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The Queen, The Knight, and The Slayer

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Summary: An ancient enemy comes forward, targeting an old adversary and a new one at the same time. Buffy/Xander/Gabrielle. My first 3way. Enjoy. Chapter 5 up. RR

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Chapter 2

Title: The Queen, The Knight, and The SlayerAuthor: White Werewolf
Rating: R/NC-17 might happen.
Chapter: 2
Category: Buffy/Xander/Gabrielle mainly. Some other shippings too, but there will be no Vampire/Human
Spoilers: In Buffy, Post “The Gift” In Xena, Post “Looking Death in the Eye.”
Summery: An ancient enemy comes forward, targeting an old adversary and a new one at the same time.
Author Notes: I’m apparently still reliving my Hercules/Xena fan phase, and I must say, I am enjoying
every minute of it. Thank you DVDs. People know that I don’t write the common crossover. And Buffy/Xena
has been done. But, I have never seen a Buffy/Xander/Gabrielle pairing. And there are allot
more surprises in store. Hope you enjoy this. If there are any differences in canon, it will be
explained within this story. This is also to let people know that I haven’t stopped my love of
Buffy/Xander stories.
Special Thanks: Shawn, Cyclone, Silent Bob Foley, andNick
Disclaimer: Buffy is owned by Whedon, Mutant Enemy,
UPN. Hercules/Xena is owned Raimi, Tapert, Renaissance Pictures

Giles looked at the women who were standing a few feet from the window. Rising to his feet, he asked, "I'm sorry, did you say Hercules?"

Gabrielle nodded, "He's a friend of ours."

Xander looked at him, as he got to his feet as well, "All I understood from what they said was the name, Hercules. Besides research, the only 'Hercules' I know is from the television show."

Giles looked at him, "Television show?"

He nodded, "Yeah, there's a television show called Hercules: the Legendary Journeys. It came before the show that uses Xena and Gabrielle." The Watcher's eyes widened, "If Xena and Gabrielle are real people who existed, excuse me, exist. Could Hercules actually exist?"

Giles glanced at the women, "What makes you think that Hercules would still be alive?"

Xena said, "Hercules is half god/half man. He should be alive still."

Xander thought for a moment, and then went over to his videotape collection. Grabbing a tape, he went to the

VCR. "I have a theory.”

“What's he doing?” Gabrielle asked.

Giles said, “See the device Xander is using?” They nodded. “That is called a television set.”

Xander placed the tape into the slot, and turned it on. Going to the television, he turned it on as well. Pressing 'play,' he went back to Giles and the girls. “If I'm right, this could help answer some questions.”

The television set soon turned brightly on, and flashed static. Shortly, a picture came into view.

Gabrielle approached the screen, and touched it with her finger. “It's a moving picture?”

Giles said, “A television set allows pictures to be displayed on the screen there. The pictures help tell a story.”

Gabrielle looked at him, “Like a play?”

The former librarian thought for a moment, and said, “Actually, that isn't that bad of a comparison.”

The blond turned to her friend, “Xena, take a look at this?”

Gabrielle stood up again and allowed her friend to see the television. Soon, a tall muscular man appeared on the screen, and her eyes widened, “That's Hercules.”

Gabrielle looked at her, “What?”

Giles said, “It appears that they think the man playing Hercules is actually Hercules.”

Xander looked at them, “All I wanted to show you was the show, Hercules. But are you saying that Kevin Sorbo is really Hercules?”

Giles glanced at his friend, and then at the two girls, “Are you saying that he is actually Hercules?”

Gabrielle nodded, “He looks just like we remember. He sounds the same and everything.”

The Watcher said, “Fascinating. Xander, it appears that he really is Hercules.”

Gabrielle looked at them, “We need to see him.”

Giles commented, “They want to talk to him.”

Xander responded, “I can understand that they do. But, it's going to be hard. We can't go to Los Angelus, go to the studio, and ask for him. He is a very popular television star.”

Xena said, “We'd like to talk to him. See if he knows anything about what happened to Eve.”

Gile told them, “Xander is right. Getting in touch with him is going to be difficult to do.”

Xander slumped back into the chair, “So, what do we do?”

The Watcher suggested, “It is getting late, and I do have to open the Magic Box, so I have to get going.”

Xander looked at his friend with a worried glance, “Giles, I don't speak Latin. How are we going to communicate?”

