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The Queen, The Knight, and The Slayer

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Summary: An ancient enemy comes forward, targeting an old adversary and a new one at the same time. Buffy/Xander/Gabrielle. My first 3way. Enjoy. Chapter 5 up. RR

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Chapter 1

Title: The Queen, The Knight, and The Slayer
Author: White Werewolf
Rating: R/NC-17 might happen.
Chapter: 1
Category: Buffy/Xander/Gabrielle mainly. Some other shippings too, but there will be no Vampire/Human relationships.
Spoilers: In Buffy, Post “The Gift” In Xena, Post “Looking Death in the Eye.”
Summery: An ancient enemy comes forward, targeting an old adversary and a new one at the same time.
Author Notes: I’m apparently still reliving my Hercules/Xena fan phase, and I must say, I am enjoying every minute of it. Thank you DVDs. People know that I don’t write the common crossover. And Buffy/Xena has been done. But, I have never seen a
Buffy/Xander/Gabrielle pairing. And there are allot more surprises in store. Hope you enjoy this. If there are any differences in canon, it will be explained within this story. This is also to let people know that I haven’t stopped my love of
Buffy/Xander stories.
Special Thanks: Shawn, Cyclone, Silent Bob Foley, and Nick
Disclaimer: Buffy is owned by Whedon, Mutant Enemy, UPN. Hercules/Xena is owned Raimi, Tapert, Renaissance

Looking through the clear window-like surface of the coffin, Xander continued to peer at the peaceful appearance of the woman still held within. Taking a step back, he turned to face the other one. Seeing how it was just as filthy as the other one, he cleaned the cover, and looked through inside.

Another woman lay within the second ice coffin. Unlike the other one who had long dark hair, this one had short blond hair and wore a orange and brown outfit.

He stared at the ice, and saw it starting to drip. He titled his head up to what had once been an ice dome, and felt an intense heat caress his face. The heat seemed to be emanating from the ceiling, and was beginning to melt the ice from the room. Steam began to lift about him

The young man ran a hand through his short hair again. He took a few steps back and watched both ice coffins. He didn’t know what he was going to do. But at some point in the near future the ice coffins would melt. Both of these women seemed to be well preserved. And, having seen all that he had seen in these past few years, wouldn’t be too surprised to see them alive and moving around. With his luck, such movement would include trying to gut him. But, he didn’t want to think of that now.

Xander cast a worried glance back at the wall he had walked through. Knowing his luck, a horde of vampires would come charging in any moment now. Yet, in the back of his mind, something was reassuring him that no one else would be able to penetrate the mystical barrier he had emerged through.

What was that all about?

While Xander was somewhat sure that these two women had been in these coffins for quite a long time, he didn’t know how long that had been. He didn’t know anything about these people. They could have been from a far away land. Hell, that barrier could have transported him to another part of the world, or dare he think it, another dimension. He swore that if he saw a vampire version of himself, someone was getting their ass kicked over this.

He didn’t know how they would react to him either. But seeing how these people dressed, he had a growing suspicion that they were fighters. Warriors even. He just hoped that they didn’t see him as a threat, assuming they woke up, and decided that they needed to go medieval on his ass.

He didn’t know how they would react to him either. But seeing how they were dressed obviously meant that they were warriors. And Sunnydale was a town that could use as many warriors as they could get. Especially when there wasn’t any resident slayer on board.

Buffy was dead and Faith was still in jail. They had the Buffy-bot. But, according to Willow, she still wasn’t working properly. It needed another part replaced. Which meant, other than him and his friends, they were all alone.

He continued to watch as the two coffins continued to melt, and his eyes widened after he realized that the melting process was getting faster and faster.

“Now, that’s not normal,” Xander said to himself, shock lacing his voice. He then looked at the ceiling again. “And having a frozen ceiling turning to a heating sauna isn’t normal either.”

Suddenly a white flash of light emerged, and Xander, as well as the two people within the ice coffins disappeared.


Xander suddenly appeared in his apartment. “How did I get here?” he asked himself.

