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The Queen, The Knight, and The Slayer

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Summary: An ancient enemy comes forward, targeting an old adversary and a new one at the same time. Buffy/Xander/Gabrielle. My first 3way. Enjoy. Chapter 5 up. RR

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The Queen, The Knight, and the Slayer

Title: The Queen, The Knight, and The Slayer
Author: White Werewolf
Rating: R/NC-17 might happen.
Category: Buffy/Xander/Gabrielle mainly. Some other shippings too, but there will be no Vampire/Human relationships.
Spoilers: In Buffy, Post “The Gift” In Xena, Post “Looking Death in the Eye.”
Summery: An ancient enemy comes forward, targeting an old adversary and a new one at the same time.
Author Notes: I’m apparently still reliving my Hercules/Xena fan phase, and I must say, I am enjoying every minute of it. Thank you DVDs. People know that I don’t write the common crossover. And Buffy/Xena has been done. But, I have never seen a Buffy/Xander/Gabrielle pairing. And there are allot more surprises in store. Hope you enjoy this. If there are any differences in canon, it will be explained within this story. This is also to let people know that I haven’t stopped my love of Buffy/Xander stories.
Special Thanks: Shawn, Cyclone, Silent Bob Foley, and Nick
Disclaimer: Buffy is owned by Whedon, Mutant Enemy, UPN. Xena is owned Raimi, Tapert, Renaissance Pictures


Xander Harris slumped down into his bed. It had been a long day. Between working at Lambert Construction and continuing to try and keep the Summers house in order, as well as working up the courage to start wedding plans with Anya, he was dead tired.

It had been two months since Buffy Summers had died when she entered the hellgod’s portal and her lifeless body fell to the ground and died. He still remembered the way her lifeless body looked on the concrete. The way her white sweater and shaded blue jeans covered her body. Her long blond hair flowing as strands covering the fallen debris.

And for the longest time he couldn’t get the image of her out of his mind.
He still couldn’t. Every member of his little family broke down. Dawn and Willow couldn’t stop crying. Tara did her best to be there for his best friend.

Spike was crying too. He actually cried, something that Xander didn’t expect him to be capable of. He was demon after all. But he really didn’t worry about Spike anymore. After that fateful night with two Farenghi demons, they killed him simply because he didn’t have enough cats to pay them off after a poker game.

He had to chuckle a little, Spike going out by a couple demons over Poker seemed kind of cheap. But he didn’t care. Xander never cared for the vampire, and that was okay in his book.

As for Anya, he spent allot of time with her. She was his fiancé, and yet nobody else knew about them. Partly because they were all very upset with Buffy’s death. He didn’t want to give the group this sort of news. Not right now anyway.

Looking to Anya’s place in bed, he looked at the emptied space. Anya was back at the Magic Box working on inventory with Giles.

Sighing, he pulled himself into a sitting position. Taking his remote control, he flipped on the television. Looking above it to see the clock, he noticed it was 10:00. Not a lot on at that moment. Shaking his head, he continued to flip through the channels.

And since it was summer, nothing new was on television either. It was the way of the television scheduling. Turning it off, he plopped back into the bed and stared at the ceiling.

His head turned to face the clock again, and only one minute passed. He let out a sigh, knowing that he had time to kill. Anya wasn’t scheduled to come back until 11:30, which meant he had a half an hour to kill.

Getting back into a sitting position, he moved to the edge of the bed and placed his feet on the ground. He stretched his arms out, and was about to head to the bathroom when the phone rang. Going to the phone, he picked it up, and placed it to his ear. “Hello?”

“Hi, Xander.”

He let out a breath after figuring out the voice. “Hey, Wills.”

“Listen, something’s wrong with the Buffybot, and I can’t get it to work tonight. I’m going to need a part from a store, and they’re all closed.”

Xander asked, “What’s on your mind, Will?”

“Can you patrol tonight? We can’t let the demons know that there isn’t anyone keeping an eye on things.”

“Not a problem, Willow.” Looking at himself in the mirror, he asked, “How’s Dawn doing?”

The Wiccan sighed, “She’s still hurting, Xan. We all are.”

He knew that all to well. “Yeah, Buffy was one of the best. No other Slayer could touch her.”

