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Summary: After Halloween(Season 2) Xander realizes that he's been manipulated. He decides to gain the power needed to change that.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Heroic XanderCrazyDanFR181490,11248209252,67626 Jul 0518 Sep 06No


Sorry about that, forgot to put this up: Standard disclaimer, I own nothing. Not Buffy, Not the Highlander franchise or anything else. This is a multiple crossover so you can guess there's going to be a lot in here that isn't mine. Being the site that this is, I think everybody's pretty much cool with it. Save maybe for some narcs. Anyhoo on with the story. plan on having an update with my other fic Necromantic Newbies pretty soon.

See ya next update

Xander Harris was nobody's fool, no matter what anyone else would tell you. He learned early on with parents like his, you shouldn't even try to be smarter than them. That's when he realized he needed to wear a mask. That mask was easily applied by Willow in kindergarten when she wasn't able to pronounce his full name, thus 'Xander' was aptly named and his goof ball persona borne out of helping his newly acquired friend. Jesse McNally and his family moved in to town later that year. Jesse and Willow became his world away from his family and the Library. What the other two didn't know certainly wouldn't hurt them. He had thought that until he'd learned the true nature of the world in his sophomore year of High School.

Jesse had been turned into a soulless demon animated corpse and Willow slowly started drifting from him and becoming a person he was beginning to slightly dislike. Add that to his own frustrations involving Vampire Angel and the single mindedness he found in the Watcher Giles left him more than a little frustrated. He alone was the one who managed to fight prophecy from a supposedly irrefutable source. He'd saved Buffy's life and only gotten an almost lap dance because of it. He wasn't sure if he liked keeping up the appearance of the clown. When he looked in the mirror he was slightly sickened by the face he had to put on everyday just to keep up something he'd started so long ago. He didn't hate the people he knew, he just wanted them to open their eyes to what they were and realize there was a lot more going on than even they wanted to realize.

He saw more than he would like to admit and some of it was starting to worry him. Especially the furthering relationship between Buffy and Angel. Soul or not the extremely aged individual was still room temperature. Not exactly conducive for snuggles.

Xander's outlook on life had a subtle shift the night of Halloween. By the effect of a chaos spell, he'd turned into a military version of himself. Complete with an alternate set of memories where he was raised as a military brat. His 'Soldier Self' was actually a good decade older than he was. He'd been born in the seventies and came complete with high school education and full military training. The whole thing furthered something he'd read in some science-fiction when he was younger. Alternate realities exist. The power of Janus had simply made him realize it when he became himself. The sad thing was, he felt more whole and complete as a soldier than he did as himself.

That led him to think back to that night. Little children were turned into demons, they were humanoid still but displayed strength and healing that belied their mortal forms. The spell coupled with the energies of the hellmouth had temporarily made the children into monsters. Seeing a possible tactical advantage in this he began to research further into chaos magic and to see exactly how Ethan had done what he had.

It took surprisingly little effort to shimmy open the lock on Giles' file cabinets to get the books required, and almost as much effort to look up the ritual. It actually had only taken a little skill to enchant a costume. Both the caster and wearer needed something in mind, His own costume was limited since the gun was the focal point. So he became himself. Ethan had greater power over the dress Buffy wore because he knew what women were like back in that time while Buffy was not. Buffy became vulnerable because she became the ultimate generic noblewoman.

Xander took his time and researched, his hidden skills in Latin came in handy. He'd found a ritual that was done with the power of Janus that caused a fusing of masks. It simply required the free will of both involved, the caster could literally combine itself with what it would become provided the 'Other' agreed to it. It was a simple blood ritual that could be done by any who had caused a great deal of chaos in their life. After what Ethan had caused on Halloween, he could have done this ritual to himself.

Xander knew that Ethan was far to confident in his own abilities to even try to boost himself in such a manner. The entity they would turn into would have to agree to it. The ritual wouldn't work if you lied to the persona you wished to fuse with. Also, very few would do such a thing without a damnable good reason. That's when Xander realized he was out of his league on this. He knew he was smart but true wisdom and power came with age and practice. Something his burgeoning witch friend Willow was failing to realize.

After pondering the whole situation for a week he'd come to an epiphany. He knew there was one fictional character that might just go along with this. One that would not only enable him to survive but also more than likely prevent him from ever being turned. Xander knew what he was already capable of and was scared of how it would be twisted and corrupted if he ever became a vampire.

