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A Different Kind Of Love

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Summary: X-over with BtVS & Willard. After moving to a different city, Willow meets Willard and falls in love with him but can she put her dark feelings aside when Willard needs her the most?

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Let There Be Love

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Wheldon and Willard belongs to the wickedly amazing James Wong and Glen Morgan (of X-Files fame). The songs in this story belong to the songwriters who wrote these amazing songs. Please don’t sue me, I’m completely and utterly broke and it’s for entertainment purposes only.

Timeline: post season 6, Buffy, during the movie Willard.

Rating: PG-13 for violence, swearing and some sexual content (some chapters will be rated R)

Categories: Romance/Mystery/Horror

Main Character(s): Willow, Willard

Pairing(s): Willow/Tara, Willow/Willard, Buffy/Spike, Xander/Anya

Author’s Note: A character from Angel is going to make an appearance in the next chapter. Oh, yeah, a deleted scene from the movie where Willard finds Socrates’ mother is in this chapter. I was originally going to write this in the second chapter but later decided to write it in this chapter just to give a little bit more of an angst side to the story. Anyway, enjoy and please review!!

Summary: After she stood up to Martin for Willard, Willow is introduced to Socrates, his rat friend, to that she takes a liking for. One month later, Willow realized that she had found love again with Willard after his mother died and she attended her funeral. At the service, Willow and Willard shared their first kiss together unaware that one of their co-workers, Cathryn, witnessed their kiss.

As she drove to Willard’s house to check on him, Willow thought back to the day of the funeral. It had been close to a week since that day when she shared her first kiss with him. Since Oz, Willard was the first man she kissed in nearly two years. For nearly a month, she wasn’t sure if she had feelings for her fellow co-worker but that day made her realize that she had found love again. Not in a woman but a man and that man was Willard. Never in a million years did Willow had ever dreamed that she would fall in love again after Tara.

~I loved Tara so much and yet I feel the same when I’m around Willard. He makes me feel so happy when I’m with him. I only wish ... ~

Willow shook the thoughts out of her mind and focused on the road. Then close to ten minutes later, she pulled over to the side of the road close to the gate of the Stiles house. Then she got out of the car, opened and closed the gate behind her, walked onto the porch and then knocked on the door.

“Willard?” Willow called. “It’s Willow.”

A few minutes later, Willard answered the door and smiled when he saw Willow standing on the front porch.

“Hi.” He said still smiling.

“Hi.” Willow replied returning his smile. “I just came to check on you to see if you were all right.”

“You didn’t have to do that.” Willard said.

“I know but I wanted to anyway.” Willow said. “How are you doing? Are you doing okay?”

“Yeah, I am.” He replied. “It just feels ...”

“Awkward?” Willow asked finishing his sentence.

Willard nodded. “Yes.” He replied. “It’s awkward without her here but I have Socrates here so it’s not so bad.”

“Oh, speaking of which.” Willow said suddenly remembering the little white rat. “Where is that cute little thing?”

Willard smiled at her words. “I think he’s down in the basement. I’ll go find him.” He was about to close the door but stopped when Willow spoke.

“I’ll come down with you,” she said. “I don’t have a thing with basements and I’m not afraid of rats. So I won’t freak out on you if you have rats down there.”

Willard was about to tell her no but decided against it when he saw the look in Willow’s eyes. So he nodded and stepped aside to let her in. Together, they walked into the kitchen and then got to the door of the basement. Willard went forward and opened the door.

“Um, ladies first.” He said.

Willow grinned at him and went down the stairs into the darkened basement with Willard close behind her. Even though, it was very dark and hard to see, she could tell that there were rats in the room just by feeling them crawl against her ankles. Then she saw that there was a lantern at the center of the room, which gave some light in the room. Then she turned to see two white rats a few feet away from the lantern. One of them, she recognized as Socrates and the other which was larger than him was lying lifeless on the floor.

Willard must’ve seen what Willow was looking at because he had whispered “Oh, no.” then he walked toward them with Willow close behind him. He then went down cross-legged on the floor. Willow went down on her knees beside Willard.

“Is that ...” Willow asked.

“His mother.” Willard whispered.

“Ohh.” Willow felt sorry for the small white rat. “Poor thing.”

Tears ran down Willard’s face as he picked up Socrates. “Oh, Socrates.” He whispered. “It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay.” He placed him inside his suit jacket. Then he picked up a black garbage bag and then placed it onto the floor. Willard picked up the lifeless body of his rat friend’s mother and with Willow’s help, wrapped it up with the black garbage bag whispering, “It’s okay,” to Socrates while doing so. Then he gently picked up the small white rat out of his jacket and held him close to his face. Willow laid a hand on Willard’s shoulder with a gentle look in her eyes.

“She was a great mother, Socrates.” Willard whispered. Then he kissed the rat twice and placed his head on Willow’s shoulder with silent tears running down his cheeks. Willow planted a kiss on the top of his head and held him in her arms. For a long time, they remained this way before they went into the backyard to bury the body of Socrates’ mother. Once that was over, Willow and Willard both sat in the living room silently not saying a word.

