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Elenna Ivanna

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Summary: What would happen if the disruption of the Scoobies’ spell *had* ruined it, interrupting the Slayer’s journey her own mortal body? What if Hades found her and she was adopted as Elenna Ivanna by the Gods of Mount Olympus shortly before the Trojan War?

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New World, New Name & New Home

Disclaimers: Joss and the W.B. own “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Homer owns the Iliad and Warner Brothers owns “Troy” the Movie.
AN: As word of warning, I usually don’t update very quickly. This is one of the times I making an exception simply because I happen to like this story quite a bit at the moment.
Whole Summary: What would happen if the disruption of the Scoobies’ spell *had* ruined it, interrupting the Slayer’s journey her own mortal body? What if Hades found her and she was adopted as Elenna Ivanna by the Gods of Mount Olympus shortly before the Trojan War?
Part Summary: The Gods of Mount Olympus welcome the Slayer of Glorificus to her new world with a new name and a new home.
Dedication: To my first three reviewers; Revello, tigerfanfrv, onlimain. Wow you guys were fast! But, of course, most welcome. Thanks! And please do enjoy this little addition.
Elenna Ivanna
By Jess S
Chapter 1: A New World, A New Name and A New Home

“Well is she dead or not?” Athena demanded, sighing softly in exasperation as the debate of Hades’ peculiar guest began to repeat for what could very well be the tenth time through. Not that she was counting. No, the Goddess of Wisdom simply didn’t like the fact that the debate was very clearly not going towards any logical end anytime soon. “If she is the she should either be returned to the afterlife she came from, or be sent to the Elysian Fields.”

“But she’s the Slayer of Glorificus!”

“Yes, yes, Hades was kind enough to inform us of that several hours ago. But Persephone is almost certainly at wits end in ways to keep the girl entertained. She was told that we were expecting her. Not that we were expecting her to wait several days.”

“True,” Zeus acknowledged with a regal nod, “but the girl’s fate is a difficult to settle, particularly since she truly is not one of our subjects.”

“And she is not dead.”

Several of the assembled Olympians started slightly when the Lord of the Underworld appeared in his usual place of honor.

“She is not?”

“No. She was.” Hades shook his head, “From what I’ve been able to decipher, which isn’t much, mind you, the girl’s had quite a shock. But from what I’ve been able to decipher, she fought Glorificus shortly before her death, as the Hell-Queen no longer exists we can assume that she somehow managed to kill her. Then she died an unnatural death. And someone tried to bring her back to her world.”

“Yes,” the other Gods turned to watch as the Goddess of Witches and Crossroads, patroness of the magic practitioners that Circe encouraged rose with a sigh. Hectate shook her head, “She died saving her world; and possibly all others shortly after defeating Glorificus, who had foolishly bled the Key to open a Gate between worlds so that she might return to her home. But as the Hell she and her brothers created is some distance away from the Slayer’s world. It tore open the walls between several other worlds too. It could have very well been an unavoidable apocalypse for all of us, if she hadn’t stopped it. Instead of making the Key sacrifice herself, as it had been formed into a young mortal being, the Slayer chose to accept the Gift of Death, assuming that as the Key’s mortal form had been created from her blood, her blood would be able to close the Gate. It worked, and she died. Her friends were not willing to accept this. And as two of them are Wicca, one a very powerful one, they sought to change it.”

“And so the Slayer’s corpse was thoughtlessly pulled from the Earth and her spirit was ripped away from her Reward.”


“But why did she end up here?” The Queen of the Olympian Gods inquired, “Why did the spell not work if her death was unnatural?”

“Several demons interfered before the spell had been completed, a key element was broken, so her spiritual journey was brought to an abrupt halt, while the magic that had been tied into the spell sought to restore her form in the world it landed in.”

“Ours. Hades.”


“Well the answer is relatively simple then. She more than deserved her Reward, having been the Slayer of Demons and having become the Slayer of the Goddess of Misery, Malevolence and Ruin. She should be escorted the highest of the Elysian Fields.”

“Or returned to the Heavens, where she belongs.”

“But she isn’t dead.”

“Why are *you* objecting? Is she *that* terrible?" Apollo demanded of his uncle’s abnormal behavior.

“Not at all, but my Lady Persephone is right. I cannot pass judgment on any mortal before their time has come. Even those in our world. She does not fit either category.”

“True,” Zeus nodded with a sigh, “the Fates have agreed to spin a thread for her, should remain in our world, but she does not belong to Hades domain yet.”

