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quick trip and into confusion

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Summary: Dawn accidentaly creates a portal, and lands in the mansion. She meets some of the x-men. *spoilers for X2.*

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Dawn-CenterednotmydestinyFR723,6940206,57827 Jul 0530 Jul 05No

Making talk

Disclaimer:I own nothing. Nada, that's spanish for nothing. Buffy belongs to the WB, Joss, and so on, Xmen belong to 2oth century fox, and others, not me. Ever. Thankyou.

A/N:Thanks for all the reviews, they are really appreciated. Really, they are. I was planning on leaving this a one shot, but now I feel I must continue. See what you made me do? ^_~

She was staring at the ceiling. A nice, flat, ceiling with no little doors, or secret flaps, or portal-like qualities. And yet here was a brown-haired girl about a year younger than her who had just come through it. “Mutant?” she asked expectantly. Scared girl nodded. She shrugged, thinking stranger things had happened, and then looked at the girl.

Of course, before the girl hit the ground, Dawn had grabbed the knife she had gotten from the kitchen (After wolverine had left her to sneak around. Of course, he probably thought she would stay put. Why is it people always thought that?) from under her pillow, and had gone into defensive stance, the girl caught unawares. She studied the girl, who, though had tensed, had not gotten into an immediate defensive posture. Then again, she had come in through the walls, no need to worry about a knife going through her. Dawn grimaced at the frightened look on the girls face, then put her knife away, evaluating that the situation held no further danger.

Besides, Xavier the bald, the professor, whatever he called himself, said this was a school for the mutants. Therefore, mutants here live. “Sorry about that. I get kind of… jumpy when people come into my room when I’m sleeping, through walls.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, it’s just that we’re all so interested in the rumors.”

“Rumors? What rumors?” Dawn asked suspiciously.

“That you came through a portal, and are a new kind of mutant.”

“I am NOT a mutant!” Dawn almost shouted, exasperated. “I am a normal human being with no family incest.” Then, once again remember where she was, how she came to be here, who here family was, and what their type of mutation meant, added “With a tiny bit of magical energy over thousands of years old.” She gave a small smile at the girl.

Said girl was now lost. “Magic? There’s no such thing”

“Keep believing that, and one day you WILL get yourself killed.” Dawn said seriously, then offered a large grin. “Dawn, mystical key, from an alternate dimension… I think. How are you?” She extended a hand. It worked with the wolf dude, although it had made him edge away from her as they walked. Girl shook her hand in a friendly way, and said “My name’s kitty.”
Dawn looked at the clock, it was seven. She turned annoyed at the girl. “Okay, new girl, what in the power’s name bring you ghosting through my ceiling at this ungodly hour?”

“Six is usually when students wake up for the day.” Dawn now noticed how fully clothed Kitty was, in a purple shirt, and black pants, while Dawn had some weird white nightgown which might have been from Baldy’s childhood, or possibly even Spike’s.
She looked at her deadpan. “There’s a six in the morning? I thought that was just a lie, a myth, nonexistent.” Kitty just laughed.

“Your funny, breakfast is going to be served soon. It’s probably already being served though. You should get something on and join.”

Dawn grimaced at her jeans which were stained with her blood, and her shirt which had some demon blood on it from the slime demon she had killed last night. They smelled a bit funny, and Kitty looked sympathetically at Dawn before sizing her up.

“Come with me.” Kitty said, and they rushed out the door into the hall. Not a lot of kids were around, probably all at breakfast, Dawn suspected. They went up a set of stairs and into a room. Dawn was practically tossed into the room, to find another girl in the room, also fully clothed, lying on the bed listening to a CD player. She had two white streaks in her hair. She looked at Dawn curiously, then at Kitty askingly.

“Dawn, this is Rogue, Rogue, Dawn, she’s the new one and she needs some clothes.”

Rogue took off her earphones and smiled. “Hi.” Dawn noted the southern accent. Then noticed the gloves, and that most of her body was covered up.

“Can’t touch people?” Dawn asked sympathetically.

“How did you-?”
“Back home, knew a girl who electrocuted people at a touch. You probably don’t have that particular problem because, well, there are no electrical currents running off of you. But you can’t make contact, so it’s pretty much the same as her.” Dawn scrunched her nose, thoughtfully tilting her head to the side. “Though she’s been struck by lightning a lot of times. And boy, do I mean a lot. So little difference there I guess.” She gave a small smile to Rogue, who returned it.

Kitty was now opening the closet her and Rogue shared. She pulled out a top. “How do you like this?” Kitty asked, showing Dawn a cute, wholesome pink shirt with a yellow happy face in the middle. Dawn smiled apologetically at Kitty.

“Not really my… style.” She said, shifting uncomfortably. Rogue gave her a sympathetic look.

