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Twice Chosen

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Summary: PRDT/BTVS. What is the truth behind Kimberly's letter had been much darker. 'Post Chosen'

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Chapter 21

Hi, I’m so sorry for the lack of updates. My Muse went on holiday and forgot to invite me. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve tried to start is chapter and then staled. So this is what I came up with in the end. I hope you enjoy it.

P.s thank you to those how stuck around, and for you’re reviews. They made sure this story was not forgotten.

Note. This chapter is kinda heavy with the conversation, but it was coming for a while. Once it’s over with I can get on with the action!



She sat quietly on the couch almost timidly as her story was revealed to the people she had tried so hard to keep it from. Her shoulders slumped as she wondered in the end had it been at all worth it. Her head bowed she glanced out the corner of her eye at Tommy’s white face, trying in at least get some idea of what he was feeling. His features were slack with shock, but his eyes belayed a sense of pain and growing anger?

Well she had been lying to him for the past ten years or so, she thought to herself, a little anger was understandable. Especially the lie, which had, had such a massive impact on both their lives. A lie about her calling, about her battles, about why she had really left him.

Tommy abruptly stood, tearing his gaze away from her. He crossed the room and lean against a far wall. His head bowed and his arms crossed as if he was trying to fold himself in and block out everything else. She pulled her gaze away, unable to look at him at that moment, as the guilt welled in her stomach. Her sight turned to Jason, his face almost a mirror of Tommy’s. But unlike Tommy there was no pain, only growing frustration.

“Why?” He managed to say, focusing all his emotion to get the words out. “Kim, why didn’t you come to us? To Tommy, to Zordon, to ME?” He sat down next to her on he couch. “You could have come to us. You know that.”

“I know I could have,” Kim began, wetting her lips and she fought for her thoughts, so she could at least explain. “I didn’t want too.” She held up a hand to stop any interruptions. “When you guys served as Rangers, you defended Earth the best you could. And you did an incredible job. But after that, after you left you stopped being Rangers you passed the mantle on. And you went on with your lives.” She tilted her head considering, “Sure a little wiser and a little clued in. But you otherwise completely normal.”

She paused looking up at them, so they could at least see that her decision had pained her too. “Slayers are different. We don’t pass the mantle, the torch, the whatever. Once we’re called that’s it. We’re a Slayer until we die. And die we do, we fight and fight until we die. And I didn’t want you guys to have any part of that. I didn’t want to have any part of that. But I didn’t have a choice, but you guys did.”

“So you made it for us,” It was the first time she’d heard Tommy speak, and the blankness of his voice made her heart clench. “You didn’t even tell us, so we could at least decide to be apart or not?”

“Could you have?” Kim shot back, unable to stand him attacking the decision she had stood by for so long. Too lose that. What would be the point of the pain endured? “Could you have seen everything of world and turned around and walked away? And left me to that world?”

“Of course not!” Tommy shouted, raising his voice for the first time. He shock his head, “Of course not,” he repeated softer, “We would have stood by you. We’re your friends, we…Kim, I….” He stopped and shook his head as if he couldn’t find the words he needed.

Haley stood from her seat across the room, “I’m going to go check to computers, see if we at least got some kind of reading of the gem piece before it was taken.” The gestured to the three teenage Rangers, “You guys come too”

“I will go with you also,” Billy offered, “Perhaps I may be of some assistance.”

“I’ll go with you guys,” Jason said, following them as they headed down into the Ranger Command. Picking there way through the mess of the thrown open entrance.

“Trini and I will get something to eat together,” Aisha offered, taking hold of the Asian woman’s arm. “It’s been a stressful night, I think we could all do with a least something.” The two of them disappeared into Tommy’s kitchen.

Kim watched her friend leave with a sigh, so knew they were giving her what she needed. A chance to talk with Tommy in private, but she wasn’t sure how to handle it. So she settled on focusing on something now, instead of the past.

“You’re mad at me aren’t you?” It was a question that was almost a statement. An unsure observation. Tommy sighed rubbing his face with his hands. He crossed the room to sit beside her.

“No Kim,” He admitted, “I’m confused, frustrated and hurt. Also in a large amount of shock.” He added with a slightly dazed look. “You would think that after Zordan, would have at least known about this underworld.”

“Maybe he did know,” Kimberly said, shrugging at Tommy’s startled look. “Maybe he didn’t I don’t know. Maybe Zordan managed to power of the morphing grids and the Power That Be, managed the line of slayers. I don’t know.”

She took a deep breath before delving into the hearth of the problem. “Tommy, I’m not sorry that I didn’t tell you.” She said, “I stand by that decision. Ten years is a long time I know, but that was ten years you lived outside of my world. But I am sorry that I lied to you, and that I hurt you. It was the only way I could think of getting you to let go.” Her eyes flooded with tears from a pain many years old, “For hurting you I am so very sorry.”

He slumped, “It was the only way,” he admitted, “If you had of just disappeared with writing that letter. Nothing would have stopped me from looking for you.”

“Do you forgive me?” She asked.

“It’s alright Kim, I do forgive you. Besides it’s was ten years ago,” Tommy said, “We were teenagers. Teenagers break up all the time. I see it every day at work.”

Kimberly nodded trying to hide her flinch to Tommy’s brushing aside, of what had been a ten-year tear in her heart.

“Ten years,” He continued, “It’s a long time to be fighting what you’ve been fighting.” He swallowed heavily, fighting to stay composed since the conversation started about her secret life.

