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A Misinterpreted Prophecy

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Summary: Just when she thought she'd fulfilled her destiny and that she was no longer the Chosen ONE, something comes to change all of that.

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A Misinterpreted Prophecy

A Misinterpreted Prophecy

By: booklvr

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy otherwise it never would have ended. Nor do I own or have any rights to Harry Potter. All rights go to their creators.

It had been nearly 7 months since the defeat of the first. So much had happened

since then and so much was still to happen. The Scooby gang had flown to England

taking all the potentials with them to rebuild the Watchers Council, except that

this time instead of Travers, Buffy was in charge, it would be rebuilt in her

eyes. Things had remained somewhat quiet on the demonic front while she trained

all the potentials. They had bought an old mansion which was the new headquarters,

where all the girls lived and trained. Willow used her magic to track all of the

new slayers, while Faith and Robin retrieved them. Giles was teaching the girls

their history and training new watchers. Xander was making and building repair

work for the mansion, with the somewhat awkward help of Andrew.

Buffy had just finished her patrol and was asleep when she heard a voice calling

to her. "Buffy, Buffy I need you to listen to me." Quick to her reflexes Buffy

turned around to see Joyce, her mother standing before her.

"But, but you're dead, this is not real." Was her quick thought and response.

Joyce merely smiled and walked closer to her daughter. "Yes, I am dead, but I

am also so much more. The powers sent me to you. For you have accomplished so

much, and fulfilled numerous destinies, yet yours has yet to even be realized. I am to send you to Sunnydale."

Buffy's breath slowed as she listened. "That's impossible, it's merely a crater

in the ground right now."

A twinkle appeared in Joyce's eyes, "Ah, but that is to change, for 24 hours

Sunnydale shall return. For 24 hours you shall be able to retrieve that which

was lost, tell Giles that all his texts are not completely lost." This caused

a small smile upon Buffy's face. "However, you will find 2 men there looking

for the hellmouth."

"But that's impossible, it's closed, they are gonna die if the step foot in the

direction of the hellmouth." Buffy's hands started to clench.

Joyce chuckled, "My darling daughter, they are not to be harmed. These will be

two men from my past. A past I was not allowed to remember until my death. They

are also a part of your past."

"My past. What will they have to do with my past?" Buffy asked stepping closer

to her mother, almost tempted to try and touch her.

"You should know that Hank Summers was not your father, he was not Dawn's father,

for she is yours, not mine. That is another thing I was to tell you. While Dawn

was to be your sister, by blood she is your daughter, she is what your daughter

would look like with Giles as a father, for the powers knew that would be the

only way to get you to protect her." Joyce looked into Buffy's eyes to show her

that she was speaking the truth.

Buffy took a step backwards, and hesitated. "My daughter, but that's impossible,

and with Giles as a father. No, I don't believe you."

"You don't have to, but you were to know that, that's why you could die in her

place, however you changed destiny and fate right there. For Dawn was to die there,

not you. You were not to experience heaven yet, but you changed that, your love

for her changed that." Joyce smiled again, "and for that I will always thank you.

Now back to the topic at hand, one of them will be your father. He will not believe

you, just tell him that you knew me, show him my grave. Prove to them that the

hellmouth is closed. Then join them in their battle, this is what is most important,

whether he knows who you are or not does not matter, just that you join them in

their fight."

Buffy looked up from her feet at last. "My father, how come I never knew. Why

should I join him when he never claimed me as his child, no, it's not gonna

happen. I refuse to bring something like this into Dawn's life."

Now Joyce was determined. "Then don't bring her into this. But you MUST do this

or else the world shall end. Can you truly let that happen?"

Buffy's hands clenched again, and instead of looking at Joyce she stared at the



HAVEN'T YOU HAD ENOUGH YET." She then turned to look at her mother, "Well I guess

that I don't have a choice, When do I leave?"

"Now, don't worry about packing, there are tickets waiting for you at the airport,

take Willow with you, a car will wait for you in L.A. to take to Sunnydale, she

can grab all the personal items that you wish for and you will confront your

father. Good luck and blessed be my daughter." With that Joyce disappeared.

Buffy ran out of her room and into Willows. "Willow wake up, we gotta go and

I mean NOW."

Willow rolled over and looked at Buffy, "We'll stop the apocalypse in the morning

I need my sleep right now."

"Fine, if you don't want to hear how my mom came to me and told me that Sunnydale

is real again and no longer a crater, or how there are people going to the

hellmouth as we speak, fine, I'll wake you in the morning." Buffy turned and

started walking out the door counting to herself 5....4....3....2.....1.....

"WHAT!!!!!!!!" Willow was sitting up in her bed confused, then she ran to her

closet throwing on the closest outfit. "Well are we leaving now or what."

Buffy chuckled, "Don't worry Wills, we'll get there in time, we already have a

flight booked, and I've been given instructions on what to do. Come on, I'll

tell you on the way."

The two girls headed to Heathrow Airport and flew out to L.A. Buffy telling Willow the whole story on the way. They were almost there, they could see the crater up ahead, then there was Sunnydale all over again, sitting right in front of them, with all the destruction they had done in their battle with the first.
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