“Kitty, I think I might have something.” She said, getting up. She took out a simple black shirt, and some jeans.

Dawn smiled gratefully. “Thanks, sorry Kitty, I’m just not into…”

“Pink, and happy?” She said, quirking an eyebrow, but smiling it a good-humored way.

“Yeah.” Dawn said with a laugh.

“It’s all right, it’s not like it’s my only style. Now get dressed so we can go downstairs.” Rogue pointed her to the bathroom, and Dawn did a quick fix. Black shirt hugged her, jeans were the same, comfortable. She quickly rinsed her face, and then tried to make her hair less Just-got-out-of-bed, and more I-fixed-it, but-nothing-was-wrong-to-begin-with. When she was satisfied, she smiled, and went back out, where they were already near the door. Dawn followed them out, and then down the stairs, and into a big common room place. Then they went through a hallway, and found a whole bunch of little round tables, where many students were already eating. Kitty and Rogue showed her a cereal dispenser at the end of the hall, which also had a milk, and orange juice dispenser.

“No coffee?” Dawn asked, half-sad.

“No, the teachers thought it was for the best after a few…incidents with some of the younger kids.” Kitty said, smiling. Dawn looked at Rogue questioningly.

“It involved tables, and sloppy-Joe Tuesday.” Dawn nodded knowledgeably.

“Ahh, I see. A Wicca friend of ours, Willow, when she gets caffeine-hyped, we begin to get scared for the world.” Dawn said. Kitty and Rogue gave a little laugh at the joke, but when seeing the serious look on Dawn’s face, immediately quieted. When they had gotten breakfast, Rogue had gotten a bagel and jelly, Kitty some cheerios, and Dawn had combined applejacks, fruit loops, pineapple, and cubes of mozzarella cheese with cereal. Kitty looked appalled at her dish, Rogue looked, then shrugged. Dawn didn’t seem to notice. They sat an empty table. Suddenly, a blonde boy came in, looking only at Rogue.

“Hey.” She said sweetly. He gave her a light kiss. When they finished, she blew out some cold air, which Dawn found a bit odd, but placed it on mutants once again.

“Rogue is rude, so allow me to introduce Bobby, Rogue’s boyfriend.” Kitty said. “Bobby, this is Dawn. She’s not a mutant.” Then Kitty went back to eating.
Dawn looked at Kitty. “You wouldn’t happen to know a Cordelia Chase, would you?” Kitty looked at her blankly. Dawn tried one more. “Does the word ‘Tact’ hold any meaning to you?” Another blank.

“Should it?” Kitty asked her, shrugging, then going back to eating. Rogue and Bobby laughed at Dawn’s comment though.

“Bobby Drake.” He offered his hand. Dawn was surprised that someone actually offered first, then shook it. Her hand became cold. Not frost bite cold, just a really cold winter day but not snowing. “Also Iceman.” He said, smirking. Dawn withdrew her hand, eyes narrowed.

“Ok, after the man with no shaving cream, I will so take you!” She said, half joking, half serious.

“Wolverine?” Rogue asked.
“Uh, yeah, I think that was his name. Lots of hair?” Rogue nodded. “Yep, him.”
“You’re going to fight him?”
“No, no, fight is such an offensive term. And to be clear, he almost attacked me first.”
The trio of mutants looked at her strangely, but before Dawn could respond, a voice sounded in her head.

“Perhaps you could join the staff in the faculty lounge. One of your new friends can show you.”
Dawn had immediately jumped up, and then remembered the telepathy. When he was done, she mentally and verbally practically shouted “Can’t you people approach other people NORMALLY?” Once again, retrieving strange looks from the trio, and some students around them. “Your professor told me one of you could take me to the teacher’s lounge?” She said normally after an odd silence descended upon them, and a few of those around them.

“I’ll show you.” Kitty said, and then hopped up. Dawn grabbed her barely touched dish, and followed Kitty. They went into a door, which led into a big empty room, then they stood in front of another door. “Well, see you later.” She said, and skipped off happily. Dawn went through the door, to find some of the people she had seen yesterday, plus a few more. A black woman with completely white hair, and a blue man with a tail.

“Hi, all.” She said with a wake of her hand. They were sitting at a large oval table. Professor Xavier was at the left end, white hair and blue man were on his left, facing Dawn. Laser guy, Scott, was at the opposite end. Logan was on Xavier’s right. There was only one more chair, so Dawn sat there with her breakfast. Everyone looked at it. Misreading their looks, Dawn exasperatedly said “You dragged me out of the beginning of breakfast. Did you expect me to starve? Mystical balls of energy gotta have their protein to, you know.” White hair, and Blue guy chucked. Xavier smiled.