Shaking his head, he turned around to a surprise, “Ok, this is weird.” In front of him were the two women that he found in the chamber. But they weren’t in the ice coffins, they were still asleep. Looking at them, motionless, but breathing, he wondered what he was going to do.

He didn’t want to wake them, not at this moment anyway. He had some thinking to do. He needed to talk to someone, get someone to help him with this situation.

Looking around the room he was in, he recognized his TV room. Walking toward them, he knelt down and inspected the bodies further. The brunette had a sword and some kind circular bladed weapon attached to her belt. The blond on the other hand had two sai's attached to her lower legs clips.

Rising to his feet, he had to get some advice.

Looking at the two women, he wondered who he should call. Seeing that they were dressed like warriors, he wondered if his friends would be able to protect themselves if they attacked. He already lost Buffy, and he didn’t want to lose anyone else. Especially to something that he could protect. The only reasonable person who had some training and especially knowledge that would help in research would be Giles.

The problem though was that Giles was at the Magic Box. With Anya. So he had to get to him, without letting Anya in on the situation. At first anyway.

Going to the phone, he called the familiar number, “Hello, Magic Box.”

Xander sighed knowing it wasn’t who wanted to speak too. “Hey, Ahn. Giles around?”

“Nope. He went home for the night. Left me to close up.”

He let out a sigh of relief. “Oh, ok.” Looking at the women, and satisfied that they were still asleep, he asked, “When you coming home, Ahn?”

“In a few minutes.”

His eyes widened, “No, Anya you can’t.”


Xander tried to come up with something reasonable. “Because… because…”

“Because what?”

He struggled to find a excuse. “Because,” he sighed. Shaking his head, he decided to be honest, “Because, Anya. Something happened, and I want
everything to be safe when I’m ready.”

“I can take care of myself, Xander.”

He let out a chuckle, “Oh, I know you can be careful, Anya. And I know you can protect yourself. I just want everything to be ready and safe when you get here.”

“I don’t know what’s going on, Xander. I’ll be home in a few minutes.”

And before he could respond, she hung up.

“Shit!” he cursed.

In frustration, he was about to slam the phone hard in its cradle. But when he realized what would happen, he used his other hand to stop the phone from making a sound. Pressing the button that hung up the phone, he dialed another number. Placing it to his ear, he heard someone say, “Hello?”

“Giles, it’s Xander. I have a problem.”

“What sort of problem?”

Xander sighed, “Listen, Giles. I want to tell you what’s going on, but Anya’s on her way over and I have to make things ready for her. Can you come over?”

“Xander, it’s 11:45 at night. Can’t it wait until morning?”

“Giles, it’s important. Trust me.”

“Alright, Xander. I’ll be right over.”

Carefully hanging up the phone, he went over to the closest chair, and sat down.

Looking at the women on the floor, he knew that that this couldn’t be that comfortable for them at all. Going to the nearest couch, he pulled it out to form bed. Placing a clean sheet on the mattress that was originally folded within the bed, he went back to the sleeping women.

Going to the brunette first, he carefully slid his hands underneath her, placing them if under her knees and behind her back. Taking a breath, he lifted her up and gently placed her on right side of the bed.

Making sure that she didn’t seem to be waking up, he went down to the blond. Using the same procedure, he picked her up and placed her on the left side of the bed.

“Hope they don’t wake up soon,” he thought to himself.

Going back to his seat, he started to try and think up ways to help resolve this situation.


The door slammed open as a former vengeance demon entered the apartment, “What’s going on, Xander?”

He jumped up from his seat and saw Anya standing in the doorway. “Anya, quiet.”

She looked at him, “Why should I be quiet?”

Xander said in a calm voice, “I don’t want to wake them.”

Her brow crunched, “What?”

The young man gestured to the women on the bed, “They’re asleep.”

For the first time, Anya looked to where Xander was pointing and noticed two women sleeping. “You’re cheating on me!”

“What?” He shook his head, “No!”

“Then why are they’re two women sleeping in our fold-out bed?”