Willard couldn’t help but stare at Willow. She was beautiful, kind, loving and caring and was perhaps one of the few people in his life who actually understood where he was coming from. Everytime, he was around her, he was happy and light-headed and he was sure that she felt the same for him. Willard had only known Willow for a month but in that short time, he felt the one emotion that he had never felt for anyone else besides his mother. It was love, intense love. Willard had never fallen in love before and really had no idea what love really was.

~Until Willow.~

To really love a woman

To understand her

You gotta know her deep inside

Hear every thought, see every dream

And give her wings when she wants to fly

Then when you find yourself lying helpless

In her arms

You’d know you really love a woman

Suddenly wanting to express his feelings to her, Willard reached out, took Willow’s hand and then held it. She looked up at him then she smiled her beautiful smile at him. Willard returned her smile with tears in his eyes.

“Willow,” he said.

“Yeah, Willard?” Willow replied.

“I...” Willard swallowed hard as he spoke his next words. “I-I love you.”

To his surprise, Willow grinned at him knowingly. “I know, Willard. I’ve always known. You know what?”

“What?” he asked.

“I feel the same way.” Willow replied. “I loved you since that day we met a month ago. You’re a gentle man and you have a good heart. I think in a way, you needed who could love you for who you are.”

“I just want to let you know, Willard that you have a place in my heart and that I love you more than you could possibly imagine.” She added.

Crying now, Willard took Willow in her arms and sobbed happily on her shoulder. Willow held him tightly in her arms also crying happy tears. After a few minutes, they pulled apart and glanced at each other lovingly.

“Come on, let’s dance.” Willow said.

“I-I can’t dance.” Willard replied in a nervous voice.

Willow smiled at him. “Don’t worry, I can’t dance either.” she said. She led Willard to a large spot in the living room and they held onto each other dancing around in circles slowly in tune to the music only they could hear.

When you love a woman

Tell her that she’s really wanted

When you love a woman

Tell her that she’s the one

Cause she needs somebody

To tell her that it’s gonna to last forever

So tell me, have you ever really

Really, really ever loved a woman?

Feeling intense joy and love, Willard held Willow tightly in his arms slowly dancing in circles with his eyes blinded by happy tears. For the first time in his entire life, he was at peace, happy and in love. Then he leaned forward and kissed Willow with intense passion and love. She kissed him back and for the next two minutes, they kissed with feverish passion, love and desire giving in to their love.

To really love a woman

Let her hold you

Till you know how she needs to be touch

You gotta breathe her, really taste her

Till you can feel her in your blood

When you can see your unborn children

In her eyes

You’d know you really love a woman

~Oh, Willow. Love me. Please love me.~

For the first time, Willard felt the hope of heaven sweeping over him. The hope of a future and of a different life with Willow at his side. In her eyes, he saw his future. A future where he would be with her till they grew old and die together. A future with children, a family and friends. A better future where the impossible became possible. As he reached for Willow’s shirt to take it off, Willard felt the hope of a better tomorrow and a brighter future.

When you love a woman

Tell her that she’s really wanted

When you love a woman

Tell her that she’s the one

Cause she needs somebody

To tell her that you’ll always be together

So tell me, have you ever really

Really, really ever loved a woman?

You gotta to give her some faith

Hold her tight

A little tenderness

You gotta to treat her right

She will be there for you

Taking good care of you

You really gotta love your woman

“Willow.” Willard whispered lovingly

“Yeah?” Willow replied.

“I want you.” he replied.

“Willard, I love you so much.” Willow replied. She took off his suit pants just as he was taking off her skirt. Once all of their clothes were taken off, they made love on the floor of the living room. Then they moved to Willard’s bedroom where their lovemaking continued. It went on for nearly five hours before Willow fell asleep with her head on Willard’s chest. He held her in his arms and kissed her on the top of her head.

“Willow,” Willard whispered. “I will never let anyone harm you ever. I promise.”

Willard repeated the words over and over again before he finally fell asleep with a smile on his face still holding his beloved Willow tightly and protectively in his arms.

And when you find yourself lying helpless

In her arms

You’d know you really love a woman

When you love a woman

Tell her that she’s really wanted

When you love a woman

Tell her that she’s the one

Cause she needs somebody

To tell her that it’s gonna to last forever

So tell me, have you ever really

Really, really ever loved a woman?

Just tell me, have you ever really

Really, really ever loved a woman?

Just tell me, have you ever really

Really, really ever loved a woman?

Well, what do you guys think? The song in this chapter was Have You Really Loved A Woman by Bryan Adams (another one of his songs I love personally!) Chapter 4 will be posted soon!!! Please review and remember no flames!! I will ignore them and I don't have the patience for them.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Different Kind Of Love" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Nov 06.

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