“Ms. Summers,”

“Dawn, please, Ms. Summers is my sister.”
“Dawn, allow me to introduce you to Ororo Munroe, and Kurt Wagner.”
“Hello.” Ororo smiled.
“Hi.” Kurt said with a German accent, smiling with a nod.
“Now, Dawn, we have briefed them on your, uh, situation. Would you like to notify your guardians where you are?”

Dawn grimaced. “Do I have to?” At the professor’s look, she sighed. “Yeah, sure, but first I have to make sure they’re in this dimension. But I want to stay at least long enough to face off. Pleaaase?” She half pleaded.”

“You may stay as long as needed, however, I believe it would be wise to notify them.”

“Fine, where’s your phone?” He pointed to a bark corner in the room. She dejectedly sighed, and walked over to it, head down. She picked up the phone, and called. Wrong number. She but the phone down, and started to do a celebratory dance. “Hell yeah, I made it to another dimension with NO demons, or shrimp. Hell yeah! Who’s the woman, who’s the woman! Uhuh, uhuh!” She started dancing in the corner wiggling her butt in the air. Scott coughed, making Dawn come out of her happy state. “Sorry.” She smiled brightly, showing she was anything but that. “It’s just, nice dimension you got here, no demons, just scientific stuff. No baddies, or-” Logan caught her eye. “Oh, you have a big bad, don’t you?” Logan and Scott nodded. “And you’ve faced off with them several times?” More nodding. “And no matter how much you try, they always manage to sneak away, after having to try killing one of you?” Nods. She sighed. “K, fill buffy in on this, reality bites.”

Ororo spoke up. “Your home is in an alternate dimension, how will you contact them?”

“Oh, no worries, trusty cell phone. She took it out of her pocket. She never went anywhere without it.

They looked intently at her. “What makes you think that will work if our technologically advanced phone line won’t?” Scott asked after a silent moment.

“Well, our local bad-ass Wicca, Willow, enhanced it a bit, so it reaches across any dimension. Of course, I left it off so I didn’t get a lecture of a lifetime. So, just give me a second.” She went back to the corner, and called. Ringing, ringing, and more ringing. Then someone picked up.

“Buffy?” Dawn asked into it. “Yeah, I’m fine. No, no sacrifices. Dusted a vamp, he cut me, I sneezed from dust, fell into it. No, no demos here. What? No! Of course not! Hey, it was TOTALLY not my fault. Hold on a minute I wasn’t the one that told him that! Yeah, but-, That’s totally not fair!”

The faculty looked interestingly as the teen argued on the phone. Scott mouthed to Wolverine. “What are they saying?”

Wolverine smirked. “I don’t think your old enough to be hearing that sort of language, Scotty.” Logan’s eyebrows raised as Dawn unleashed an impressive string of curses, to be met by a now British voice on the other line. “I don’t think I’m old enough.” Xavier was impressed she knew that many languages. Kirk’s eyes widened considerably with some of the choice German she used.

“Don’t go German on me, little Miss key. No more slaying for you. Next time, we send you with the watchers for a week at the building.” Wolverine caught the cockney accented-guy say from the other side. After about another five minuets of arguing, Dawn slammed the phone shut, fuming. Then turned to Xavier.

“I’m going to be staying a few more days, if that’s all right with you.” Xavier nodded. “Oh, and if a brunette girl named Kennedy comes through a portal, claiming she was sent to get me, feel free to kill her. K, now, do you guy’s have a training room, or am I going to have to use Logan as a punching bag?” Logan grinned.

“You can try.” Dawn smirked at his comeback.

“I will later. Now, however, I don’t particularly feel like hurting you too much. I really need to release some frustration. And while kicking ass has proven to be comfort food, you are not a demon, therefore, I can’t kill you. So, where is your training room?” Scott raised an eyebrow, mirroring Logan, but he stood, and began to walk to a wall. He pounded on it once, and it opened to an elevator.

Dawn’s eyes widened. "Awesome!” She said, stepping in, with Logan following, and Scott waving goodbye to the rest, as he also stepped in. When the door had closed, Ororo turned to Xavier.

“Odd girl.”

“Yes, isn’t she? I believe she could have many things to offer.”

“Xavier…” Ororo said, smiling coyly, knowing he had something up his sleeve.

“How do you think she ate that?” Kurt said, completely off topic, looking at her dish. Ororo, and Xavier both gave him “I don’t know, but I won’t ask” looks. Kurt nodded, getting it, but at the same time, still clueless.
Edit:it was Kurt Wagner, I just get Kurts mixed up. Sorry. Thanks to vampiredemons, and TheEternalPixie. Thanks.

The End?

You have reached the end of "quick trip and into confusion" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Jul 05.

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