He thought for a moment. “I have a medallion you can wear at the Magic Box. I'll quickly go and retrieve it. Unfortunately, it's going to take a half hour before you can use it.”

Xander looked at the women, “Only 30 minutes?”

His friend nodded, “Give or take a few minutes. I'll be back as fast as I can.” Looking at their new friends, Giles told them what was going on. They agreed, and the elder man left the three people alone.

Xander sighed as he sat down on the chair. “I wish I didn't have to wait for Giles to be able to talk to you.”

The girls looked at him with a confused look on their faces.

“Xena, what do you think he said?”

She replied, “He's probably waiting for his friend to come back with the medallion.”

“You know, Xena. If we're going to have to live in this time period, we are going to have to learn their language. Our language isn't going to help us much in this time period.”

The brunette female nodded, “Makes sense. Maybe they can teach us.”

Xander thought about them speaking Latin. He didn't speak it. Well, he did use it quite a bit in researching. But he didn't know that much of it. Thinking of what he did know, he wondered what he should say. Letting out a breath, he did manage to say, “Hi,” with a smile.

Gabrielle and Xena looked at each other and then returned to the young man. Gabrielle grinned back, “Hi.”

He chuckled softly knowing that he knew something. He thought for a second, and asked, “Thirsty?” They nodded. Getting to his feet, he asked, “Water?” After seeing another head nod, he grinned and gestured them to come along.

The three of them walked out of the living room and into the kitchen. Xander went ahead to a cupboard and pulled out three glasses.

Gabrielle and Xena looked around the room. While some things they could recognize for their simple functions. There were many things they didn't understand what would be used for.

Xander turned on the faucet and allowed the water to pour into the glasses.

Xena looked at her friend, “Where does he keep the water?”

Gabrielle looked at where the young man stood. “It seems to be that when he twists that thing, water comes out of that thing.”

Xander then turned around with two filled glasses. Handing them to the girls, he grabbed his own and took a sip.

The bard looked through the clear glass at the water. “The water, it's clear.”

The tall woman said, “I see that.” Taking a sip, she said, “Not bad.”

Gabrielle took a sip as well, surprised that the taste was different from what she expected. “Saying things have changed since Greece is a little vague, isn't Xena?”

Xena replied, “Gabrielle, we just saw a few things. We don't know anything about the outside world yet.

Saying some things have changed is vague like you said.”

Xander sighed. He wished he knew what they were talking about. Looking at the clock, he sighed again realizing it has been twenty minutes since Giles left. “I'd give you a tour, but you wouldn't understand me.”

Glancing at the refrigerator, he figured they were hungry. But he thought that they'd rather being better off eating something simple. Going to a fruit bowl, he picked up two apples after he placed the cup he had in the sink. “Ravenous?

Xena looked at her friend, “That's a weird way to ask if we're hungry.”

Gabrielle returned, “He might not know how to say, 'hungry'”

He was greeted back a look of confusion. Thinking of the words he knew, he just asked with the name of the food itself. “Apple?”

“Poor guy.”

Xena finished her water and turned to her friend, “What?”

“He's trying so hard to talk to us, Xena. He doesn't know much of our language and only using single words.”

“Once Giles comes back with the medallion, he'll be able to understand us. Give it some time.” She grinned as she saw the fruit offered to her. “At least he has food for us.” Taking the other one, she handed it to her. “Here, have one.”

Gabrielle took the red apple and took a bite. “Thank you.”

She waited for a response, yet she didn't get one. “His vocabulary is limited, Xena.”

“Gabrielle, he doesn't know what we're saying.” She took a seat that was standing by the nearest table. “We can't really do anything until Giles comes back with the medallion, the three of us can talk easily together. Then when get in contact with Hercules, we can finally understand what's happened.”

During her comment, the two others made their way to the table Xena sat at. “I know, Xena.” She took a bite of her apple.


He grinned in relief, “In here, Giles.”

Giles came into the kitchen area carrying a medallion, “Ah, I see you got them some food.”

He shrugged, “Just a glass of water and apple. Didn't want to give them something they weren't used to.”

“Good idea.” Approaching him, he handed him the medallion. “All you have to do is wear this and you'll be able to speak Latin.”

Taking the brown circular medallion, he opened up the chain that was attached to the medallion, and slipped it over his head. He looked at the ruby that was in the center of it.

“So now I can speak Latin?”

“At least now you're not speaking one word sentences.”

