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Home Is Where The Heart Is

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Summary: Dawn does a spell to reveal your true love but it backfires. Everyone is transported to where their true love lives. How do they cope with their apparent true love? Do they even want to go home again?

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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home Is Where The Heart is

By Clara Lou

Rating - 15 (to be safe might go up later on)

Disclamier - I don't own BTVS or any of it's characters, they all belong to Josh Wedon. I'm just borrowing them for a while I will retrun them I promise.

Summary - Scenario 33 at The Next Level: Dawn does a spell to reveal your true love but it backfires. Everyone is transported to where their true love lives. How do they cope with their apparent true love? Do they even want to go home again?

Author's notes - I though this would be kinda short like maybe 7 or 8 chapters but I'm not sure need to see.


Dawn stuck her head around the doorframe and looked about for Giles. Slowly a grinned spread over her face as she saw him standing over an open crate of books. He would be engrossed for hours with them, which meant he wouldn’t check on her. She felt the urge to rub her hands in glee or laugh manically, but she suppressed them that could be done later once her plan had succeeded.

“Giles I’m just going to sit in the back and do my homework, there isn’t much room at the table with all the books on it.” She said innocently and grinned as he jumped slightly dropping the pile of books he was holding.

Walking over to him, Dawn began to pick up the books he had dropped and placed them onto the table. Giles rub the bridge of his nose flustered and glared slightly at the young girl in front of him.

“Thank you Dawn, why don’t you go do your homework” he told her as he looked over the books to make sure no damaged had happened to them. Dawn nodded and walked towards the training room grinning as she went.


Looking at the picture in the book and then the scene in front of her Dawn nodded. Everything was perfect, she sat down crossed legged in the circle and spread the photos out in front of her.

She placed a drop of the potion mixture she had made up on each of the photos. It continued Belladonna, Silver Chloride, Rose extract, crushed unicorn horn and a strand of hair of each person.

She wrinkled her nose at the smell, even after 3 weeks it still smelled awful, something to do with the silver chloride she thought. She looked at each of the photos, Buffy, Willow, Xander, Anya, herself and Spike.

Well it wasn’t really a photo of Spike, but a drawing she had found at his crypt. She thought maybe Angelus had drawn it, biting her lip Dawn looked at the drawing, she didn’t think it really mattered if it was a drawing or a photo. The spell was over 200 years ago and how would people have had photos then, they must have used drawings.

Shaking her head to clear these thoughts, she lit the candles around her and beside each picture. Placing the book on her lap she began to read the spell.

“Goddess Aphrodite of love and beauty. Grant me this wish. Let them know the purity of love and restore their faith in it. Take the ones before you and give them their true love. So mote be.”

As she read a soft white mist began to circle her, flowing faster and faster around her. Circling her body as she chanted it started to form the shape of a dove flying about it. As she finshed it continued to circle her until she disappeared from the training room, leaving the scattered remains of the spell on the floor.

Meanwhile as Dawn was doing the spell, Buffy and Willow had walked into the magic box. The bell above the door had just rung signalling their entrance when the same white mist began to circle them. Giles stood froze watching as two of the girls he considered his daughters disappeared in a cloud of white mist.

In a crypt in Sunnydale Cemetery, a certain blonde haired vampire was sleeping and so didn’t notice the white mist all around him. Suddenly he too disappeared, not noticing, as he was still asleep.

The men on Xander’s crew assumed he must have gone home sick, as there was no way he could have just disappeared as they had seen. No way at all.

Anya’s eyes widen as the white mist circled her, she shook her arms trying to disperse it. However it didn’t work and she too was taken.


Giles stood staring at the space where Buffy and Willow had stood just minutes ago. Shaking his head he looked about and then turned and ran for the training room with one thought in his head – Dawn.

Entering the training room, he froze as he saw Dawn wasn’t there, but he did see the remains of a spell. Walking towards the circle he crouched down beside it and picked up the open book. He ran a hand threw his hair as he read the spell and then looked at the pictures. Looked like he was going to have a quiet couple of days.
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