” she trailed off as she realised who had done the spell.

“Oh bloody hell, it was the nibblet wasn’t it?” He said as he began to pace as well

“Nibblet?” Dumbledore asked for once very perplexed

“Dawn my younger sister, she loves the idea for magic and keeps trying to get Willow to teach her. Which Willow won’t cause she doesn’t like magic much the now, it doesn’t hold the same allure it used to do, not after Tara” she told him, sadness filling her voice at the end.

“Are you sure she would have done this?” Asked Professor Snape who until this point had only been an observer in the conversation.

“She probably had good intentions, I just don’t know what those intentions are” Buffy said wearily.

“We can figure that out tomorrow after a good meal and sleep. I’ve set up rooms for you both and sent the house elves up to the rooms with food. Professor Snape will show you were they are.” He told them with a soft smile and a twinkle in his eye.

Snape glared at Dumbledore and then swept out of his office not bothering to see if the two of them followed him or not. He stalked along the corridors glad that they were empty of students, as many of them would have caught the brunt of his bad mood.

Buffy hurried to catch up with him as Spike lazily walked behind her knowing he could find her easily with his sense of smell. He had found out early on, in his confinement to the watchers bathtub that the slayer smelled of lilacs and something calming which he thought was lavender.

Spike started to slow down as he walked the halls of Hogwarts, quickly losing sight of Buffy and soon he couldn’t even hear her footfall on the stone floors. He looked about in uncontrolled wonder at the painting on the wall knowing no one could see him. He felt an almost childish joy as they moved and whispered to each other.

Hogwarts touched a place inside him, he had long thought dead. Though he now realised it wasn’t dead, just buried. As a human this place would have fascinated him, fascinated the scholarly William, a person he now realised wasn’t weak as he had thought his human counterpart had been but just born in the wrong time.

He stopped to look at a painting of a landscape, watching the water of the lake ripple and move in the wind. He kept looking at the painting as he heard someone walking along the corridor towards him. They were light footfalls indicating it was a female, someone graceful on their feet.

Swiftly he moved into the shadows beside the painting and silently waited to see who would walk around the corner.

Ginny moved her bag to her other shoulder, cursing herself for taking out both the books from the library. Though logically she knew if she hadn’t took them out, then she probably wouldn’t get them in time to do her charms project. She had always been interested in charms, her Mother had used them everyday in the Burrow and that had sparked her interest at an early age. Yet unlike many students, she liked to know how they worked and this had just been intensivied with the incident with Riddle’s diary in second year. It still gave her the shivers to think about it, but in a twisted way it intrigued her and made her want to know how it was done.

Spike watched her walk closer to him and grinned wolfishly. There was something about her that tugged at him, something he had not felt before not with Cecila, not with Buffy and not even with Drusilla. He waited till she passed him and then stepped out of the shadows, silently falling into step behind her. She started to shift the bag to her other shoulder, when his hand shot out grabbing the strap of the bag stopping her.

“Heavy Pet?” he asked her.

Ginny stood frozen in place, her heart jack hammering in her chest and her lungs feeling as if she had just ran to Hogsmede and back. She slowly turned to see the pale, very male hand holding onto her bag. She followed it up to a toned arm covered in supple black leather, to broad shoulder that wore the leather duster like a knight of old would have worn a cloak. She raised her eyes to his face, looking over his kissable lips, which she had an urge to nibble on his slightly fuller bottom lip. Her eye ran over his chiselled cheekbones that drew your attention to his crystal clear blue eyes, made all the brighter by his bleacher blonde hair, that was slightly ruffled as if he had been running his hands through it.

She drew her bottom lip into her mouth and nibbled on it as the corridor began to feel far too small and confining. She pulled on her bag to try and make him let go but all it succeed in doing was to make him smirk down at her, like he knew where her thoughts were.

“Now Luv that isn’t very nice” he drawled as he took a step forward. He nearly laughed as he watched her take a step back. So it went on, a step back from her for every step forward he took till her back hit the wall. He smiled wolfishly as a predatory gleam entered his eye. He hadn’t felt the thrill of the chase in a long time, but she wouldn’t be his dinner, oh no she would be his.

Ginny gulped as he pressed his body against hers, so close that she could feel everything. She squealed as she felt the something hard against her belly, her eyes grew wider as she realised exactly what it was. Spike smirked at her, as he watched all the expressions filter across her face, shock, slight fear, disbelief and then finally arousal.

Spike leant further into her, as he moved his hand on her hip in soothing circles to calm her down.

“You smell like roses Pet, all fresh and sweet, and very, very tempting” He told her huskily. Looking her in the eye he grinned and then leant down to run his tongue over her neck.

“And you taste…amazing” he purred into her ear. Ginny closed her eyes and held onto his arms as she felt her legs start to shake. Spike grinned in triumph; he knew she would be his as soon as he spotted her. The chase was just an added bonus.