He responded to the brunette, “I can understand Latin?”

Giles replied, “Xander, wearing that medallion allows your English to be translated to Latin. It also allows you to comprehend what anyone says to you in Latin.”

Xander beamed, “Nice.”

Gabrielle smiled, “Thanks for the apples by the way.”

He shrugged, “Thought you were hungry. 3,000 years it a long time to be asleep.”

Xena was about to respond when Giles spoke up, “Well, it seems you have things underway, Xander. I'll go back to my apartment for the night, and call me before work so you can tell me how the night went.”

He nodded, “Night, Giles.”

“Good night, Xander. See you three later.” He then retreated down the hall and out of the apartment.

Xander got up, “Well, now that I can actually talk to you, maybe some introductions would help. My name is Xander.”

The brunette said, “Xena.”


Xena added, “Not to be forceful or anything, but do you have anything to eat?”

He glanced at the refrigerator, “Sure. The reason I gave you apples was because I know you'd be used to that kind of food.”

The young man got to his feet, “Come over here.”

The two women walked in back of him. Giving a couple second thoughts, he said, “This is called a refrigerator. It's used to keep food cold so it won't spoil.”

He opened it, and they're eyes widened when they saw numerous amounts of food inside. Some of them they recognized, some they didn't.

“Well, you got your basics in here. There are fruits, vegetables, cheese, milk, meat, and leftovers.” Glancing at them, he asked, “What kind of food are you interested in?”

Gabrielle looked at a weird looking triangular piece of food. “What's that?”

Xander looked at where she was pointing, “That would be pizza. Now, that I think about it, pizza is Greek food. You might like it.”

He took out a few slices, “This is just some pizza I had left over from last night. It has mushrooms, pepperoni, meatball, onion, and so on.”

Xena said, “I only recognized about three of those.”

He chuckled lightly, “That's what happens today. People will try anything at least once. No matter how weird it sounds.”

Placing the food on the counter, he closed the refrigerator. “Do you want it cold or hot?”

Gabrielle looked at him, “You can change the temperature that fast?”

He nodded, “Yep, and it's thanks to the microwave. An invention that helped cook food allot faster then the stove. So, what would it be? Hot or cold?”

Xena and Gabrielle looked at each other, and replied with smiles, “Hot.”

Opening the microwave, he placed the slices inside. Closing it, he put it for one minute.

“It will be done in a minute.”

Taking out plates that were in his cupboard, he set them on the table. As soon as they were set, the microwave beeped.

Never recognizing the sound, Xena and Gabrielle took a step back.

He chuckled, “Sorry about that. That sound just means the food is done.” Taking out the slices, he placed them on the plates that were already on the table.

The three of them sat down. Xena took the pizza in her hands, and gave it a sniff. “Smells alright.”

Gabrielle took a bite, and her tongue was shortly rewarded with a taste that she never was familiar with. “This food is Greek?”

Xander nodded, “Alot of people think pizza is Italian, but it's Greek.”

“It's not bad.” Xena said to them.

Gabrielle said, “It's better then you’re cooking.”

She gave her a look. Gabrielle just smiled.

“What's it made with?” Gabrielle asked.

He answered, “Besides the toppings, there's cheese, bread, and tomato sauce.”

As soon as he mentioned the last ingredient, they spat out the food.

Xena got to her feet and withdrew her sword. “You're trying to poison us?”

He shook his head, “What? No.”

Gabrielle added, “Tomatoes are poisoness.”

He slapped his forehead, “Forgot about that. People in your time thought tomatoes were poisoness. But, I assure you. They're not. Please, put your sword away, Xena. The last thing I'd want to do to you is kill you. Besides, I don't have a death wish.”

“So tomatoes aren't poisoness?” Gabrielle questioned.

Xander shook his head, “Nope. People stopped thinking they were around the time of the middle-ages. Allot of today's food uses tomatoes.”

Xena sheathed her sword. “Sorry about that.”

He smiled with a sigh of relief. “Note to self: don't piss off Xena.”

The blond smiled, “Good idea, Xander.”

He grinned as he took a bite. “If you want more, I can warm some more up.”

Gabrielle reminded him, “Actually, I'd like to see more of that television set.”

Xena reminded her, “What we saw is in Xander's native language. We wouldn't understand it.”

She just reinforced her idea, “Just want to see what Hercules does now.”

