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Elenna Ivanna

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Summary: What would happen if the disruption of the Scoobies’ spell *had* ruined it, interrupting the Slayer’s journey her own mortal body? What if Hades found her and she was adopted as Elenna Ivanna by the Gods of Mount Olympus shortly before the Trojan War?

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Elenna Ivanna

Disclaimers: Joss and the W.B. own “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Homer owns the Iliad and Warner Brothers owns “Troy” the Movie.

AN: Hi! This is a crossover with the movie “Troy”, but Buffy won’t see Troy until the second chapter. Most of the story will take place there after that, though. Hope everyone likes it. Sorry if Buffy seems more than a little OC. Don’t keep reading if you don’t like it. Because if you do, then you’ll want to flame. And that is really just a waste of time. So please, for all our sakes, just don’t. ENJOY!

Summary: What would happen if the disruption of the Scoobies’ spell *had* ruined it, interrupting the Slayer’s journey her own mortal body? What if Hades found her and she was adopted as Elenna Ivanna by the Gods of Mount Olympus shortly before the Trojan War?

Elenna Ivanna

By Jess S

Prologue: The Slayer of Glorificus

"What time is it?" Tara inquired of the other Scoobies, who stood by Buffy's grave, tense as three of them awaited their companion, Anya, to finish lighting her candle.

Xander glanced at his watch, "A minute till midnight," he replied, while turning his gaze back to his fiancé.

"Come on, Anya," Willow hurried her, looking around, "Do you have it?"

The blonde lets out a relieved sigh as the candle's wick finally catches. "I got it," she nodded, "I got it, I got it..." once the candle was lit she slipped the lighter back into her pocket while turning to Willow, to await instructions just like the others.

"Okay, start the"

They all knelt around the grave, still tensely aware of what they were about to do. Willow pointedly didn’t read the marker that she'd come to talk to so many times in the last few months. She already knew what they'd chosen for it to say, having thought it through carefully and read it far too many times.







Willow poured the fawn's blood into the Urn of Osiris, her hands remarkably steady, considering the task they were about to undertake. She began chanting steadily, holding the urn before her. "Osiris, keeper of gate, master of all fate, hear us..." She reached into the urn, and draws out a finger stained with the dark life-blood, marking her cheeks and forehead with it before returning that hand to hold the urn along with its counterpart. "Before time and after... Before knowing and nothing..." She poured the blood onto the mound of dirt that indicated where the coffin, containing their dear friend, had been buried. "Accept our offering..."

Thunder rumbled almost directly overhead, though they could see no lightning. But the Scoobies were more concerned with Willow's sudden gasp of pain, as she hurriedly set the urn down, only just keeping herself from dropping it before spreading her arm, her pain becoming all the more potent as slashes appear on her arms. They were deep, as though cut by a knife.

"Willow!" Xander gasps moving to rise to help his best friend.

"No!" Tara shouts, halting him. "Sh-She told me she'd be tested. This-This is what's supposed to happen..."

"Osiris..." Willow gasps, her expression pained. "Here lies the warrior of the people. Let her cross over."

The witches breathing deepen even further, become even more pained as gigantic bulges appear in both of her arms, making their way upward.

Tara gasped, her eyes wide, "Willow!"

"She needs help!" Xander shouted at her, as he watches his friend's pain deepen.

"Xander," Tara shakes her head, her eyes locked on her girlfriend the entire time. "She's strong. She said not to stop. No matter what. If we break the cycle now, it's over."

"Osiris, let her cross over!" Willow groaned the twin bulges join in her throat, before making their way upward.

"Willow!" Both Xander and Tara shout in unison, their expressions pained.

"Willow?" Tara gasped, shaking her head, "Oh, my God! Oh, my God!"

Willow fell forward, still gasping and half choking as though she were about to throw up, when suddenly a snake, a massive cobra, appeared, slithering out of her throat after having completed it's journey up her throat.

"It's a test..." Tara nods, still watching worriedly. "It's a test..." She shakes her head as the snake finally escapes from her lover's mouth, onto the ground, to slither away. "Willow..."

After a moment, the other witch pushed herself up again, back into the same position she'd been in before, and a ball of deep red light appeared, floating just above the urn, which she'd placed in front of her earlier. As she spread her arms the red light, deep, powerful magic, unlike anything she'd ever even touched before, began to expand, encircling her. She pants, gasping out, "Osiris, release her!"

Suddenly the other three Scoobies' attention is drawn away, as they hear what sounds like motorcycles nearing.

