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quick trip and into confusion

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Summary: Dawn accidentaly creates a portal, and lands in the mansion. She meets some of the x-men. *spoilers for X2.*

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Dawn-CenterednotmydestinyFR723,6940206,57827 Jul 0530 Jul 05No

quick trip and into confusion

Disclaimer:I own absolutley nothing. Dawn and buffy, and such belong to Juss, the wb, fox, mutant enemy, and all those other companies and ppl I want to be. I don't own Xmen, they belong to those other companies, and the comics, and people I don't remember. But they don't belong to me.

A/N: Buffy didn't defeat the first evil but has activated the potentials to slayers. mention of Spuffy, but not really, and Dawn is perfectly capable of handling herself.

A/N2: Reviewing, it's life itself. Please.


Dawn decidedly didn’t feel like cooperating with the hairy muscled man with blades coming out of his fists. It’s not her fault every time she bled she opened another portal. Stupid vampire. She would have closed it when she saw it appear, but when the vamp had been dusted, she sneezed, and the force of it sent her backward. So now she had to open yet ANOTHER one, meaning she had to bleed more. Strange thing about when she went through portals: all bleeding stopped, and wounds closed.

So she was, by the looks of it, in a very small castle, or maybe a mansion. In a very large office which seemed also to be a classroom. The guy with the big claws was in front of a bald man in a wheelchair. Next to baldy was a guy with red shades, even if it was night. Odd.

It occurred to her that claw man was speaking. “Who are you?”

“Dawn Summers, pleased to meet you.” she said, not intimidated by his menacing figure. “Look, don’t bother yourself; I’ll be out of here as soon as I can find something sharp.” Why the hell did she leave home without her usual weapons? Oh, right, she had stormed out because she was mad at Buffy. Who the hell did she think she was telling her she couldn’t help the other slayers in Sunny dale? She was eighteen, just as good a fighter, maybe not as strong, but granted she could take a few of them in a fight, at least the newer and younger ones with less experience. Plus she knew magic. Well, enough to get by. She could levitate a pencil, and knew several dead languages. She could translate a Sumerian scroll without ever referencing it. That’s got to be worth something.

“I’m sure it is.” Baldy spoke. She immediately took a defensive stance.

“Ok, who the hell are you, why are you reading my mind?”

The man had a pleasant look on his face. “I am Professor Charles Xavier. I am sorry, though we needed to know you were not a threat. This is my school for the gifted, or mutants.”

“Mutants?” Dawn looked at him as if he were crazy. He misread her.

“We are not as bad as you think. The media projects us as-“

“Look baldy, ok, maybe there are mutants in this dimension. I have no doubt some of you are good and bad. But right now, I need to get home. You wouldn’t happen to have a knife with you, would you?”

His brow creased. “Miss Summers, we will not allow you to harm yourself, You already look quite shaken.” He gestured to her, and she felt the bruises on her face. Touching them confirmed they were already on their way to super slayer inherited healing.

“Look, I need to get home. If my guardians find me missing…” she grimaced at the thought of Spike killing and maiming with reckless abandon as he tore the town looking for her. And could also imagine Buffy going with him. “People might get scared. Like, uber-scared, so please maybe if you let me use claw boy’s blade here, I can be out of your way. Besides, he seemed all to willing to make me bleed a second ago.” The man’s claws retracted, as if hearing a silent command from baldy’s eyes, then extended a hand. “Wolverine.” He said gruffly. She shook it and smiled brightly. He seemed taken aback by this, and eyed her a bit warily after releasing her hand.

“Now Miss Summers, have you considered the possibility you are a mutant?”

She looked offended. “Ok, just because I don’t exactly fit in at school, doesn’t mean it’s a genetic disorder! I mean, sure, my sister didn’t exactly fit in as well, but from what I hear, mom totally did. I mean, even if I’m not technically her daughter, we still have the blood, so it’s not a stupid genetic thing. Besides, there has been no incest in my family for quite a few generations to my knowledge!” She stated defiantly, looking at the bald guy.

He laughed. Charles Xavier laughed. It had been quite a while since he had laughed. Since Jean’s death, as well as magneto’s release and Pyro joining him. Scott and Logan thought anyone who could make the professor laugh this hard was a good thing. Even if they did come out of big blue circles out of thin air cursing.

“Miss Summers, I assure you I did not mean that. I meant a genetic mutation, such as we have. I hold telepathy, and Scott here holds laser vision. Wolverine posses healing, and perhaps you can travel at different geographical points in this earth.”

Realization dawned on her face [no pun intended] and then she grinned. “Nope, not mutation. Magic. I’m the key, mystical green energy ball in the body of a human that can open portals to different dimensions. Not just this world, thousands upon thousands.” It was their turn to look confused. The guy with the shades, Scott, spoke.

“Magic? There’s no such thing as magic.”

“I could say the same about mutation.” She said a tad defensively. She had had a late night, and was getting cranky. “Look, I need something to help me bleed because that’s the only way I can open a portal.” She looked at Xavier. “Read my mind, Dracula, I’m telling the truth.”

Xavier looked in her mind.

“The key.”


“I’m not a thing”

“Live, for me.”

He saw vampires, witches, Demons, and the things parents would tell their children were not in the closet. Finally, his mind became to shocked with it all and withdrew. He was breathing hard.

“How do you-“

“Go through life with all of that in my mind?” he nodded, still calming himself. “Well, basically, kick their asses for comfort.” She looked at her watch. It was eleven thirty-five. Five min. past her curfew. She was tired, and shrugged. What the heck, might as well piss them off.

“Hey, think maybe I could stay the night? I don’t really feel up to going home right now.” She looked at Logan claw guy, still in the defensive pose. She sighed. “Don’t worry, I’ll spar with you tomorrow. Right now though, could you show me a room?” She looked at Logan pointedly. He was once again, taken aback by her directness. He looked at the professor, who had an odd look on his face. Then nodded. When the two left, Scott looked at the professor askingly.

“She’s safe. Just… make sure there are no sharp objects in her room. And perhaps be a bit cautious with the students meeting her. I have a feeling they might get… disturbed.” And with that, the professor wheeled out, leaving Scott a bit confused.


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