Xander said, “I don't know how we're going to contact him.”

Thinking for a second, “What about the gods? Couldn't they get to him?”

Xena sighed, “The gods wouldn't do anything for us. As far as I'm concerned, they can think we're dead.”

Xander looked at them, “So you and the gods never got along. I see some things in the show are true.”

Gabrielle replied, “What is a show exactly?”

He answered, “Remember seeing Hercules on the television set?”

She nodded.

“Well, what you saw was from the show called, Hercules: the Legendary Journeys. There is another show,” trying to simplify his explanation, “or another series of plays. And that series focuses on Xena and Gabrielle. Just like this show with Hercules features him and Ioulas.”

Gabrielle asked, “Do you have anything that uses the characters of us?”

He got to his feet, “I might. Follow me.”

The three of them left the room with Xena saying to her friend, “You're really loving this television stuff, aren't you?”

She shrugged, “I just find it fascinating that people find our lives interesting.”

Xena said, “Yeah, interesting. And I bet people will find it fascinating if they see a show based on our new friend here.”

Gabrielle was about to respond when Xander knelt down to his tape collection. “These tapes can only last so long.”

He scanned their spines for his familiar marking system. “Ah, here's one.”

Taking it from its place, he went back to his telelvision set and pulled out the 'Hercules' tape. “Just one second.”

He pushed the new tape into the slot and pushed play. He turned the television back on and placed it to thecorrect channel.

Soon the same static appearance on the screen appeared, and then a different picture came on.

Taking a step back, he said, “It's about to start. Take a seat on the chairs.”

The girls did as suggested, and they were soon greeted by two women. One was tall and brunette.

“Is that supposed to be me?” Xena said with a sneer.

He looked at the screen, and then back at her, “Um, yeah. She does play Xena.”

She got to her feet. “She doesn't look anything like me!”

Xander returned, “To be fair Xena. Nobody knew what you looked like.”

“Hercules did.”

Gabrielle looked at the character who she thought might have been her. “Xena, he does have a point.”

“Come on, Gabrielle. You're just saying that because the person who plays you actually looks like you.”

She replied, “It isn't my fault that they found someone who actually looks like me. They actually put in the time to look for someone who fits my personality.”

He shook his head, “Gabrielle, believe me that was pure luck. You know how many times Hercules and Xena used actors who they used before. They used the person who plays Xena a few times already. The person who plays you, was used before as well when they had Hercules meeting up with someone named Deinarra.”

She showed a confused look, “I don't look like Hercules' wife.”

Xander joked, “That doesn't matter. All they needed was someone who could handle a staff and recite poetry.”

The blond glared at him, “You mean to tell me that they just needed someone to read poetry?”

He chuckled, “Don’t look at me, Gabrielle. I didn’t put the show together. If the show is based on your scrolls, then I’m sure that they found the perfect person to play the role.”

That made her feel better.

He added, “Besides, if Hercules is real, and a friend to both of you, I’m sure he had the best actors in mind for your roles.”

She grinned, “Good.”


Thunder flashed, with purple light streaking the sky within a second.

“Everything go as planed, Ares.”

The god smiled a wicked grin as he sat down upon a throne made of the bones of his enemies. "Without a doubt." He rose to his feet and began to pace. "It seems our friend has begun the search."

“So, she doesn’t know who you are?”

He chuckled slightly, “My dear, Sylis. For all our friend knows is that we’re providing a service to her.

Little does she know the real reason why she’s necessary.”

Sylis peered at the god of war, “When will your plan come to completion?”

He grinned, “Patience, Sylis. If we want this to be successful, we have to allow her to progress at her natural speed.”


“For the longest time, villains have come and gone. But some things are eternal. Everlasting to everlasting. We lost the great one years ago. The Earth had never seen a greater adversary. But they will see him again.”

A loud booming applause chorused all around the cloaked speaker.

“The timing is perfect,” said the green demon. “With no resident slayer in power, the Earth is ripe for the pickings. The so-called robot is a failing plan in Sunnydale, and the world is aching for the next big uprising.”

Roaring applause continued to chorus.

The demons’ stone black eyes gazed upon the audience. “The world is finally ready. All we need is to collect the righteous artifacts, and then we can truly begin.”

Cheers erupted in the masses.

The speaker raised his head and glanced at the portrait of their leader. “Soon, the world will end and Armaggeddon will begin. The Mastery of the earth shall return!”


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