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Oh what A night

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Summary: Duncan and Logan get lost in L.A. find a bar (Caritas) and find some drinking buddies (prequel to escape)

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Television > Veronica Mars > General(Past Donor)CallmemasterKentFR1863,562074,80922 Jul 0516 Jun 06Yes

6: Epilouge: Rock, Lobster?

Duncan was curled up on the bar, snoring softly and smiling slightly. It was a funny sight, but it was time to go and Logan had to awaken the happy-sloshed-Duncan and somehow get him to the car.

"you want a hand?" Angel said as he grabbed his classic billowy coat.

"I think I got him, but thanks." Logan hoisted a semi-concious Duncan into a standing position and began to make his way up the stairs. "We'll just see if this personal trainer was of any use. " He muttered under his breath. He began to get duncan to attempt the stairs, and he got him up a few but duncan was working against him, muttering and stumbling all along. Angel slid seamlessly under Ducan’s arm and shouldered a good deal of his weight. “That’s better isn’t?”

“I could’ve done it on my own.”

“Yeah, but while I’m here it wouldn’t hurt to use me to your advantage.” Angel said focusing on keeping Duncan more vertical than horizontal.

“I guess.” Logan said switching the subject as he went. “So how do I get back on the interstate towards Neptune?”


As Logan drove away Angel went back inside to the club. Lorne was already in slippers and a velvety robe that could be described as “Diva meets Hugh Heffner”.

“You think we did the right thing just letting him go with just a phone number?” Angel said noting the time and deciding on the sewers to be safe.

“It’s all we can do Angelcakes.That’s the crazy thing about free will. It’s his choice.” Lorne said putting away a glass and filling another with water.

“I just hope he makes the right decisions.” Angel said walking toward the basement exit.

“Angelcakes, one thing, where did you learn that song?”

“A pub in Dover” Angel said with a wolfish grin. There was this band of balladeers...

*********************On the highway***************************************

“We are the champions, we are the champions!” Duncan shouted happily as the car whizzed down the highway. “Those guys were awesome. We should visit them sometime.”

“I guess, maybe man, I dunno maybe we should just hang near Neptune for awhile.” Logan said looking at the exit sign quietly recalling Angel’s directions.

“So Mr. An-gel did he, (burp) give you his card or something.” Duncan said not sober but not happy drunk any longer.

“So you weren’t asleep that whole time.” Logan said grinning slightly and punching Duncan in the arm.

“Not really, just remember some shouting and stuff, and he held something out to you.”

“Yeah, did you want to see it?” Logan pulled the card out of his shirt pocket.

Duncan looked at the card hard, squinted and flipped it over a few times.
“Is that a lobster?”

THE END!!! hurrah!

The End

You have reached the end of "Oh what A night". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking