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Twice Chosen

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Summary: PRDT/BTVS. What is the truth behind Kimberly's letter had been much darker. 'Post Chosen'

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Twice Chosen

A/N: I’ve seen the large collection of Power Ranger stories of the Internet and do admit that I’ve even read a few and enjoyed it. I decided that I might have a go at the field, but being a crossover lover I decided to add a new dimension.

Summary: What if the man Kimberly wrote about in her letter, had been her watcher? PRDT/BTVS.

Back story: After writing the letter, no one heard from Kimberly again. She disappeared of the face of the planet, and never ended up competing in the Pan Globals. The Power Ranger universe is unchanged.

Setting: Ten years after the events of Chosen. –Some of the main characters of Buffy are dead, some because they didn’t fit in the story, some because I need a dramatic past, and some because I didn’t like them every much.

Set during Dino Thunder, I admit I never really watched the later series of Power Rangers. So if I get anything incorrect, or miss anything just let me know. Plus if there are thing you think I should know, that I might not just tell me…. any little bit helps.

Important Note: This chapter is a little disjointed, the rest of the story wont be like it. Its just the establish a background.

Disclaimer: I own neither Buffy the Vampire slayer, or anything of the Power Ranger series. This is for entertainment not profit.



New York

Pounding footsteps echoed of the alley walls, grime and grit crunching under heavy foot. Heavy pounding boots splashed though puddles of murky water. Grey clouds hung overhead, fractured slightly to allow starlight to seep though. Vapour escaped from vents from under the city. A figure ran the alley, moving so fast she hit the wall as she careened around the corner. Panting she rolled across it, casting a look behind. Blood seeped from a cut on her forehead, her clothes cut and dirty. A screech echoed out across the night, spending chills down the spine of any that heard it.

She pushed herself off before moving again. Gasping for breath as her arms and legs blurred, her dirty blond hair streaming out behind her.

Final she skidded her a stop falling to her hands and knees out of breath. Head down she inhaled deeply, before reaching for her pocket. Pulling out her cell phone she flipped it open and dialled.

“Stella?” she panted as the line answered, “It's me. I found it…It’s bigger than we thought. I need back up we need more Slayers…I think I lost it but….”

Her final comment trailed of as she looked up, her eyes widening in shock and terror. Finally her scream split the night. A voice could be heard calling from the cell, never to be answered.



Two suited men walked side by side down a bland white corridor, the stride swift and purposeful.

“Any word yet?” Questioned one.

“No, not yet,” Answered the other, “The doctors have her stable, but beyond that…”

“Damn it,” Cursed the first, “Danielle was one of the last few solo slayers we had left. Parker this thing needs to be killed!”

“Oh?” Questioned Parker, “By who? You said so yourself Reid, we’re losing slayers… Ever since that last apocalypse. When we lost Summers.”

“What about the junior slayers?” Reid asked, as they finally can to a stop on a walkway over looking to training gym. “Can’t we send some of them?”

“You’d have to ask her first.” Parker stated nodding his head down into the gym.

Standing before a group of young girls, each practicing a complicated kata, with an ease that would amaze some, was a woman. She walked around them, correcting mistakes. Even stopping to do some moves of her own. Soft caramel hair fell about her shoulders. Almost as if she knew they were talking about her, Kimberly Hart turned to look up at them.


“They’re not ready yet,” Her opinion final.

“They have had as much training as the other girls,” Reid argued, as he placed his hands against his desk.

“That doesn’t change the fact that they aren’t ready.” She said, “Have you seen what this thing can do? Have you been to the hospital to see Danielle?”

“Is there a problem here?” Reid hadn’t known the door had opened but Kim had even with her back to it. Turning she spotted the new occupant, grey hair brushed back and a pair of glasses resting on his nose. He looked very dignified even dressed in a grey tweed suit.

“Nothing Giles,” Kim stated, “Mr Reid and I were just having a disagreement.”

“About what?”

She didn’t want to answer, she wanted to leave the problem were it was. But she knew this was one man that you shouldn’t lie to, this had been her watcher.