“Yeah, Tara and I are almost done moving into the house. It’s a shame that
Dawn doesn’t have any family left to watch out for her.”

Xander added, “Well, Dawn has us. And that’s going to have to do. We love her, Willow. And we’re doing what Buffy would’ve wanted us to do.”

She nodded, “I know, Xan. It’s just hard some times. But I think what I thought up was the right thing to do.”

He sighed. Xander knew what she was talking about. “You mean in bringing her back?”

“I can do it, Xander. We can. You, Tara, Anya, and I can do it. Just think, we could have Buffy back.”

Xander slumped back onto the bed. “Wills, I love you. But what your thinking about involves heavy magic, magic that is very tricky in itself. Besides, what if Buffy is in some place like heaven. I don’t want to take her away from that.”

“Xander, but what if she’s in hell. She saved our lives a ton of times, and I couldn't live with myself if she was suffering. Could you?”

He stared at the carpet, “Willow, I can’t talk about this now. I’ll go patrol, and report back in the morning before work. Goodbye.” He then hung up.

Xander dropped back onto the bed and stared at the ceiling.

Willow, yet again, wanted try and resurrect Buffy. She wanted to bring their best friend back, and he had to admit, part of him wanted to have her back again. He would’ve love to have the family back together again. Dawn would have a sister again, and the Scooby Gang could be once more. And without the resident vampire. It would’ve been like the Scooby Gang of Sunnydale High. Just the friends and the father figure, Rupert Giles.

But messing with the dark magicks is always bad, and Willow wanted to invoke
Ancient dark powers. Nothing good would’ve come out of it. He was sure if
Buffy came back, there would’ve been something wrong. Even when Angel came back from Hell, he wasn’t the same vampire the Scoobies knew.

He already went through this in his mind a numerous amount of times.

Sitting back at the edge of his bed, he ran a hand through his hair. Then he got back to his feet and went to his burrow. Pulling out the bottom drawer, he took out a belt, and placed two stakes in their designated locations. Then, he closed the drawer and went back to the nightstand.

After grabbing his wallet, keys, and cell phone and turned off the lights. Exiting his room, he left a note for Anya and left the apartment.


Xander slammed into the back of a gravestone. Getting to his feet, he shook his head loose and slammed his stake into his undead opponent as he started to get to his feet.

“You killed Dominic!”

The young man looked at who said the comment, and returned with a smirk, “Dominic? That sounds like some kind of domino?”

The vampire then snarled and leapt onto the human that successfully killed his partner. With a powerful right cross, he whipped his fist across Xander’s face. “Where’s the slayer, boy?”

He took a few steps back and retaliated with a roundhouse, “She’s currently indisposed.”

The vampire grabbed Xander’s foot in mid-swing and knocked him in the side, forcing the young man to the ground. Xander let out a breath as he got to his hands and knees, and unleashed a foot sweep.

The movement caused the vampire to crumble to the ground. Xander then leapt onto of him and slammed his stake into the heart of his undead attacker. Thus killing the demon.

Xander rose to his feet and swept the dirt off his pants. Letting out a sigh, he headed further down the cemetery. Just as he entered Restful Cemetery, Dominic and some other vampire attacked him.

He walked further into the cemetery, allowing the wind to blow its cool night air. Xander tightened his jacket a little more as he continued to patrol.

Xander looked up at the sky and could see the crescent form of the moon.
Nothing spectacular about that, but it’s what he saw when he looked up into the sky.

Suddenly he fell on the ground hard. Turning to his side, he saw three vampires coming toward him. “Don’t you guys ever leave me alone?”

They looked at him strangely. One of them said, “Perhaps its your magnetic personality?”

He got back to his feet. “I’m the one who comes up with the jokes, thank you very much.” Then he ran towards one grabbed him by the arm. Throwing him with full force, he launched the demon and he hit the base of the nearest hill.

The demon got back to his feet. “What makes you think you can throw me and have me land at the base of the hill?”

He shrugged, “Seemed like the best idea at the time.”

Another vampire snarled, “Thanks for the idea.” The undead attacker then grabbed Xander by the arm and flung him to the base of the hill. But because of the added strength of the vampire, and the super amount of muscular strength, Xander broke through the hill wall and landed into someplace dark.