"Oh, god. What is that noise?" Anya demanded, finally deciding to break her prolonged, cautious silence.


All of them looked over towards the Buffy-bot as she burst out of the forest, though Willow seemed barely aware of the interruption as she fought to control the otherworldly powers she'd summoned.

"I need service!" the robot insisted, making her way towards them, before turning slightly as a demon on a motorcycle burst out of the forest behind her, "Oh," she gasped, hurriedly stepping aside.

Tara gasped as more demons appeared, and Xander leapt to his feet, quickly helping the other two up before stopping, unsure of whether or not it would safe to try and pull Willow out now.

By that time, the red light had become a column that was reaching for the heavens, and Willow was fighting to control it, trapped right inside it.

She fought to open her eyes as she heard Tara call out to her, only to watch in utter horror as one of the demons broke away from the others that were circling them, to smash the Urn of Osiris. "No!" she screamed in desperation at the red light vanished, as though it had never been. Then she collapsed, all her strength apparently gone.

"Willow!" Tara shouted, moving forward, only to stop with a gasp as a demon stopped in front of her.

"Look what I found!" he shouted to the others, reaching for her even as she moved away hurriedly, and Xander stepped around him, before running to his best friends side.

Another demon broke away from the circle to knock him down, and he quickly shouted at the other two, "Take off! Go! Go!" before finally making it to the redhead's side and picking her up, running off in the opposite direction of the other two, but managing to disappear in the woods all the same.

After a few minutes, when the motorcycles sounded a bit more distant, he finally stopped, settling down in some bushes, his back to a massive tree. "Willow..." he shook her, watching worriedly as she struggled to wake. "Willow... Are you okay?"

"Did...Did it work?" she asked, her eyes dark with the exhaustion that seemed to hold every part of her body in its grasp, even as a small amount of hope kept her conscious.

"I'm sorry..." Xander shook his head, watching sadly as that spark of hope died and his friend's eyes went dark, before she succumbed to the darkness of sleep.

~ * ~

"My Lord Hades..."

The Ruler of the Underworld offered his beautiful wife, the Goddess Persephone, Daughter of Demeter and Zeus, and Queen of the Underworld, an apologetic smile, before turning to answer the servant. "Yes, what it is it?"

"There is a problem, my lord... Which unfortunately requires your immediate attention."

Hades shook his head, rolling his eyes, and thereby drawing a giggle from his beloved wife. "There's always problems that require my immediate attention." He shook his head again as he rose from his seat, setting the wine goblet he'd been drinking from down. "What is it this time?"

The usually gloomy and morose servant was unusually...fearful, and almost anxious as he knelt before his lord, something which he knew Hades did not require with him in informal settings such as these. "My lord... We have encountered a... a shade, a lost soul has been found."

"Does he not have his payment? An obolus or a danace?"

"She, my Lord," the demon corrected, "and no, she has no payment...but she is on this side of the Acheron, and Charon does not remember ever having seen her before."

"Really?" The Olympian frowned, pausing as this information made its way through his calculative brain, before shaking his head. "Where did she come from then? Did she manage to escape from Tartarus? Though I honestly can't see that happening..."

"No, not Tartarus, my Lord... We don't think she'd ever end up there, not...justly... but... I -- We, do not believe that she is a shade of this world."

"Of this world?" The King was quite clearly confused, but only for a moment before the information clicked into place, solving itself.

"You mean to say that she is from another world?" Persephone inquired, having come up to stand beside her husband as she found the conversation to be of interest.

"Yes, my lady," the Charonite replied, bowing deeply. All of the demons of the Underworld practically adored their Queen, and it wasn't only because of Hades' love for the Goddess. No, she had taught him how to love and respect his world, just as he loved and respected her. So there lives were no where near as dreary and painful as they had once been.

"Very well then, escort her here, so that she may be judged--" Hades stopped as his wife placed a gentle, but nonetheless firm hand on his arm.

"Dear, if she's not of this world... can we really pass judgment on her?"

"Well... we can't just let her walk into the Elysian Fields..."

"No, but shouldn't this be brought before the other Olympians...? Perhaps she's not meant to be dead...yet."

~ * ~

This place was strange...





She didn't know what to make of it, nor the creatures she'd seen about it. They had to be demons, but they very pointedly kept a distance from her... Perhaps they could feel her power as the Slayer?

"Slayer...?" she wondered aloud, shaking her head slightly in confusion.

What was a Slayer?

What's more, what was she? Who was she?

