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The Queen, The Knight, and The Slayer

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Summary: An ancient enemy comes forward, targeting an old adversary and a new one at the same time. Buffy/Xander/Gabrielle. My first 3way. Enjoy. Chapter 5 up. RR

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Television > Xena-Hercules > Xander-CenteredJonathanFR21616,18712512,28621 Jul 0529 Jul 09No

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Chapter 4

#Title: The Queen, The Knight, and The Slayer
Author: Jonathan
Rating: R/NC-17 is possible
Chapter: 4
Category: Buffy/Xander/Gabrielle mainly. Some other shippings too, but there will be no Vampire/Human relationships.
Spoilers: In Buffy, Post “The Gift” In Xena, Post “Looking Death in the Eye.”
Summery: An ancient enemy comes forward, targeting an old adversary and a new one at the same time.
Author Notes:This is an old fic of mine that was always meant to come back. It’s a very deep human emotion driven novel. I’m crossing new territory with this story. And I must thank Shawn for originally giving me the idea of a long story. He’s a good friend and a great help in this story. William Gilmore for always being their to talk and help transpire story plot points. The same can be said for Cyclone, Tenhawk, Nick, Silent Bob Foley, and Danii. I also want to thank numerous people who voted for this story to continue. I hope people enjoy this. This is also my attempt to come back to fic writing.
Disclaimer: Buffy is owned by Whedon, Mutant Enemy, UPN. Xena and Hercules are owned Raimi, Tapert, Renaissance Pictures


Xander’s Apartment

“Hey, Giles.” Xander grinned as he opened the door. “Thanks for coming over this morning.”

He smiled back, “It is quite alright.” Giles walked through the threshold to see both Gabrielle and Xena on the newly put together couch. It was obvious Xander put the bed away earlier that night. Both women seemed to be talking with another man.

“Sorry, I never had the pleasure.”

The man in question got to his feet and joined Xander by the door. “Nor have I.” He extended his arm out. “I want to thank you for helping my friends last night.”

Xander closed the door as soon as his elder friend came in the room. “It was no problem at all…”

The man revealed, “I think the name you’re looking for is Hercules.”

“Yes, quite.” He smiled. Giles said simply with a chuckle. “I trust Xander helped you two through the night.”

“You couldn’t pull these two away from each other.” Xena said with a smirk.

“I just wanted to get to know him, Xena. Is that so wrong?”

Xander shrugged, “I’m used to having girls hang around me.” He glanced at Giles, “And Anya…?”

Giles took that moment and sat down within the arm chair. He glanced at his young friend and sighed, “I did talk with her this morning. However, she refused to come in. Tara was able to remedy the situation thankfully.”

Xander and Hercules both joined the group. Gabrielle and Xena both went back to the couch. Hercules sat beside them while Xander pulled out a chair from the dinner table. He swung the chair around and sat down with his arms resting on the back.

He nodded slowly, “Just as I thought.” Xander then looked at Gabrielle who had questionable eyes. He grinned, “I already told you. It’s not your fault.” Xander scratched the back of his neck and shrugged. “I just need to give her some space.”

“Space is usually the best answer.” Hercules reasoned.

He rubbed his right hand on his thigh briefly. Giving a smile, he stated, “I believe an explanation is in order.”

Xena reminded him, “Octavius had Eve. Athena wanted her dead so Gabrielle and I planned to let the gods think Eve had died. They’d see us fall over the cliff and that would be it.”

Hercules nodded, “That’s the gist of what happened. But that’s not how it panned out. Ares took your bodies and put you two on ice. Took Ares a while to tell me.” He smirked at that memory. “Of course he sang like a canary when Caligula started stealing Aphrodite’s immortality.”

“So Ares had put us in ice coffins?” Gabrielle asked in shock.

He answered, “He thought you were dead. It looked like your plan worked.”

Xena shook her head, “Worked enough for Ares to put us on ice?” She glanced at her friend, “When you found out, why didn’t you thaw us out?”

“It was actually suggested by the Oracle of Delphi to let you two sleep. That’s why I had you moved to Sunnydale. The Hellmouth served as protection. It would let you two sleep until your time was needed.”

He turned to Xena, “But when I found out the truth, I later talked to Octavius. Eve grew up, Xena. Ares being his ever-loving self manipulated Eve into Livia. The champion of Rome.”

Xena snarled, “What?”

Gabrielle took Xena’s hand in hers. “I talked to her, Xena. Iolaus and Joxer, we all did. We could easily see you in her, Xena. We got through to her, and she went on the path of Eli. She lived a good life.” He then turned to Xander, “Xander’s proof of that.”


“You’re the direct descendant of Eve.” He smiled, “Only Xena’s bloodline could enter the barrier.”

He looked at Xena and asked, “Then that makes you my great great great…”

Xena smiled at him, “Don’t finish that line, Xander.”

He nodded, “I remember. Don’t piss off Xena.”