“You know the situation,” she began, “Mr Reid wants to send the juniors after it. Giles they are the youngest group we have left. No new ones are being called and so many have fallen, and he wants to use what’s left as cannon fodder!”

“I know the situation Kimberly,” Giles said gently, as I high ranking watcher he was used to dealing with the passionate slayers. Even ones that were considered to be the most powerful in the world.

Kimberly Hart, fall into the description. It had been ten years since she had been called, ten years that she had fought against the darkness of the world. Lasting longer than some of the slayers of the past. So it was now that she spent her time, acting as much as a watcher as well as a slayer. Training the younger girls to survive.

“I’ll go,” Kimberly said suddenly turning to face Reid again, “This thing is deadly, It needs to be destroyed before it kills anyone else. I go…tonight.” With that she turned and walked from the room.



They had decided to have lunch together, a brake in the hectic training schedule they were all forced to keep. The garden restaurant was a beautiful place, especially in the Florida weather. Although they laughed and joked together, they seemed to lack the tight knot group feeling that Kimberly had left behind. But that didn’t stop Kim from fitting in. If there was one thing Kim could do it was make friends…well shop, and make friends.

She was laughing, when she felt a trill travel though her. It wasn’t painful, but it was so intense that it almost was. Gasping she grabbed at the table, hearing her friends exclaim in shock asking if she was ok. The world span out, and she grasp slipped from the table as the chair slide out from under her. As she hit the floor, she tried to suck in a much air as she could. The only conscious part of her mind, thought that it must have been a spell…. how right she was.

End Flashback

She was in her room, preparing for a night a patrol. Weapons scattered the bed, axes, short swords, broad swords, katana’s, sai’s. Ready for her to choose. She searched the weapons with the eyes a veteran warrior, sure hands testing blades when there was a knock on the door.

“Its open,” she called.

The door opened and a girl stepped in. She was a teenager, with long black hair that hung straight around her shoulders. Dressed in a classy yellow singlet top, with a pair of jeans. Always a slayer she took in Kimberly’s classy room, with aqua eyes, the weapons on the bed.

Kim felt a moment of nostalgia as she remembered another dark hair girl with a fondness for yellow.

“Talk is your going after this thing,” She said tilting her head, “Is that…is that wise?”

“Jordan you saw what this thing did to Danielle…”

“Exactly my point.”

Jordan like Danielle was one of the solo slayers, slayers skilled enough to hunt on their own before reporting back to the watchers. They didn’t have to, they chose to do it.

“Well be careful,” Jordon said as she picked up one of Kim’s knives, “That things pretty dangerous.” She gave the knife a flip before adding, “You know coz we need you... I mean slayer deaths has gone down with you as our teacher…I mean…” she look slightly freaked that she hadn’t been able to down play her obvious concern.

With a smile Kim shoulder her bag of selected weapon, and took the knife she Jordan. “I’ll be careful,” she said, “For the sake of the school.”


It was raining heavily water flying of the tips off her hair, flicking from her kicks and punches. She fought as hard, her jaw set as she dodged swipes a razer sharp talons.A deadly dance of skill and timing, her arms blocking lethal swipes as her legs dealt powerful kicks. Having lost her weapons bag earlier she had to rely on herself. One slip up and she could end up like Danielle or…worse.

But that what it meant to be a slayer, that’s how it back been since they approached her.


Kimberly made her way to the change rooms, after a partially hard training day. Every muscle should have been screaming with the strain of just moving, but they weren’t, in fact she felt ready to take on a pack of putties and a super-size monster all one her own. She moved past the other hopefuls waving at friends and team-mates, ignoring their scowls of annoyance at her cheerfulness.

Everyone had left by the time she emerged, due to the fact she had been the last to leave the floor. It was slightly odd to stand amidst the gym equipment with no one else around. Glancing around she tugged her bag back up her shoulder and headed for the door, when something made her freeze. She wasn’t sure what it was, just the fine hairs on the back of her neck seemed to stand up. A feeling that she was being watched seemed to unwind in her stomach.

Let her bag drop to the ground she spun around to look behind her. Three strangers stood there. A young woman with sunshine blond hair, that seemed to be shorter than Kim, a young man with a mop of shagging black and an eye patch and an elder man wearing a tweed suit with glasses.