“Then where should we put her? Can we send her back to the Heavens?” His wife inquired.

“No. Not unless you want to kill her.” Hades informed his sister-in-law.

“Perhaps the girl should decided her own fate.” Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love finally broke her silence, raising a delicate golden eyebrow when the other Olympians turned to her. “Surely as the Slayer of Glorificus and the Savior of All Worlds she deserves that much.”

“Aphrodite is right,” the Sun God agreed with a small nod, not bothering to rise from his semi-slouched position in his chair. Unlike many of the other Olympians he had been working all day, literally from sun up to sun down, and would have to go out again in only a few more hours. It wasn’t like he could skip a day. And the last time he’d let one of his assistants take the sun across the sky many of his priests had been convinced that he was trying to tell them that the end of the world was coming. “The Slayer should certainly have at least some say in her own fate, now that her hard-earned Reward has been taken from her.”

After seeing many of the other Olympians nod in agreement to the sentiment, the King of the Gods nodded once again, “Very well. Hades,” he nodded to his older brother, “bring the girl here now.”

“Yes, my lord,” the King of the Dead bowed his head slightly before disappearing.

~ * ~

“Oh, come now,” Persephone smiled softly as she set a firm hand on her guest’s robes shoulder before gently pulling a comb through the girl’s golden tresses again. “It’s not that bad here, is it?”

The blonde glanced around the dark throne room, where they had been awaiting the God Hades’ return for some time, having come there shortly after the Goddess had allowed her to bathe before wrapping her up in the warm, white robe that she held tightly around her.

The throne room was, as previously stated, very dark. But then again, everything in this world seemed to be. According to Persephone, the darkness was only part of this world, ‘the Underworld,’ and only this part of it. The Elysian Fields sounded nice. But the room in which the King and Queen of the Underworld often greet guests and new subjects alike did have its own, vaguely morbid appeal. The walls sparkled and glittered in the flickering torch and candle light, as the light bounced off countless gems set in the dark stone. The nearby fire, which her hostess had started up only a few moments before she had entered, warmed the air around her. The warmth, combined with the serene quietude of the room set it far apart from the place the God of the Dead had taken her from.

If she ignored the scores of odd demons hovering nervously around the area, many just out of sight, the place wasn’t half bad.

“I guess not.” She conceded, after several moments’ of silence.

“Well, you haven’t eaten anything yet, so you’re not stuck here, if that’s any consolation.” The Queen of the Dead informed her.

“No,” the Slayer replied, trying to force thoughts out of the daze her mind had been in since her arrival. “Really, it’s not you, or...this place... You’ve been wonderful, and it really is very nice here, but...”

“There are few places that can compare to the Highest Level of Heaven.” Both turned to watch as Hades entered his throne room. He smiled after looking her over. “My, you do clean up nicely. Excellent work, my love.”

Persephone smiled, “It was a pleasure.” She glanced back at her husband after admiring her handiwork. “They are ready for her, then?”

“They are,” he nodded, raising an eyebrow at their guest. “Are you ready, my lady?”

Buffy looked down at one of the mirrors her hostess had offered her earlier, once again marveling at the transformation the daughter of Demeter had fashioned. Her long blonde hair shone even in the faint light offered by the candles and magical fireplace in the room, it was abundantly curled before being styled atop her head in an elegant twist, small white flowers wound through it, with much of the golden mass being left to flow down to her shoulders, gently framing her face. Her pale skin shone from the oils and moisturizers she’d been instructed to apply. Her blue-green eyes were made all the more noticeable by the dark frame the kohl the goddess had applied created. Her lips shone faintly thanks to the gloss-like oil the earth-goddess had given her, just as her nails shone from the pedicure and manicure the goddess had been more then happy to give. The toga-like dress her hostess had presented her with was a deep jade color that complemented her natural eye color nicely, it was embroidered with light gold chains and a few small diamonds, emeralds and sapphires lined its bodice, which fit much more snugly then she ever would have expected it to. All in all, she did look lovely thanks to the hard work her hostess had been happy to put into her in the last few hours, and as soon as she got used to the strange, heel-less sandals that had been strapped to her feet, she would undoubtedly be most comfortable in it...

She blinked out of her once more thought-induced trance when she realized her host and hostess really did expect an answer from her. She offered a shy, more than a little nervous smile. “As ready as I’ll ever be, I guess...” she bowed her head to Persephone, smiling a little more widely at her, but no less timidly, “Thank you.”