“Oh, I haven’t been doing it alone,” Kim said, smiling happy to have a lighter side to focus on. “I’ve made some friends doing this, some really good friends.”


“Yeah?” Kim nodded, “There’s Willow, she’s like a female Billy. So smart, it’s almost scary. She also a witch. A good one,” She added when she saw him blink in shock, it was understandable given his history with witches that he was a bit wary. “These Giles, kinda like a human version of Zordan, only with out the extremely powerful being side and more English tweed. There’s Faith she defies description. She’s like my right hand girl. Then there is Spike, he’s well he’s Spike.” She laughed, “ And then there’s Jordan,” All amusement drained from her face. “Oh god Jordan.” She dropped her head into her hands.

“She’s like my little sister,” Kim said, “Her parents were killed not long after she was called in a vamp attack. We’ve been her family ever since. I was her acting watcher. I didn’t do a very good job did I?”

“You trained her?” Tommy questioned, at her nod he gave a wry smile, “That explains it then. I thought the Pink Ranger was you.” At her incredulous he was quick to add, “It made sense at the time, you showed in town not long before hand, and the Pink Ranger seemed to know you’re moves. And well you know, Pink….”

He emphasized the colour and was pleased when Kim laughed. Just then Trini and Aisha came out of the kitchen carrying bowls of food. “We were just going to take this down to the others.” Trini said.

Tommy nodded, “Yeah, we should go down and see how they’re going with the scans.”

“So Black,” Kim questioned as they headed down into the Command center.

“Yeah,” Tommy said with a node, not really surprised that she had worked it out.

“Ha, another colour for you Tommy. You seem to be working through them all. Well who knows Tommy,” Kim said with the semi sly look, “At the rate you’re going you might be the next Pink Ranger.”


She was seething, her very veins burned with the fury. Her heart pounding surges of rage, that sent a veil of red across her vision. She stood silently however, glaring out into the night. Zor-Rok was a shadow behind her, blending into the darkness around them. Earlier she had asked the shaman to take her after Elsa however the henchmen had proven untraceable, disappearing into the night with the shard. Mesogog’s lair had been equally fruitless, empty of all but a few foot soldiers.

Who Jordan had spent the better part of an hour taking her rage out on.

It didn’t help at all though, Jordan seethed, clenching her teeth to the point of pain, the gem shard was still beyond her reach.

Air shifted slightly as Zor-Rok stepped closer. She felt a whisper of shifting cloak, and something dance across her senses. A familiar feeling, her same she had felt when she was near anything of darker nature. Be it vampires, or the demonic shaman behind her. A feeling of connection.

The same way she felt about the Hellmouth.


The council privet jet had left over half an hour ago, and a heavy silence still hung in the trap cabin air. Faith sat on a seat row by herself, her feet slung across the empty seats beside her. Not caring about her heavy black boots on the planes cream leather seats.

Willow sat across from her, her attention on the view small portal window. The red head witch, was very powerful. And over the years had become increasing good at teleportation. However she was by no means, omnipotent. The power it would have taken her to teleport the group of slayers across the country would have been too much for her.

So hence the jet.

Faith turned her attention to the others. Three other solo slayers accompanied them on their trip. It was a small group of the large crowd that had volunteered to come. However they should be able to handle it with this, or at least Faith hoped.

The dark haired slayer turned to her memory of the happenings before they left. The sheer reaction of the girls, upon hearing Kim’s situation had been astounding. Although as she thought about it, she wasn’t that surprised.

Kim was well liked by everyone. Also thought of by some as a sort of leader. That is why the council tried to banish her, Faith thought, without her there the stiffs thought the slayers would fold back into position. But loyalty amongst slayers worked a bit more differently then that.

Faith had never really thought about it before, what had made the girls follow Kim. It was more then the fact Kim had stepped up to the position after Buffy had fallen. She couldn’t explain it; just say that Kim had this air around her, that made you want to be your best, that made you want to follow her. This air of courage, hope, kindness and command.

Faith, being the only remaining original slayer should have been the clear choice for leader. But with Kimberly here, to do the job. And probably do a better job at her, Faith thought, ‘Sides I’m more then happy to let someone else take charge. That way I can come and go as I please, and watch Kim’s back when I need to.

She leant her head back against the wall, and wondered if the plane could go any faster.


Jordan circled the cave, glaring down at the carved ornamental seal. Once upon a time the image and the dark energy surrounding her would have sent not only her slayer senses -but the primal protective one she had as a human- screaming with the urge to run, to hide. That was however before she had bonded with the corrupted power of the gem.

Now the Hellmouth welcomed her.

From what she had found out and from what part of her just somehow knew. The gem shard had landed here, after it had somehow fractured. And for so many millions of years had been seeped in the dark energy surrounding it. When Elsa had found the gem shard and therefore the hellmouth, she had thought she had just found another kind of power source. And by Mesogog’s orders had increased the gem absorption of the dark energy.

A snicker escaped Jordan’s curled lip, as she realized that despite Elsa initially kidnapping her, forcing bonding with a dark gem, then stealing the other half of the gem piece. The joke really was on her. As The Pink Ranger had said to the henchman before. She really didn’t know what she had unleashed. But Jordan did, and now she was going to finish the job.

“I’m going to open it.”


A/N I’m not so sure about this chapter, but on the risk of saying to myself I’ll rethink it, and not post it then forget about it, and not post for an few months, I figure why not.

Ok. Catch’cha later.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Twice Chosen" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Apr 09.

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