Before he even began though, he needed to know if he was an agent of chaos. There was a simple ritual he had found that could confirm it by doing a combined divination spell and aura reading. Essentially, the brighter the aura, the greater agent of chaos you were. Xander knew he had already broken a prophecy. That certainly had to count for something and he performed the spell one night after his parents had passed out from drinking. Xander knew magic didn't work well on him, but simple spells like this were possible. When he performed the spell he found out why spells always seemed to go wonky around him. His aura was blinding white. He passed out from the light his own aura had given off.

When he awakened he realized why his alternate self was a decade older than he was. 'Xander' Harris was an agent of almost unlimited chaos. He had no true destiny and was born a decade out of time. His own parent were in their late fifties. They should have had a child much earlier than they had considering how long they had been married. Something had altered the time of his birth by almost a decade. He knew this because he remembered Sunnydale High while he was stationed on base nearby. Both Willow and Jesse were there and they were in the right times.

The clarity he had felt at that moment was astounding and altogether scary. Someone higher up had pulled a great deal of strings to get him to the point he was at now. He didn't know what for but he had a feeling that bringing Buffy back from the dead was just the beginning of whatever was planned. He now knew he needed to go through with the ritual. The character he'd picked could smell a plot a mile a way and had made more than a few himself. He also saw reality for what it was and certainly wasn't a boy scout of any degree. Even if the character didn't agree to his proposition he might leave just enough behind to give Xander a chance to not be manipulated by whatever it was that had moved his birth ten years down the line. It stunk of badness and triggered the feeling he'd dubbed as 'ultra-hellmouthy'. He'd talk to Giles about the whole situation after he attempted the ritual of merging.

But first he not only needed the necessary item for the ritual, a bust of Janus, but also the appropriate items to enchant as well. He called Johnathan and requested a few videos. He already had the movies but he needed a few episodes with the character in it to convince him.

It took him a week to gather everything he needed including the right sword from Giles' weapons cabinet. Knowing the character like he did he even went out of his way to snag a six pack of Guinness for him while he thought about his choices. He'd composed a long letter as well as a knife just in case the man filled his second choice before departing.

It was three weeks after Halloween when Alex Harris was ready for the ritual and possible results from it. He'd donned the clothes and trench coat he'd enchanted as well as put on the temporary tattoo he'd had made on his right wrist. He began the ritual by cutting open his left palm and smearing blood on one of the eyes of the bust of Janus while chanting in Latin “Chaos I am your loyally degenerate son and follower....”

Adam Pierson awoke and took in a sudden rush. Pain filled his very being such as it always does after awakening from a very violent death. When he took in his surroundings he realized he hadn't a clue in hell where he was. He looked around and found himself in a ritual circle. Around the circle were various items including a letter that was addressed to Methos, a knife, a six pack of currently warming Guinness, a bottle opener and a remote control on top of several videos labeled 'Highlander' and a hand mirror.

Being the man that he was he opened a bottle of beer and took a long pull and began to read the letter. If he'd been a few millennia younger he would have done a spit-take at the letter.

Dear Methos,

Greetings Old Man. My name is Alexander Harris and you are more than likely drinking one of the beers I left for you and wondering what the hell is going on. Here's the deal: You are a fictional character. Sounds strange huh? Don't worry about it too much. A great author once theorized that pretty much all realities exist in one form or another. Fiction for one group can be reality for another. Robert Heinlein was a great man. I truly think you'd like to read about Lazarus Long if you haven't already. You two would certainly have gotten along well. You are currently here because I am requesting your help.

I know, what can a fictional character do to help out a teenager? Go on, look in the hand mirror if you don't believe the hands you're using aren't your own.


Methos did just that and was astounded. He wasn't in his own body. That's when it clicked in his head, 'Highlander' did one of those two Scotsman have their own television show? He continued to read the letter.


Saw those Highlander tapes did you? Well my friend you know how you never liked to attract too much attention? You got your wish. You are the Old Man of the show, you're you but certainly not the star. That boyscout Duncan is. When I said I needed help, I meant you and you alone. You've got the time and experience as well as the survival skills I need to help fight against the darkness. In my world magic exists as do demons and interdimensional portals to hell. Ironically it's on top of my high school. You can read my journal to get the lowdown once you've convinced yourself you're not nuts or anything. I have a great potential for chaos. I know this because due to a spell similar to this one I was possessed by an alternate version of myself. Sounds odd I know but this fellow was a decade older than I was when everything else he remembered about this town was identical. I realized that I was born about a decade later than I should have been and odds are there's a higher power of some sort mucking about with me to cause who knows what.