Xander chuckled briefly, “That’s what I’m trying to figure out.”

Anya glared at him, “Xander, in all my years. I’ve seen men at their worst, but when I see my fiancé in our apartment with two women in our folded-out couch, let’s just say you’re lucky I’m not a vengeance demon anymore.”

Before he could respond to anything further, she left the door in a huff.

He sighed as he sat back down, “Great. Just great. My life is always so complicated.” He shook his head, and then looked ahead of him “And I can’t blame you two. You didn’t do anything. Hell, I didn’t do anything. I don’t think so anyway.”

He suddenly heard a knock on the doorframe. Looking up, he saw Giles standing there, “Thanks for coming, Giles.”

The former librarian looked at Xander as he stepped inside, “What was so important that you had to get me over here? And what happened with Anya?”

The young man pointed to the women in front of him, “That’s what happened.”

Giles walked over to the bed and looked at the women, “Why are two women in your bed, Xander?”

He chuckled, “I wish I knew, Giles.” Standing to his feet, he walked over to him, and told him the whole story. “Then we teleported out of the ice chamber and found ourselves back in apartment. I decide to call you, and Anya’s ends up answering the phone. She comes home after and finds them asleep on the fold-out bed. Before I could explain what happened, she left. Then you came in.”

Giles looked at the women, “Then how did they get into the bed?”

Xander answered, “I thought that since they were on the floor and asleep, they could use something more comfortable to sleep on. God knows how long they’ve been on ice.”

The Englishman looked at the women’s clothing. “Judging by the armor that she is wearing, I really can’t decipher her time period.”

He showed a confused look, “Why?”

Giles replied, “Well, seeing how this woman is a warrior, armor for women was hardly ever made. This is obviously custom made, and because of that, the time period is hard to determine.”

“And what about the other one?”

The former librarian responded, “The same can be said about her. Her clothing may not be some sort of armor, but it still can’t be determined.”

Xander sighed, “So there’s no way we can find out anything about them?”

The watcher shook his head, “Afraid not.”


The two men heard a soft feminine voice and turned to face the two women.

Xander asked, “Was it me, or did she just talk?”

Giles looked at him, “I…”

He was cut off by the woman saying, “Where’s my baby?”

The young man looked at him, “Do you think they’re about to wake up?”

The Watcher got to his feet and looked at them, “It is possible. You do realize they aren’t speaking English?”

He sighed, “What language is she using?”

Giles looked at him as he gave it some thought. “There is some Latin influence.”

Xander said, “I don’t speak Latin.”

The elder man suggested, “We might have to look into a spell that would allow us to communicate.”

Two blue eyes suddenly opened for the first time. Her vision was blurry, but soon cleared, “I have to get Eve.” She said. But as soon as her vision fully cleared, her eyes widened, and she sprang into a sitting position.

In front of her sat two men that she never met before. Jumping to her feet, she grabbed her sword and pointed it at them. “Ares?”

Giles showed a confused look, “I believe she just asked for Ares?”

Xander’s eyes widened, “Ares? As in the god of war?”

The woman who was standing looked down at whatever she was sleeping on and shook her friend on the shoulder.

The blond turned in her sleep, “Not now.”

“Gabrielle, get up.”

The blond forced herself to sit up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. When she looked at her friend, her eyes widened as well, “What’s going on Xena?”

Giles looked to Xander and said, “It is definitely Latin, Xander. I’ll try to communicate.”

The Watcher looked at the women, “Hello.”

Xander grinned, “We come in peace.”

Giles looked at him strangely, “This is hardly the time to be funny.”

He shrugged, “Sorry, Giles.”

Gabrielle got to her feet, and pulled her sai away from her calves. Arming herself, she asked, “Where’s Eve?”

Giles tried again, “We mean you no harm. My name is Rupert Giles.” As he said his name, he gestured to himself. Then he pointed to his friend, “This is
Alexander Harris.”

Gabrielle looked at her friend, “He can speak our language.”

The brunette female nodded, “Good.” Looking at them, she asked, “Where’s Eve?”