Xander got to his feet for what seemed like the fifth time tonight, and soon found not only the three vampires that were fighting with him previously, but now there were an added ten.

“Shit,” he cursed under his breath. “I so do not need this.”

The vampires ran into the new ‘doorway’ of this dark place, forcing Xander to scan the location he was currently in. Suddenly, the torches all around this new area burst into flames.

“Ok, this is new.” Xander said in amazement. He did a quick scan of the new location, and saw three tunnels leading to other locations.

But before he could do further wondering, the vamps came closer.

He shook his head, “Alright, we’re moving now.” Xander then ran down the middle tunnel, hoping he can find a way to survive.

“First one to find him, gets to rip his throat out!” The vampire who through him through the hill to begin with.


Xander ran down the tunnel, with his heart beating fast in his chest, sweat was starting to glisten on his palms, he was nervous and scared.

He didn’t know where he was, but it was obvious he was in an underground maze. The question though was where was it going to take him, and he hoped that he could get out of here, and alive.

If he turned back now, he would’ve ran back into the vamps. And that was something he didn’t want to do. Seeing another two tunnels appear on each side of him, he decided to take a seat by the right one. Going a few feet down, he stuck close to the wall. He arranged it so if the vampires ran down the tunnel they wouldn’t see them. But he’d see them as they passed.

Letting out a sigh, he wondered where this maze was leading to. He didn’t know if a maze could actually happen naturally, but probably not. The torches obviously meant someone designed this to protect something. The question was what.

He let out a chuckle, buried treasure? Nah. Couldn’t be that.

All of a sudden, he felt the ground vibrate as pairs of feet ran down the tunnel he just departed from. He watched as eleven vampires ran down.

With a smile, he waited until the vampires were out of earshot, and then went back to the main tunnel. But there was a problem, two more came by. Pulling a stake, he leapt onto one, forced him to the ground. The young man jammed his stake into his non-beating heart, dusting him immediately.

Getting back to his feet he was soon reciprocated by a roundhouse. But this time, Xander grinned as he caught the vampire’s foot. Using his left leg, he shoved his foot at the vampire’s chest. Watching him fall, he jammed his stake into the vampire’s chest, forcing him to dust.

Xander grinned as something finally happening right for a change. Now he had to find a way to get out of here, and hope that he didn’t run into the other eleven.

Walking back toward where he started, he soon came to three more tunnels.
The problem though was between all the running and praying for his life, he couldn’t remember if he made a turn or not. “Great,” he uttered as he looked at the three tunnels.

He didn’t know what he was going to do, but he couldn’t stay here. So, he turned to his left and walked down the tunnel.

Finally truly getting the time to look around, he knew he was in a maze, and he knew that someone built this or else there wouldn’t be the torches hanging on the walls.

Walking further down the tunnel, he came to stop. Ahead of him was the end of the tunnel. “This is definitely a maze.” Xander the slammed his hand against the wall in frustration, but was amazed to find out that his hand went right through the wall.

Taking a breath, he held it. He turned around to see that nobody was watching him; he turned back and walked through the wall.

Letting out his breath, he was astounded to find another room, but it wasn’t the normal temperature he was feeling before. This room was cold, ice cold. He wrapped his jacket tighter. Before him a clear green dome.

Approaching it, he looked at it, and tried to see through it. Although it was clear, it had this opaque quality to it. Looking at the room around him, he tired to find some sort of stick so he could use that as a test subject. Shaking his head, he found nothing.

But remembering he had two stakes, he took one and decided to use that. Taking the pointy end of it, he decided to touch it. As soon as he did, he couldn’t break through it. The dome was obviously a force field protecting it.

Dropping the stake, he knew it was stupid to touch it himself, but if a stake couldn’t penetrate it, he thought he couldn’t either. Using his finger, he touched the dome. And as soon as he did, the dome dissipated.

The ceiling of the ice-cold surface disappeared to allow a warming light.
“What the?” he asked to himself.

Walking forward, he noticed two ice coffins. Going to the left one, he used his jacket sleeve to clean off the dust and dirt that collected for however long it took to develop. He looked at the clear surface to see a woman with long dark hair, white skin, and leather armor.

“Alright, since when did this become Encino Man?”


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