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The Queen, The Knight, and The Slayer

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Summary: An ancient enemy comes forward, targeting an old adversary and a new one at the same time. Buffy/Xander/Gabrielle. My first 3way. Enjoy. Chapter 5 up. RR

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Television > Xena-Hercules > Xander-CenteredJonathanFR21616,18712512,28621 Jul 0529 Jul 09No

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Chapter 5

Title: The Queen, The Knight, and The Slayer
Author: Jonathan
Rating: R/NC-17 is possible
Chapter: 5
Category: Buffy/Xander/Gabrielle mainly. Some other shippings too, but there will be no Vampire/Human relationships.
Spoilers: In Buffy, Post “The Gift” In Xena, Post “Looking Death in the Eye.”
Summery: An ancient enemy comes forward, targeting an old adversary and a new one at the same time.
Author Notes:This is an old fic of mine that was always meant to come back. It’s a very deep human emotion driven novel. I’m crossing new territory with this story. And I must thank Shawn for originally giving me the idea of a long story. He’s a good friend and a great help in this story. William Gilmore for always being their to talk and help transpire story plot points. The same can be said for Cyclone, Tenhawk, Nick, Silent Bob Foley, and Danii. I also want to thank numerous people who voted for this story to continue. I hope people enjoy this. This is also my attempt to come back to fic writing.
Disclaimer: Buffy is owned by Whedon, Mutant Enemy, UPN. Xena and Hercules are owned Raimi, Tapert, Renaissance Pictures


Restful Cemetery

“They’re coming, Ares.”

The god grinned at young Sylis.  His plan was working.  Only a matter of time, and it will truly begin. 

“Excellent.”  He then knelt down and continued to create a circle among the dried grass, centering around Buffy Summers’ tombstone.  Ares then took the pouch that held the chakram and gave it to Sylis.  “Make sure this is in the urn, Sylis.  It will make the push even more prominent.”

He nodded as two wiccans came into the clearing.

Even till this day, the sight of Buffy’s grave made Willow and Tara sad. It made all of them sad. The words ‘Beloved Sister. Devote Friend. She saved the world a lot,’ was what truly made their friend special.

“Welcome.”  Ares said in his calming voice.  “I’m glad that you’re both here.”

“W-Willow says everything will be safe?”

He grinned.  “Certainly, Ms. Maclay.”  Ares then gestured to the other man of the four,  “This is Sylis.  He’s here to help channel the spell.”

Sylis then offered his hand to Tara.  “This way, Ms. Maclay.”  He then walked her over to one of the four stumps.  “When the spell is finished, Ms. Summers will return to the world of the living.”

Ares nodded.  “Everything is set.”  He did the same motions as Sylis and gestured for Willow to take the other seat.  “Once you give us the urn and the blood.”

Tara’s eyes shot up.  “Blood?”

Willow looked at Tara as soon she uttered that word. 

“You never told me that there would be a-any b-blood?”

Ares looked at the younger wicca, “I understand your concern, Tara.  But we are dealing with Osirus.  An ancient god who requires sacrifice.”

She nodded, “I-I…”

Willow added, “I did it in the most humane way.”

Tara looked at her, “What’s so humane about sacrifice?”

Ares addressed her, “We are dealing with dark magic, Tara.  Willow and I researched this.  Bringing back your friend requires a trade off.  Sadly this dear was needed, but we made sure we went after a dear that was near death.  We put it out of her misery.”

Tara looked at the man in question. Sure, she understood that magic needed some barbaric requirements to work properly, but she still didn’t like having to use deer blood.

Sylis interrupted her musing when he brought up, “We must hurry, Mr. Smith.” He pointed to the moon, “We only have a short window to cast this spell.”

He smiled, “You make an excellent point.” Ares offered his hand for the urn, “Then let’s begin.”

Hallway to Glippo and Timon’s Apartment

“I’m telling you, Glippers.” Glippo looked at his roommate. “Kaleb’s five are going to be specifically chosen to fit Pompeii.”

Glippo looked at Timon. “I know.” He said in a sad tone. Glippo closed the door behind them as Timon turned on the lights. “But there’s always hope.”

Timon smirked, “Yeah, blame that on Pandora.”

Glippo rolled his eyes. “Timon…”

“What?” His roommate asked. “Well, it’s true. According to the story anyway.” He reasoned.

Glippo then went to the sink and poured himself a glass of water. “Still…Pandora?”

He shrugged, “It could’ve happened. I mean, you’re questioning this? Aren’t we trying to resurrect Heinrich Nest?”

“Yeah, so?”

“So…” Timon said. “If Heinrich existed…can’t that mean Pandora existed?”

“We are talking myth versus fact, Timon.” Glippo reminded him.

He shook his head, “Whatever…” Timon then poured himself a glass of water after. “Kaleb’s going to be meeting his five in the morning. And if you…or even myself are chosen, we’re going to have to do allot of work in Pompeii. Do you think you have the stamina for this kind of mission?”

“I don’t know…” He said after he finished his glass. “Just be nice to thought about. Kaleb must have had a hard time choosing his five.”

“True.” He then added to assure some hope. “Don’t forget Vlox and Shin. You could be chosen by one of them.”

Glippo placed his glass back on the counter. He walked over to his desk, hoping to find the note from Kaleb, Vlox, or Shin.

Nothing was found.

“So much for the hope from Pandora.” He smirked. Glippo pulled out his chair and sat down. “I just wish it would’ve worked out.”

“We all couldn’t be chosen, Glippers.” He then sat down on Glippo’s bed. He then looked at his desk and noticed two pieces of paper on his desk.. He got to his feet and went to them.

