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Death, the Executioner, and the Destroyer

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Summary: Will be expanded: Anita goes for Edward's wedding and meets his soon to be nephew, Connor. Rumors of a Destroyer soon follow.

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Anita Blake > Connor-CenteredLunasFR1533,3870167,37019 Jul 052 Dec 05No

Death, the Executioner, and the Destroyer

Death, the Executioner, and the Destroyer
Unpleasant Introduction
Author: Lunas
*Disclaimer: I do not own Anita Blake or Angel and Buffy the Vampire slayer or any of ideas from the creators . * (Sorry forgot! usually place it first before I write 'fics*
Challenge: 973 The ABC Challenge
Crossover: Anita Blake and Angel

Anita stared at the boy speaking rather rudely to Edward as she exited the airport and made her way towards them. Being here for Edward wouldn’t have been so weird if it hadn’t been for the fact that he was getting married.

“Could you two settle down?” Donna snapped as she gazed at Anita coming toward them. Edward turned to her, his eyes cold for a moment as he looked at her. Fixing a smile on her face, Anita turned to them. Glancing once more toward the unknown boy she turned her full attention to Edward.

“Haven’t seen you in a while, Ted. I still can’t believe your going to get married.” Judging from the snort beside her the boy didn’t either. Keeping her pleasant faced expression on, she turned to the kid. Looking at her in the eyes, the boy stood, arms crossed over his chest as Donna moved to introduce them.

“Meet my nephew, Connor.”

“Not really sure if this is a good meeting.” Offered Connor as he offered his hand for the sake of manners. Placing her bag next to her on the ground, Anita prepared to introduce herself to a member of Edward’s soon to be family. Quickly, she took his hand.

”Right back at you. So, Ted, not going to introduce me?” The executioner said showing her annoyance.

Unbelievingly to her, Edward looked slightly embarrassed. Very good acting skills. What other explanation was there?

“Xerox me the information, I’m getting out of here. You are taking to long to just tell me you name.” Zapped of her patience, she turned to Connor quickly.

“Anita Blake.”

“Blake? Could you actually be the Executioner?” Disbelief was not on the boys face but more of a surveying looking.

“Everyone expects me to be bigger or something but I’m just what you see.” Finding her bag again, she turned to Edward who had started laughing. “Got something to add?”

“Hell, Antia, you’re certainly not all that one sees.”

”I agree.” Judging from the tone of voice, Donna meant it. Keen observing and not unknowing eyes were upon her as Conner spoke next.

“Looks like there has to be. Making so many kills isn’t easy.”

”No, it isn’t.” Often people couldn’t believe she could do it with the danger but the boy definitely did. Putting her bag on her shoulder she smiled slightly. Quite pleased, she turned to Edward.

“Relax!” She heard Donna call. “This isn’t a purely job visit but for our wedding.” Upon saying the words, she felt slightly unreal. Visiting Edward for his marriage.

“We better be going.” Xenophobic, that was what she felt like, Yet, it was true, Edward was getting married as Ted but it was like a complete foreign place here. Zestful, that was what she would be for Edward, she agreed as they made her way out of the airport as she looked once more at Connor.


This will be continued but not written in the ABC Format.
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