“Are you Kimberly Hart?” The blond questioned, the valley girl image vanishing as Kim heard her speak. She was reminded strangely of herself.

“Yes,” she conformed, “Is something the matter?”

“Oh I hope not,” the man with the eye patch said.

Frowning she looked from one person to the next. “Is there something I can help you with?”

“Yes,” The blond with an oddly sad smile, “You….” She trailed of as she noticed something, “Where did get those shoes?” she exclaimed wide eyedlooking down at Kim’s foot wear.

“They’re half price Louis Vuitton,” Kim said proud yet confused, “You wanted to ask me about me shoes?”

“Yes…No!” the blond shook her head, “My name is Buffy, this the Giles and Xander. We’ve come to find you, because Kimberly you’ve been chosen.”

“Chosen?” Kimberly echoed more confused then ever, as her mind revisited her Ranger days.

“Yes chosen,” Buffy said, “Kimberly you’re a Slayer.”

End Flashback

She leapt into a flying kick to the creature’s skull like face, shaking its head it backed away. Standing almost eight feet high, the creatures grey leathery skin gleam in the star lite. Large wings attacked the long arms, with large clawed hands at the ends. The demon swiped at her, which she ducked only to get hit by its tail. It sent her flying straight into the alley wall. She slumped against it before spotting something. Lunging forward she grasped hold of a metal pipe anchored to the wall. Pulling, the drainage pipe gave way under her strength, bending and braking off in a jagged line.

Spinning she went at the creature with her newly acquired weapon. Swinging it like a batsman going for a home run, she managed to knock the creature back a good couple of meters.


They had sat her down and explained everything to her. The duty of a slayer, the history behind it, and what it truly meant. Though she didn’t have to they told her it was advisable that she dropped out of the running for the Pan Globals. She needed to be trained, they had told her. Trained to control and harness the new strength.

“I don’t believe this,” she muttered. Buffy heard her.

“I didn’t either at first,” she said, “I had to get a dagger thrown at my head.” At Kim startled look, she hastily added. “Which...We’re... not going to do that to you.”

They handed her a card

And so she found herself Chosen…again.

End Flashback

Though battered, the attacks seemed to infuriate the creature. screeching loudly it stopped the pipe mid swing by grabbing it with its hand like claws. It pulled her forward before shoving her back, ripping the pipe form her grasp and send her flying backwards.

Tucking into a roll and up into a backwards handspring. Kim landed on her feet. Only than realising that the skirmish had placed the creature between her and the broken pipe still attached to the wall.

With a determined face she ran forward leaping into a double kick she knock the demon straight back on the to pipe impaling it. Still alive the creature began the thrash as Kimberly bent to retrieve the other piece of the pipe. Standing she threw it spending the pipe straight for the creature’s heart.


She cried, when she’d finally got home. Cried, when reality finally hit her. This was no calling where she could do her duty and pass it on, no, she was a slayer until she died. She lay on her bed sodding quietly, mourning the loss of her dream. With a tremendous strength she pulled herself up and reached for the phone. She needed to speak to him, but her hand stopped as it hovered over the phone.

What would Tommy said if he found out. Would he come to her rescue, as the white knight he always was for her. But this wasn’t something he could rescue her from. What would it mean for him to have a slayer for a girlfriend. His life was already filled with so much action and peril, did he really need her bring in the dangers of the underworld.

She had vaguely wondered how as Rangers they could have missed such thing existing. But Buffy had pointed out that the people everyday missed things right in front of their faces, because they were too distracted to see it. She guessed Rangers were the same.

Pulling her had away from the phone she picked up the card resting on the table.

Rupert Giles Watchers Council

Would she let Tommy go on the mourn the passing of his girlfriend, when she fell to the countless evils the now pursued her? Would she let him be pulled into the shadows of hell? No she wont let Tommy into this life, not if she could help it, she would let him go, so that he at least could get away. So with a heavy heart she picked up a pen and begun to write a letter.

End Flashback


A/N: I hope you enjoyed that. Please review, I gonna know if I should continue.
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