He took the paper and read the contents. Timon looked at Glippo. “Take a look this.”

Glippo did as suggested.

“Congratulations. Vlox has chosen you, Timon, to be one of the five to head to Crete.”

Glippo looked at his roommate. With a sigh, he said, “Good for you.”

He nodded, ”Look at the other one.”

Glippo did as told. “Congratulations. Kaleb has chosen you, Glippo, to be one of five to head to Pompeii.”

His eyes widened. “This is great!”

Timon looked at his paper. “I was right. Tomorrow morning is when I meet Vlox.” He glanced at Glippo, “What about you?”

“Tomorrow at 7:30 am.”

“I guess that means Pandora did leave hope.”

Glippo replied, “Don’t start that again.”


Restful Cemetery

Mr. Smith, Sylis, Willow, and Tara sat within their circle. In the center stood Buffy’s grave.

Still. Stiff. Strong.

All four of them held candles with the flames shining brightly.

Sylis took the urn, that now housed the chakram, and took the blood. He poured it slowly.

“Osirus…” Willow began, “keeper of the gate, master of all fate. Hear us.” She took some of the blood and placed marks upon her forehead and cheeks.

“Before time, and after. Before known and nothing.” She then poured the mixture upon Buffy’s resting space. “Accept our offering. Know our prayer.”

The ground silently trembled.

Tara looked at Ares in horror. “It’s quite alright, Tara. It’s expected.”

“Osirus!” Willow bellowed. “Here lies the warrior of the people. Let her crossover.”

The ground shook even further.

“Osirus, let her crossover!”

The ground started to shift and thunder clapped. The ground shook even more. Rocks that were sprawled over the grass started to roll. The urn itself broke upon impact.

“No!” Willow cried upon the destruction.

Shards of earth started to spurt off from the ground. The shaking soon turned into an earthquake.

Willow soon was pulled away by a concerned Tara. Together with Mr. Smith and Sylis, the four of them headed for the nearest mausoleum.

The shaking continued for another few minutes. Actual coffins started to emerge from the ground. Shafts of earth, rocks, and dried mud sprawled abound the cemetery.

One of the said coffins fully emerged and landed on its side. The cover cracked opened.


Streets of Sunnydale

“So you and your friends do this every night?”

“Pretty much.”  Xander replied to his ancestor as the three of the walked down one of the many streets of Sunnydale.  He twirled a stake in his hand.  “It keeps things interesting.”
He smirked.

“Vamps are like the Energizer Bunny. They keep sucking and sucking and sucking.”

“Energizer Bunny?” Gabrielle asked in confusion.

Xander sighed. “Referencing old TV commercials aren’t going to get me anywhere with you girls, huh?”

“Not yet anyway.” Gabrielle said in truth.

“Gives you something to look forward to. Xena replied.

“I have no problem with that.” Harris told them.

“Good.”  Gabrielle replied as she walked along with them. Changing the subject   “I wonder if they’re as strong as Baccai.”

“Who?” Xander asked. “The Energizer Bunny? Yeah…I think they’re as strong as the bunny. Nothing outlives the energizer bunny.”

“I meant vampires.”

He ginned, “I know. Just trying to be funny.” Xander looked at their faces. “And I guess it didn’t work.”

“We still respect you.” Gabrielle reminded him.

“For now…” Xena said simply.

Xander gave her look.

“I can be funny.”

“On an occasion, Xena.” Gabrielle reminded her. “Dare I tell Xander the story that you tried to get back at Joxer because he snuck attacked you.”

“Yelling sneak attack before attacking you is not a smart move.”

Xander smirked at the thought. “Joxer was an interesting character.”

“He had his moments.” Gabrielle said truthfully. “I think you two would’ve gotten along.”

“They probably..” Xena reasoned. She then looked at Xander, “And I think Xander has allot of similarities with him.”

Gabrielle gave him some thought, “I’d say more like Ioulas.”

“Thank, I guess.”

The three of them went further down the streets of Sunnydale. The night seemed pretty tranquil—more so then usual. But it did happen on occasion. Xander and his friends learned to cherish those nights.

The moon was full above. The light from above cascaded brightly upon the pavement. It was almost a soothing experience.

Looking at his new friends, he thought back on today. He then said, “Giles says your English is coming along.” 

“We know a few words.”  Gabrielle told him.

“Better than apple and ravenous.”  Xena smirked.

“Hey, I don’t know much Latin.”  He shrugged innocently, “I know some through researching, but that’s all.” 

Xander took his hand and held the medallion he wore briefly.  “When you learn enough, I can stop wearing this.”

Gabrielle looked at him, “Just don’t lose it.  You don’t know when you’ll need it again.”

He grinned, “Don’t plan to.”  Xander then pointed to the street ahead  of them.  “Restful Cemetery is down this road.”

The three of them headed down the street.

Gabrielle and Xena spent a couple hours with Giles earlier today learning the language.  He knew it was going to take a while for them to learn, but they were learning some. 

After they got back to his place, it was decided that tomorrow would be the best day to bring in Willow, Tara, and Dawn.  Together, they would be able to take them clothe shopping.  Xander knew almost nothing when it came to clothe shopping.  All he cared about, is if it fit, it was fine.

A lone figure was spotted walking out of the cemetery. Xander’s first instinct was vampire. He took his stake and gripped the wood tightly…preparing himself for a launch.

Xena and Gabrielle stood just behind him, their sword and sai in the ready.

The figure moved slowly forward.

Xander’s eyes narrowed at what appeared to be a woman. His eyes widened after a second.




The End?

You have reached the end of "The Queen, The Knight, and The Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Jul 09.

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