The blond addressed her, “Xena, I don’t think we’re in Greece anymore.”

Xena looked around her, and nothing looked familiar. Nothing at all. Pointing her sword to the elder man’s neck, she asked, “Where are we?”

Xander shook his head, “This is getting us nowhere.”

Giles looked at him, “Well, it seems they’re looking for someone named Eve.”

He showed a perplexed look, “Eve? We don’t know any Eve.”

Giles gently raised his hand to the steel of the sword, and said, “We mean you no harm. Put your sword down, and we will talk.”

Gabrielle looked at her friend, “Xena, maybe we should
listen to him.” She then put her weapons away.

Xena thought if over for a minute, and agreed. Lowering her weapon, she said, “My name is Xena, and this is Gabrielle.”

Giles said, “It appears that they’re listening. The one with the sword is named Xena, and the blond is Gabrielle.”

Xander’s eyes immediately widened, “Xena and Gabrielle?”

The former librarian nodded, “It appears that way. Do you know anything about them?”

Xander answered honestly, “Well, Xena and Gabrielle are characters from a television show. A popular one no doubt. Ask them if they’re from Greece?”

Giles asked, “Are you from Greece?”

Gabrielle nodded, “Yes, we are. Where are we?”

The elder man said, “They are from Greece, Xander. They want to know where they are.”

Xander said, “Giles, if these people were frozen from Ancient Greece, that means they’ve been asleep since…”

Giles said, “Over 3,000 years.”

His brow raised, “Wow.” Tuning to them, he asked Giles, “Is Eve Xena’s daughter?”

Giles asked, “Is Eve your daughter?”

Gabrielle said, “They want to know about Eve.”

Xena sheathed her sword, after coming to the conclusion that these people weren’t dangerous. “Eve is my daughter. We want to know where she is?”

The Englishman said, “They want to know where her daughter is?”

Xander questioned, “How do we tell them that she’s been dead for over 3,000 years?”

He returned, “That is a very good point, Xander. However, they don’t know what year they’re in. Knowing that, it would allow them to come to the realization that her daughter isn’t around anymore.”

Xander said, “I just wish they’re was a simple way to solve all this.”

Giles reminded him, “You do know there is no such thing as a simple solution, don’t you?”

“Do you know where Eve is?” The blond asked.

Xander said, “I don’t know how to tell you this.”

The women showed a confused look.

The Watcher sighed, “I better do this, Xander.” Turning to the girls, he contributed, “Please, sit.” He then pulled out a chair that was sitting behind the table. Xander did the same.

The two females sat carefully down on the seats provided for them.

As the men sat down, Giles told them, “We understand that you are from Greece, but unfortunately you two aren’t there anymore. Allot has happened since you
two were first frozen.”

Xander added, “The year is 2001.”

Giles tried to try another route; “We want to adjust you to the world of today as easily as possible. As I said before, a lot has happened. You two are now in country known as America. Many seasons have passed.”

Xena looked at the ground, fully getting the gist of the conversation. But to make sure, she asked, “How many seasons?”

Giles whipped his glasses with his handkerchief and said, “Well, that would probably be over 3,000 seasons.”

Gabrielle questioned, “So…”

She placed her hand on Gabrielle’s knee. “I think they’re trying to say Eve is dead.”

Gabrielle asked, “Did Octavious take care of her?”

She shook her head, “They’re really know way of knowing.”

Giles looked at his friend, “It appears that they are figuring out the truth.”

Xander sighed, “Finding out that her daughter is dead must be heart wrenching.”

Xena got to her feet and truly took a look around the room. Her eyes widened when she saw the window that sat behind them. “By the gods…”

Gabrielle did as well, and she had the same expression, but shook her head, “Everyone we know is…”

Xena nodded, “Yeah, I kinda figured that.”

She continued, “Eve, Joxer, Lilah, Autolycus, Hercules.”

Xena turned to her, “Actually, Gabrielle. Hercules could be alive.” She turned to the people she just met, “Is Hercules still around?”

Xander asked, “Did she just ask for Hercules?”

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