Everyone in this town sees me as the loser son of a drunk. A buffoon who can't do anything right. They see this because I put that mask on when I was five and keep putting it back on every time I leave the confines of this room. It's sounds teen angsty, I get that but with parents like mine I think you'll understand. I've done my research and there are no immortals in this world. There is reference to one, but he sold his soul for eternity. Not a nice fellow runs his own demonic shit out in Europe. Reach out with your quickening if you don't believe me.


Methos did just that, deciding to take the risk. His quickening was so strong it could resonate and attract immortals several thousand miles away. Methos would be aware of them and they would be aware of him. He'd kept it masked since the late 1600's and Salem, where he had accidentally released some of it. The fights there had unintentionally brought forth the witch trials. When expanded his quickening he felt, nothing. Elation filled his very being. He'd been hiding for two millennia only taking heads when forced to by jackass whelps while avoiding his three brothers. He continued to read the letter.


If I'm right you haven't got a ping on the radar. Gotta love those fan boy websites. You've got a few dedicated to you with direct info from the writers of the show. Anyhoo, here's the sitch, I'm asking you to consider two options. Option one is where you complete the ritual and by doing so merge with me and help me survive and beat whatever the hell displaced me. There is no way I could have been born normally since my mother had been a raging alcoholic even during pregnancy and I was born on time and a decent color and weight. Sound normal? Didn't think so. Whatever did it was subtle and is planning something doing that damn ripple effect. Chaos upon chaos, plans within plans bullshit. Option two, stab yourself/me in the heart and your quickening will bring me back to life. Maybe that change will become permanent once you vacate by smashing the bust of Janus. It's your Choice old man and the beer is warming up. Take your time and read my journal and watch the vids. You've got half a day for the decision.

Thanks for your help, however it turns out.

Alexander Lavelle Harris.


Methos finished reading the letter and the details of the ritual and only had one question to voice out loud. “What the hell kind of a name is Lavelle?” He chuckled and finished his first beer and popped in a 'Highlander' tape. He picked up this 'Xander' person's journal. It started normal in the until he reached mid sophomore year. That's when Buffy showed up. He read in interest, his old mind filtering the teenage writing with ease. Over the years he'd raised more than a few kids and knew how they thought at this age.

While reading it he realized just how cold of a bastard the supposedly comforting and lovable Xander Harris could be. He had darkness. If he ever became a vampire the destruction he would wreak might even be on par with Methos' own younger years. Only with less style of course.

The videos were pretty fun and far too Mac centered. The good thing was the portrayal of Amanda. She was always damn hot. If Mac hadn't been around at the time... He just ended that thought process. There wasn't much point for it since He'd had his own share of immortal loves including his final reconciliation with Cassandra that had happened a few months before he woke up here. Sex was much more with a willing participant than an unwilling. He sighed and read over the ritual. They way it was done any true agent of chaos could do this with the proper research but it was pretty much a one time shot that killed any chance of worshiping Janus again. This was his final mark of his favored. If this was the first thing Xander had cast he not only had decent magical potential that was more than likely sealed by whatever higher power that had delayed his birth but that delay was able to empower the spell in the first place. A rather odd catch 22. He cast the spell to stop whatever it was that was able to empower him enough to cast it. Methos shrugged finished his beer and stabbed himself in the heart. He remembered to pull the knife out so he wouldn't have moments of consciousness before dying again.

After he woke up he completed the first option as well. Odds are if he was meant to exist in his world provided it was indeed real, he'd still be there. Necessary Destinies and all that rot. He cut his right hand and placed the blood over the second eye of Janus while completing the ritual when he finished the incantation a wave of power burst over him and he felt his body shift ever so slightly as he passed out.


In the realms of the Powers That Be several of them were wondering why one powers was cursing so heatedly. When they zeroed in on exactly what had happened they started laughing after they fast forwarded the time-line a few years. “So that was your plan?” One of the Powers asked her. “Brilliant I'll give you that, but your wild card just got rid of your get out of jail free card. You're stuck here for a reason, there's no way we'll let you be naughty like that again.” The Power told the one that will now never be known as Jasmine. She screamed in rage as the covenant she'd sworn was broken and her power was drained and dispersed among the remaining powers.

They looked around at each other. “Who's up for doing each other for her replacement?” the Eldest asked. Two of the Powers volunteered. The Elder nodded and just said “Get to it then.” As the two Powers left for privacy the Elder shook his head and muttered. “The things children do for attention. Honestly as if being grounded was bad enough she had to try to decimate another world. I swear I raised her better than that.”

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