The Queen of the Underworld smiled once again, “As I said before, it really was a pleasure, dear.” Then she winked at her, “You look amazing. Get going, and don’t let my kinsmen frighten you.”

Buffy nodded her assent, before rising from her seat and making her way over to her escort, gracefully sliding her arm through the arm he offered.

And in the time it would take an ordinary mortal to blink an eye, they were gone.

~ * ~

“Welcome to Mount Olympus, young Slayer.”

Buffy nodded, bowing her head as she struggled to offer a half-curtsy-half-bow to the King of the Olympian Gods while the God of the Dead refused to release her arm, which in retrospect may have been a good thing, considering how weak she still felt. “Thank you...sir...”

Zeus nodded, smiling as he introduced himself, “I am Zeus, God of the Skies.”

“And I am Hera, Goddess of Matrimony and Nativity.”

“I am Apollo, God of the Sun. Brother to Artemis, Goddess of the Moon, who is thus occupied at the moment,” the golden haired, bronze-skinned god nodded out towards the nighttime sky.

The others introduced themselves in much the same way, all looking the Slayer of Glorificus over carefully as they did so. Hades never left her side.

“Th-Thank you,” the Slayer offered when it looked like all of the Gods present had introduced themselves, “I...I guess you already know who I am?”

Zeus nodded once again, “We do, and it is an honor to meet you. Please,” he waved his right hand and a comfortable golden lounge chair appeared behind her, “have a seat.”

Hades offered her a soft smile as he helped her sit down, before making his way to his own dark throne.

“Now that you are here, perhaps we will be able to come to a decision of your fate.”

“Can’t you...” Buffy looked around nervously, before licking her suddenly dry lips and continuing. “Can you send me back? To...?”

“Heaven?” Hera offered kindly, before shaking her head when the girl nodded, “No, child. I’m afraid we can not. The various levels of Heaven and Hell are not ours to control. And as you were allowed to leave, it is apparently not your time to be there.”

“Wh-Why?” Buffy demanded softly, blinking back tears, “I d-did my duty. I died for it. Why...?”

“All true, but perhaps you are needed here, where a true demon slayer has not walked for countless ages.” Apollo offered softly, also offering the nervous girl a gentle smile.

“Then...” she shook her head, “What am I doing here? If your world doesn’t need a Slayer...Why did you...?”

“We were not responsible for your removal from Heaven.” Zeus informed her gently, “As my wife said, Heaven is beyond our reach. But as it was allowed, there is nothing we can do to undo it.” He paused for a moment in thought, before nodding his head. “If you would like, you are welcome to stay here on Mount Olympus, as an honored guest.”

“And perhaps with some time,” his wife offered, “you will think of what you would like to do with your second life. You are still the Slayer. But as our world is not directly connected with Hell, demonic activity is are, so you need not be the Slayer all the time.”

Seeing the Slayer’s uncertainty, Zeus added, “You would be our most honored guest, not a prisoner, child. You could leave whenever you like.”

“Al-All right... I guess...” Buffy looked down thoughtfully. “You...You couldn’t return me to my world, could you?”

“No, child. We cannot. Not with out something to bridge the worlds, and your world is quite a ways from ours. That was why Glorificus had not been able to return to her world on her own. She needed a bridge, such as—”

“The Key,” she nodded, sighing. “All right. I guess I’ll stay... I don’t really have anywhere else to go...”

“Very good then.” Zeus smiled.

“If I may,” Athena interrupted, smiling gently at the girl. “Would you object to receiving a new name from us? So as to blend in and not be reminded of your own world, young Slayer?”

“I...” after a moment’s thought she nodded, “I think I’d like that...”

“Very well then.” Zeus looked around, “What shall her name be?”

“What about Zoë?” Athena suggested, “That is why she’s here after all.”

“No, it’s too...” the Goddess of Discord and Strife shook her head, “too...”

“Uninspiring?” Ares suggested, having no difficulty ignoring the glare Athena sent his way, undoubtedly from centuries of experience with it.

“Yes, exactly.” Eris nodded in agreement. “Maybe something like...Eunice?”

Seeing the face the Slayer had made and quickly concealed at that name, Apollo hastily suggested, “Would not something like...Terentia, be more appropriate?”

“What’s wrong with Eunice?” Eris demanded, glaring at the Sun God in only half-mock indignation.

“It’s a rather ugly name.” Aphrodite offered politely, “As fitting as it might be, I don’t think I would want to answer to it. And we do not want to give her a name that will only bring ridicule.”