J&S Warehouse

The door soon opened as Willow Rosenberg walked inside. Her hand went to the right side of the door and flipped on the light switch. After a nano-second, rows and rows of fluorescent lights turned on.

To the right of her sat a couple of chairs. She immediately went for one of the empty chairs and sat down. She took her back bag and placed it at the foot of her seat.

Within the bag were the ingredients she needed to resurrect Buffy. Arrangements were made that she, Tara, and Mr. Smith would meet tonight at midnight.

In fact, Mr. Smith was due to meet with her in the next few minutes. He wanted to give her one item she needed to get the spell in order. So, here she sat awaiting her supporter.

She already had everything she needed. Mercury was in retrograde. She got the Urn of Osiris off of E-bay. And she’d do the sacrifice in a few hours. It was still a part of the spell that she regretted. But she couldn’t ask Osiris to release her friend without offering any sacrifice---even if it did sound barbaric.

“Ah Ms. Rosenberg.”

Willow looked up from her seat to see Mr. Smith coming out of a room by the far left. He seemed to be carrying a leather brown pouch.

“I trust everything is in order.”

Willow nodded as she got to her feet. She brought her bag into view. “I got everything. Well…everything outside of….killing Bambi and whatever you have…”

He nodded as he took the pouch and opened it up. “This is something…” Mr. Smith pulled out a circular object, “that is important to the ritual.”

Her eyes widened, “Oh my goddess…”

He couldn’t help but smile slightly. “This is the Chakram of Apollo.”

She nodded slowly, “Chakram of Apollo?”

Her supporter added, “The circle represents life. With this inside the urn, and you reciting the spell, your friend will come back to life.”

He placed the chakram in the pouch, “I’ll bring this tonight. If the spell works correctly, which it will, Buffy will come back. “ Mr. Smith noticed a look of unpleasantness on the redhead’s face. “And then Xander will feel much better. You’ll have your family again.”

She looked at him for a second.

“And isn’t family the most important thing?” He asked with a smile.


Whereabouts Unknown

Three groups of demons circulated a great hall. Each circle were discussing the previous announcement.

“Tell us again the great message.” Glippo stated in his circle.

All around him stood fifteen demons. Each one eager on listening from their prophet.

“And there I was…” The prophet, Kaleb, said. “The great Master beseeched me the mission.

I am to take five demons with me to the ruins of Pompeii. Buried underneath mounds of rock a great trial will be challenged. When I overcome the obstacle, the great dagger of Pompeii will be bestowed upon myself.”

Sounds of encouragement chorused around Kaleb.

“You can do it, Kaleb!”

“Nothing can stop you!”

“Your time has come!”

“Have you chosen your five?”

Kaleb looked at Glippo as he asked the final question. “The Master has given me a list of the five, Glippo.” He looked to the stage where the leader of their congregation stood behind the grand podium.

He then turned back to Glippo. “As soon as Mason adjourns this meeting, everyone will go back to their homes. Upon their desks, demons will find a letter. Within that letter, each demon will find the answers our congregation seeks.”

Sounds of excitement erupted with glee.


Xander’s Apartment

Hours passed from the initial meeting. Hercules explained allot of the holes the women have been facing. He also told them the reason why the three of them teleported to Xander's apartment was because the spell was designed to send Xena and Gabrielle to a safe place to recuperate.

Xena and Gabrielle both went to Gile's apartment in hopes that he could help start teaching them both how to speak English. Xander knew if anyone could help them learn the language, it would be him. And then he could stop wearing the medallion.

That just left Xander and Hercules within the apartment.

When both of their new friends left the apartment, Hercules went to the door and closed it. "I was actually hoping we would get a chance to talk."

Xander nodded slowly, "What's up?"

Hercules took out his checkbook and wrote down a number. He passed it to Xander with the numbers hidden from sight. "If times were different, I'd love both of them to be staying with me. Familiarity is a great asset in situations like this.

"But...i actually think it would be better for them to actually live with you."

"I actually planned on that to happen."

"Good." He replied. "I want you to have this."

Xander took the check from Hercules, "You don't have to..."

The demigod held up his hand. "I want to do this." He gave the check to him. "The show gives me more than enough money. Xena and Gabrielle are going to need your help. This money will help you provide the extra necessities that you and both of them need.

Xander looked at the check and then back at his new friend, “Are you sure you want to do this? I’m not poor. I uh…”

Hercules shook his head, “I’m sure, Xander.”

Xander nodded as he folded up the money and placed it in his back pocket. “Thank you, Hercules.”

He grinned. “Thank you, Xander.”

The demigod then went into his pocket and pulled out a piece a paper. He then took a pen that he had and wrote down a number. Hercules then gave Xander the paper. “This is my direct line, Xander. If you need me, call this number.”

Xander said, “Thanks.”

Hercules nodded, and went for the door again. “I actually have to get back to the studio. I’ll be in touch.”

He opened the door, and left leaving an awestruck young man.



Sorry it’s a bit short, but this is also an attempt to come back to writing. So, I’m hoping next chapter will be longer.
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