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Oh what A night

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Summary: Duncan and Logan get lost in L.A. find a bar (Caritas) and find some drinking buddies (prequel to escape)

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Television > Veronica Mars > General(Past Donor)CallmemasterKentFR1863,562074,80922 Jul 0516 Jun 06Yes

Oh what A begining

Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one (by that I mean characters or places), and I make no money off of my stories either.

Setting: L.A. a few years ago so think pre-Lilly's death and about the same time as Angel's second or third trip to Caritas.(Son't worry the details on that will get clearer as time goes on .)

(btw feed back is always nice...even if it's critisim)

Logan and Duncan weren’t big on L.A. nightlife. Mostly because they were too young to enjoy most of it; 16 year olds really didn't relish the insane Juvenility of the 20 something scene. Not that they looked entirely 16 but they were, sure there were some bars they could go to, clubs to dance in, even a few live bands were playing all over the city but they guys had seen and done most of it and now this night of mayhem seemed to be a real dud . At this point they were driving down the brightly lit streets at a darkened hour.
Logan drove while Duncan navigated, that was probably what got them lost, Duncan had no gift for maps, Ronnie on the other hand was friggin’ Magellan, but of course it was boys’ night out. So lost they were, and lost they stayed.

“Dude, I’m so hungry starting to see things….” Duncan said groaning.

“Like what.” Logan turned to glance at him while they were at a stop light.

“Like that guy over there is dripping clear goo, and the lady on the street corner has a tail.” Duncan was trying to pull of casual and funny but it didn’t work considering he was kind of telling the truth.

“Duncan my man, would you get a grip? “ Logan sighed then looked to his starved companion. “You know what, “we’ll park the car, go to that bar over there“

He pointed at the sign in neon it read Caritas

“Have a drink get some food and hope that the bartender gives good directions ok?” He sounded rather hopeful, hopeful Duncan would chill out anyways…

“I guess that would be a good idea.”

“Thank you thank you, I know I’m a genius and your savior, you may now devote yourself to worshiping me.” Logan smiled as he parked the car.

Duncan shoved him “Yea Logan the great and holy I shall worship you by…” Duncan let Logan fill in the blank

“Buying me a shot.”

“But then who’ll drive home?”

“I will.”

“Very funny, I’ll drive home.”

“Have it your way then.” Logan tossed the keys at Duncan who barely caught them.

"The stuff you get me into." Duncan said under his breath.

They ran across the street and into Caritas...As the two boys walked in the realization washed over them in a wave. This place is not normal at all…They both looked around and let their senses go into slight over load. The sound of loud karaoke music assaulted their ears, the scent of liquor, sweat and something else, something a little unnatural mixed into the smell's entirety curled up inside their nostrils. The lights bright and captivating bathed the bar in neon blue and the stage…well the stage was just an average showy-over the top glitter-y stage…But what was on it was well…that wasn’t glittery, shiny or fake. It was tall and hairy and doing a rendition of I will survive. The guys looked at each other; it was just a look shared between good friends. But what it truly meant was that, they knew for as long as they lived, they would never forget this night and this would always be their best and most memorable private joke..

As they walked in a woman in a waitress outfit stopped they boys from walking down a second set of stairs.
“Welcome to Caritas, I’m here to remind you that there are no weapons allowed inside the actual bar but you may check them and there is a no demon violence spell currently set over the entire premises. Okaaaay then” The weapons check girl paused a moment, smiled wider and finished her speech. “Do you have any weapons to check?

The guys tried to take all of this in without looking totally shell-shocked. They stood dumbfounded for a minute.
“No, No we don’t have any, no. No weapons here.” They said together anxious to just get into the crowd and get some drinks.

“Have you ever seen anything like this place?” Logan asked Duncan as they made their way to the bar.

"I would think you would have... I mean your parents are Mr. and Mrs. Hollywood. This place just seems like one of those theme bars that they are always going to."

"My parents are messed up but this is beyond them and their regular state of bizzare, and straight into nightmare..." Logan really didn't want to elborate anymore on his feelings and decided now would be the perfect time to get hammered. Which he promptly did ordering all sorts of concoctions only heard about in the movie "Cocktail". Duncan sat next to his friend in the process of inebriation, and hummed along with the Large being on the stage. This was a blue creature with scalely skin singing Always on my mind (by Elvis).
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