Ginny slowly opened her eyes to look at him, she saw his grin and then felt her eyes close again as his lips descended towards his. At the first touch of his lips against hers she shivered and moved her arms around his neck to deepen the kiss.

Buffy watched the black haired man stalk through the corridors with his black robes billowing behind him. She wracked her mind for what Dumbledore had called him, Smate…..Nape…..No wait Snape. Yes that was it, Snape, thought Smarmy Git fit him better in her opinion.

Snape stopped outside a portrait and Buffy only stopped herself from barrelling into his back through her slayer reflexes. He glared at her and she just shrugged as if to say Sorry.

“I thought you were leading us…well me to our rooms, not to look at the paintings?” she asked him with confusion evident in her eyes.

Buffy watched as he closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, she though she heard him muttered something that sounded distinctively like “Bloody Muggles”

“This is your room, you tell the password to the person in the portrait and it will open” He told her slowly like he was telling a small child.

“Ok stop remove pole from ass” She said sweetly “I didn’t know that, so don’t get all evil git on me, cause I’ve faced worse. Trust me you are so not scary”

Snape feel a muscle in his cheek twitch, no one had spoke to him like that for a long time. No one dared.

“The password is Vampire Slayer…though Merlin knows why” he told her and then muttered the last bit under his breath.

Buffy watched the portrait swing open and stepped through not waiting to see if he followed her. The room was as larger as the library at the high school, well before they blew it up. It looked like a sitting room with a roaring fire as the centrepiece; all the furniture was of a rich warm mahogany with red, grebe, blue and yellow cushions and upholstery over the seats. The room felt rich, warm and inviting and Buffy fell in love with it instantaneously.

There was two doors leading off from the room, but Buffy felt no curiosity to explore them. She was too awed by the room she was in, walking around she ran her hands over the back of the plush sofa knowing if she sat in it she would never want to get up.

“I take it I can tell Dumbledore you like the room?” Snape drawled sarcastically from behind her. Buffy let it wash over her as she nodded.

“It’s amazing,” She told him truthfully as she turned to look at him “and you don’t like it. Why?”

Snape walked further into the room, letting the portrait shut behind him. “I don’t have to tell some annoying muggle my reasons.” He said as he wrapped his robes around him and drew himself up to his full height.

“And I thought Wesley had the pole the furthest up his ass, but you beat him. Did you get someone to help you shove it up there or did you do it all yourself?” She remarked.

He took a step forward and felt himself sneer. How dare this little girl insult him like that, she had no idea what he had seen or done in his life.

“What does it matter to you little girl, what I’m like.” He sneered.

“Oh that’s good, I’ve not seen a sneer like that since Angelus. Though Angelus was much scarier.” She told him cheerily.

“You have no idea how scary I can be. You have no idea of anything.” He told her as he went to walk out of the room.

“You’d be surprised at what I know and I know you’re not scary. Not compared to Adam, The Mayor, Angelus and defiantly not compared to Willow” Buffy said as she walked towards him.

He spun around and fell his lips pull him back as he growled at her “Has anyone ever told you, that you are the most annoying person they have met?”

Buffy nodded “All the time, but they are mostly the bad guys” She retorted shrugging.

He took a deep breath to calm himself, trying to figure out why she got under his skin and so quickly. No one had ever annoyed him as much as her and that included Sirus Black. Clenching and unclenching his hands, he fought for his usual sense of calmness that he always had. Snape moved his eyes over her, too young, too up beat, too everything and defiantly not something he should touch.

That was his last thought, as he reached out to grab her pulling her hard against him. Buffy’s mouth formed a perfect O as she landed against him, her eyes flying wide open as she felt his mouth crash down on top of hers. She stood there in shook for a minute at the feel of his mouth on hers, before closing her eyes and kissing him back just as passionately as he was kissing her. Her last coherent though was that this felt right.


Albus smiled at Rupert’s head in the fire. “So it was indeed Miss Summer’s sister that did the spell?” He asked already knowing the answer.

“Yes, luckily she picked a spell that is mainly done through the power of wishing, the ingredients were only needed to summon the Goddess to listen to her. Dawn wanted this for non-selfish reasons, so it was granted.” Giles told him with a slight grin.

“So how does the spell work?” Albus asked as he leant back in his chair.

“It lets the person meet their soul mate, who is always one of the first people, if not the first person they meet when they come round.” Giles said, having checked over the spell earlier for this information.

Albus grinned mischievously “Really the first person?”

Giles nodded “Yes it usually only takes a few hours for it work, thought it will work differently for each person,” He looked at Dumbledore to see his grin. “Albus who did Buffy and Spike see?” he asked nervously.

“Lets just say Rupert that Severus and Miss Weasley will be very late for classes tomorrow” He told him with a happy twinkle in his eye.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Home Is Where The Heart Is" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Jun 03.

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