"I can't remember..." she shook her head, tears coming to her usually blue-green eyes. They didn't look like their usual sea-like color now, because the prolonged darkness had forced her irises to expand to their full capacity, thereby making her eyes almost completely black. "I can't remember anything..."

"That is not unusual," an authoritative, yet gentle voice told her, and she spun around to stare as a tall, handsome man with dark blonde hair, dressed from head to foot in dark, midnight-black armor, approached her. The gentleness in his tone and silvery eyes seemed unusual for one whose face, though very handsome, exhibited no laugh lines whatsoever. "You must be from one of the Heavens, then..."

"H-Heavens...?" she asked, her mind still muddled with confusion.

"Yes, it is where the pure of heart and soul, heroes and innocents, go after death in many worlds..."

"O-Oh..." she nodded, pretending an understanding that she honestly lacked. "Wh-Who are you?"

"Oh forgive me, I should have mentioned that much earlier," he offered a polite smile, "I am Hades, God of the Underworld," he bowed, "at your service..."

She remained silent simply staring at him for several moments before shaking her head, "God...?"

"Yes," Hades nodded, "Lord of the Underworld. May I ask your name, my lady?"

But she did not hear him, as something... a memory perhaps, suddenly filled her mind, the emotions that accompanied it, fleeting anger, shock, confusion, and fear, came to the forefront of her mind.

~* Flashback *~

"Just tell me what kind of demon I'm fighting," she ordered, watching an old man closely.

The old man sighed, and she wondered why she did not feel any concern for stressing one of her elders so. "Well, that's the thing you see... Glory isn't a demon..."

"What is she?"

He looked up, meeting her eyes steadily, his gaze serious. "She's a God..."

A God...?!

~* End Flashback *~

"A God...?"

"Yes, I am." Hades nodded again, clearly becoming vaguely irritated, "Now, if you please--" he paused, gauging her expression, which had returned from being vacant to confused and slightly fearful. "I am not the first God to have crossed your path, no?"

She shook her head...her expression distancing again. "I-I don't think so..."

"Who else have you met?" he inquired, seeking information of his new guest. Facts of this sort may give him a clue as to how she came to be here.

"G-Glory..." she murmured, after a moments hesitation, and then she continued, becoming only slightly more sure of herself as she did, while watching the ground, and therefore not noticing the God's suddenly comprehending, and horrified expression. "H-He said I had to face a God... A-And I think I did... I fought her... A Hel-Hell Goddess named--"


She looked up as she caught the slightly fearful note in the dark God's tone. "Yes..."

Hades held out his hand to her, bowing slightly. "Please, come with me, child. There are some people that would very much like to meet you..."

She hesitated slightly, eyeing their surroundings and his powerful, armed form.

"It's all right." He assured her. "I mean you no harm. Particularly not if you are the Slayer of Glorificus."

After a moment she nodded, stepping forward and reaching out her hand to meet his. Starting only slightly when he enclosed her icy hand in his far warmer one.

He smiled at her, a smile that was far warmer then the previous one for all its feigned kindness had been. "Though I do suppose we can not go anywhere with you looking like that."

She looked down at herself and blinked, before her cheeks reddened slightly as she realized that she'd been walking around this demonic world with no clothes on.

He laughed slightly before snapping his fingers, causing her to start as she was suddenly encased in a warm, deep blue cotton robe. "Come, my wife will help you prepare for your audience with the other Gods on Mount Olympus."

End Prologue

Translations: Umm...I don’t think that any are necessary in this chapter. If I’m wrong let me know, please.

AN: Well, what did you think? Any suggestions for the future.

This *is* a crossover with the movie “Troy”, but we won’t be seeing Troy for a little while yet. We will eventually, though. Promise.

I know Buffy is a bit OC, but I honestly didn’t like the way Season 6 (and later 7) handled her resurrection very much. Don’t get me wrong, the musical episode was brilliant and I absolutely *loved* Sweet, but... I don’t, it worked it some places and not in others. ... Though I might want to bring in Sweet later. That might be cool... It could take me a while to come up with the songs though, unless somebody wants to help me? If so, that’d be great! ^_^

I know some of the Greek Gods are a bit odd too, but there’s never really been a set ‘canon’ for them, so...writer’s license. Live with it.

And yes, I know that technically Buffy wasn’t the one that killed Glory, but she did beat her back into her ‘mortal state’/Ben, so that she could be killed. Giles just then killed her/him. For Buffy. And Buffy was the Slayer that went up against Glory

Bye for now! ^_^

~ Jess S
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