“No, I guess not...” the Goddess of Discord relented. “But I wouldn’t want to be called Terentia, either.”

“No...but it does fit her calling...” Hera offered.

The Goddess of Love smiled suddenly, “What about Elenna, dear?” she asked the Slayer. “It means ‘defender of mankind,’ so it is rather fitting. Though you are, of course, more than that...”

After a moment’s thought, very much aware of all the gods watching her, the Slayer nodded. “Elenna’s a pretty name.”

“It is, isn’t it?” Aphrodite agreed, obviously pleased with herself for having thought of it. She glanced around the room at her kinsmen, and frowned. “Well, isn’t it?”

“Of course,” “Oh yes, of course, of course,” several gods hasten to assure her.

After the room had quieted down again, Zeus nodded, “Elenna it is, then.”

“Elenna Ivanna,” Hera interjected, adding when the others looked at her. “Should she ever wish to travel in the mortal world, she would be expected to have a surname, and what better than one that links her directly to us?”

“Yes, yes, certainly,” Zeus agreed, nodding as his ancient gaze focused on the former mortal once again. “Does that name suit you, my lady?” he inquired.

After a moment, she nodded, “It does, my lord, thank you.” She replied, attempting to bow without rising from her seat.

The King of the Gods smiled, “Very well then, Elenna Ivanna, Guardian of Good, Keeper of the Balance, Savior of All Worlds and Slayer of Glorificus, welcome to Mount Olympus.”

“Welcome to your new home, child,” the Queen of the Gods offered, smiling as she rose and made her way over to the girl, enveloping her in a gentle hug and placing a soft kiss on her brow. “Welcome home...”

End Chapter 1.

Translations: (yes, these are actual Greek names that I looked up the meanings for... you know; I really should look up my name at some point. I know what so many other people’s names mean; it tends to confuse them when I then do not know mine...)
Elenna – Defender of Mankind
Ivanna – Gift of the Gods
Zoë - Alive
Eunice – Joyous Victory
Terentia – Guardian

AN: Well? How was Chapter 1?
Still no Troy, but I’m pretty sure she’ll make it there in the next chapter. Which I should post pretty soon, as long as I don’t hit a writer’s block.
Anyone interested in the idea of Sweet visiting Troy while Buffy’s there? Interested enough to help me write the songs? PLEASE tell me if you are! Because that chapter would have to be pretty early on... Or I suppose it could be in the middle of the war, but that would mean more characters to write songs for, so it’d be easier if I just kept it to the Trojans...but PLEASE let me know if you’re interested. OR if you have any ideas but don’t want to do any work. Ideas are good too.
Oh, and just to make sure you’re all aware, I will be referring to Buffy as “Elenna” from this part onward, as that is her name in this world. I may also refer to her as “the Slayer” or whatnot, and in flashbacks of her old life she may think of herself as “Buffy” and so on and so forth, but “Elenna” is her name now... Unless I think of a way to make someone like calling her “Buffy” in this world... Which, I don’t know...maybe. But it doesn’t really fit.
This is, of course, quite AU for both series. Buffy did not go back in time, if this part didn’t make that clear, she went to a completely different world. I’m not sure if she will have heard of “Helen and Paris of Troy” in her world, but if she has its just from Homer’s Illiad, not history; it never happened. Here, in the world she is in now, it’s real.
If anyone was wondering about all of the titles Zeus gave Buffy/Elenna it just really made sense to me. If you read a lot of Greek Mythology and/or any Mythology/Legends, you notice that a lot of people have titles, some many. The Olympian Gods wouldn't go out of their way to help just anyone; as the Greek Gods aren't really well known for their abundant generosity, so I wanted to make it clear that she isn't just another mortal to them and they aren't just doing this doing this out of the goodness of their immortal hearts.
Will “Buffy” go “home” in the end? Will any of the other Scoobies be coming to Troy and the world thereof? I don’t know. Maybe, but probably not. I am going to pair “Elenna” with someone from this world, so she probably isn’t going to want to go anywhere. And after the failed spell I *probably* won’t do anything with the Scoobies and anyone else from the BtVS universe. I think. We’ll see.
And as for whom Elenna is going to end up with, you can guess, but I won’t tell. So you’ll have to wait and see! :-P
Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it!

Bye for now! ^_^
~ Jess S

The End?

You have reached the end of "Elenna Ivanna" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Jul 05.

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