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Forever White Knight

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Forever White Knight". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Another variation on Halloween. Technically a crossover due to represented chars from non Buffy fics (FK and Highlander) Real crossovers later include Brimstone, FK, HL, and Kindred. (So there!)

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: HalloweenDanaShortFR13316,697103733,40623 Jul 0523 Jan 06No

Chapter 3 "Knight of Misfortune"

The cemetery was dark as Xander cut through it after the patrol on his way home.

Buffy had readily agreed, after seeing him handle himself earlier that evening that he was more than able to see himself home, and he felt proud of himself for earning the Slayer's obvious approval.

In all the time he had known her, even when he brought her back to life through CPR, she had never really expressed any confidence or approval in him, despite his best efforts.

But tonight, she seemed almost impressed. And it was a good feeling.

He had almost made it to the street when a dark figure rushed out of nowhere attacking him with a simple stake.

He felt power emanating from the figure charging him, but beyond that he couldn't identify what kind of demon it was, it almost felt like Buffy, but it was taller and larger, with dark skin and hair.

"Die vermin" it shouted in a feminine voice, with a trace of a Jamaican accent.

Xander moved swiftly, pulling the stake from it's hand and brandishing it himself instead. "I don't feel like dying again tonight. I did it last night, and it kind of hurt, thank you very much."

The figure kipped back to her feet, he was now able to clearly identify her as a young looking woman of African descent.

"Den I am too late. I saw you width de odder slayer. You have corrupted her an' her watcher already. I mus kill you all to contain de damage."

"Corrupt?" Xander asked, dodging her kick-punch combination and trying to get out of range of the inhumanly fast girl. "I haven't corrupted anyone. I mean, sure, I've made a few off-colored remarks, but then who hasn't. It's not like my sense of humor is contagious."

"Stop talking and stand still so I can kill you vampire." The girl said, finally connecting with a kick to Xander's knee, which promptly snapped, bringing him to the ground. Whatever this girl was, she seemed faster then even Buffy.

As he fell, Xander lunged forward with the stake, piercing the girl in the chest, but missing the heart, hitting a lung instead. "Great" he said, watching as the girl folded over her wound, pulling the stake out of her own chest, and holding it before her.

Xander moved towards her to see if he could stop the bleeding, only for the girl to take the stake and slam it into his own chest, a last second twist on his part causing her to also miss the heart, but apparently nicking several vessels, based on the copious amounts of blood which promptly started to flow around the piece of wood.

Ignoring the girl in light of his own injuries, Xander remembered his new ability to fly, and took to the air, making his way towards his house as fast as he could go, a trail of blood still flowing around the stake painfully embedded in his chest.. He could call Giles and if the Watcher agreed, 911 once he got there to see about the girl.


In the cemetery, a lone vampire had watched the fight, and deciding that the dying girl would make an excellent minion, moved in to drain and change her.


Xander made it all the way to his back yard before he fell to the ground, unable to fly any further.

His last conscious act before passing out was to pull the stake from his chest, releasing a sudden flood of blood, which pooled around him on the ground as everything went black.



The beings known as The Powers That Be looked down and watched as their Slayer failed to kill the being which called itself Xander Harris.

"This is not good." One of them stated flatly.

"She was not powerful enough. We will need a stronger champion to take him out before he further disrupts our plans" another responded.

"Her time is ended. I see a vampire approaches her, and she is unarmed and barely conscious." A third spoke.

"Perhaps we can use this." The first one said.

"Use this how?" another asked.

"If we left the Slayer Spirit within the chosen one as she was changed" the first considered.

"The spirit may be permanently tainted." One pointed out.

"It is a demonic essence to start with. What could further taint it than that?" the first asked.

"But how would we control a demonic slayer vampire. It would not be amongst our pieces." One of them asked.

"No, but the Slayer is amongst our pieces at present. And a vampire takes its form from the host it replaces. If she were singularly focused on the destruction of Alexander Harris, then most likely so would be the vampire which replaced her. And if it housed the Slayer Essence as well as its demonic essence." The first replied.

"It would likely be more than powerful enough to vanquish Harris." Another concluded.

"But how would we then destroy such an abomination to reclaim the Slayer Spirit?" one of them asked.

"That is not as important as the destruction of Harris. While he lives, none of our plans can come to fruition." Another of them responded. "A way will be found. It always is." It concluded.

"Then so let it be." They said in unison.


Kendra's dying mind was suddenly flooded with an overwhelming obsession; Destroy Alexander Harris.

Even as she felt her life slipping away, the vampire sucking her lifeblood from the newly opened wound on her neck, she grasped for any way to fulfill the compulsion. And when the vampire unexpectedly cut his own wrist and offered it to her, she saw the opportunity, and grasping the wrist with all her remaining strength began to drink. And she drank, and drank. Her strength more than enough to hold the wrist in place despite the vampire's weakening attempts to remove it. It was only when the wrist suddenly crumbled to dust that she stopped drinking, and slipped the rest of the way into darkness.

The excessive amount of blood in her system, coupled with the entrapped demonic essence of the Slayer Spirit wrought accelerated and enhanced changes on the body of the former Slayer.

The new vampire, Kendra awoke a few hours later. Her hunger was immense, and she immediately went off in search of blood. Coming upon the local Quickie Mart she entered, and spying the attendant secure behind his four inch thick vampire proof safety glass, reached out and simply tore the plexan from the steel frame, shattered pieces of plexy mixing with bent and twisted pieces of metal crashing on the ground and counter as she reached in and pulled out the source of her first meal of the morning. Her first of many. The first rays of the dawning sun showed seventeen of Sunnydale's nominally safe night time workers laying dead in one place or another, and the new Vampire retreating to the sewers to await the fall of darkness. After all a vampire with a Slayer-sized appetite needed a lot of food to survive. Fortunately for her it seemed plentiful.


Sunrise found Xander regaining awareness, his chest still hurt, which indicated he hadn't actually died the night before, but he almost wished he had. The pain was excruciating as he sat up and looked at the stick puddle of drying blood where he had lain for hours.

He groaned as he made his way unsteadily to his feet, then managed a brief wobbling flight up to and through his bedroom window.

Shedding his ruined clothes on his way to his bathroom, he treated his aching body to a hot shower to clean off the remnants of the sticky blood which seemed to coat everything.

Finally clean he got out and wiping the mirror examined the reddish spot in his chest which was the only visible sign of his impalement. Grabbing some clean clothes he threw them on as he made his way to the phone.

He had to call Giles and talk to him about the girl who had attacked him the night before.



---===(Snip here to detach actual story from after-notes.)===---

Ok, I don't know if I will continue this thread past this point. As I sat stuck on this story for MONTHS, I finally gave up and skipped ahead A LOT, jumping past everything I had planned for this thread, and restarting over twenty years later, according to Xander's perspective.

But at least I finally finished this story.

If you liked it, you should enjoy its distant sequel, "Knight Errant"


The End?

You have reached the end of "Forever White Knight" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Jan 06.

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