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The gift that keeps on giving

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Summary: A Charmed,and Buffy. Spike becomes corporeal again and sets a few destines in motion (may turn into multiple Pairings Piper/Wes,) a baby born, a new love, and a vampire who has witchy powers

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Charmed > Multiple Pairings(Past Donor)CallmemasterKentFR181310,7961189,94019 Jul 0518 Jul 06No

The gift that keeps on giving

DISCLAIMER:I OWN NOTHING! Brad Kern and his People own Charmed and Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Own Buffy And Angel and everything of that nature....
Ok so I'm all shiny and new (newbie!) but i'd like to think I don't suck...but I do like suggestions, questions, and Praise.

Ok I'll set the mood. This is post Chosen (in buffy), early Angel Season f5 for Angel, and in Charmed around the time of Prince Charmed...

so you can see I bending time to my crazy will.

Also to make my story work I had to take extreme liberties...Piper and Leo really break up, (but if I continue with this story they might get back together...) To make it more Plausible can we just pretend that sperm stays in the body for say alot longer and not five days. (I'm terriblely sorry to start with references to man-goo already, I'm usually kinda classy or at least I don't talk about that.

So that would mean it is three weeks after Chosen and it wouldn't have been three months since Wolfram and Hart dug up the amulet it would have been a lot less ....If it's too confusing with the times feel free to bug me about it. (bug me at

Ok ok I know enough of this blah blah stuff on with the story!

Prologue: The thoughts of a slayer who is trying to move on…and drive through Italy.

When I look back on that last night with Spike I smile. It was kind of a closing to that part of my life. Well I guess it has to be a closing, Spike’s gone. Sunnydale is gone and I’m not the teenage girl that I’ve been for so long. So moving on…If the traffic would move! I think I finally found the street where the new apartment building is.
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