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Across The Stars

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Summary: A Buffy/Ange/lStar Trek: Voyager crossover. After losing Kathryn and going back in time to twenty-first century Earth, Chakotay struggles with his loss with the help of a broken Slayer who knows loss all too well.

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The Rescue

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel belong to Joss Whedon and Star Trek: Voyager belongs to Rick Berman. The songs This I Promise You, When You Love Someone, What You Never Know, In This Life, Fallen Ambers and Hero by Sarah Brightman, Mariah Carey, N'Sync, Bryan Adams, Chantal Kreviazuk and Enya belong to the songwriters who wrote and composed these lovely songs.
Timeline: AU after the events of the Voyager episode Coda and after the Buffy episode Chosen. (3rd season Voyager and post 7th season Buffy and beginning of 5th season Angel.)

Paring(s): Buffy/Chakotay (friendship?), Buffy/Spike (?), Willow/Kes (friendship), Willow/Doctor (weird pairing I know), Janeway/Chakotay, Angel/Cordelia, Wesley/Fred, Wesley/Torres, Fred/Kim, Paris/Torres, Xander/Anya, Xander/Kes, Giles/Joyce

Summary: Cordelia received a vision of Chakotay and the Voyager crew in trouble after the ship crashed about fifty feet away from the remains of the Hellmouth. Upon seeing Voyager crash, Buffy went in to explore and found herself face to face with Chakotay.

"Who are you?"

Buffy felt as though her worst nightmare had come true. I can't freakin' believe this!!! I'm face to face with the guy whom I've been getting dreams about for the last ten God forsaken days!! He looks like that he recongizes me too!! But how? He's never seen me before! Or had he and I don't know about it?

"I was just about to ask you the same question." Buffy said before she realized that she said it.

The man Buffy had been dreaming about narrowed his eyes at her. "Who are you and what are you doing on my ship?!"

"Hey, calm down!" Buffy snapped. "One, my name is Buffy Summers. Secondly, I saw your ship crash and just out of plain curiosity went inside to see if there were anybody on board and I happened to see you and your friends here."

Perhaps believing her story, the man lowered his weapon and the hard look on his face vanished. It was replaced with a weary look. Buffy walked to him slowly and carefully.

"Now before you freak out on me again, would you please tell me who you are and how the hell you managed to crash your ship right in the middle of the Californian desert?" Buffy said. Right near the remains of the Hellmouth!

The man spoke clearly in a weary sounding voice. "My name is Chakotay. Captain of the starship Voyager. We got caught in a space storm and the last thing I remember is that we were trying to get out of it and then." Then Chakotay processed what Buffy had said.

"Did you say the Californian desert?" he asked stunned.

Buffy nodded. "Right near what used to be Sunnydale, California in the year 2003."

2003? We've time traveled to the early twenty-first century!! Chakotay was stunned and could only look at Buffy in shock.

At seeing the look on Chakotay's face when she said where the ship was, Buffy at first was very confused but then she saw the clothes he and the others were wearing, then her dream. The dream I had of Chakotay took place in the future!! Buffy immediately put two on two together.

"You're from the future, are you?" Buffy asked suspecting that she could be right.

Chakotay nodded his head. "From the twenty-fourth century." Buffy was about to say something else when a combadge chirped.

"Chakotay to Engineering. The warp core is damaged. A warp core breach is iminent. I can't fix it. There's nothing, I can do. The ship will explode in 75 minutes." B'Elanna Torres' voice rang out.

Buffy, from the alarmed look on Chakotay's face, could tell that it was not good news. I have no idea what a warp core breach is and I don't plan on sticking around here to find out.

Chakotay, with Buffy's help, got onto his feet. He then looked around the Bridge.

"We have to get everyone off this ship." Chakotay said to himself. He turned to Tuvok. "Gather everyone and lead them to the loading dock to get them out of the ship."

Tuvok nodded his head and began gathering people who were unhurt and those who were injuried had to be carried onto gurnies. Buffy knew that she had to get help. She ran to get out of the ship to get to her car but Chakotay grabbed her arm.

"Where are you going?" Chakotay asked.

"To get to my car to call for help." Buffy said. "I have friends in Los Angeles who could help." She ran across the corridor with Chakotay close behind her and back the way she came. Then she and Chakotay ran fifty feet across to her car. Buffy opened the passenger side, picked up her cell phone on the seat and quickly dailed the number to the Hyperion Hotel hoping that Angel or Cordelia would answer the phone.

"Cordy? It's Buffy. I need some help here."

Homeware Warehouse
Los Angeles, California

Faith and Gunn quickly and quietly climbed over the fence to a huge warehouse to get a tracker trailer with enough room for at least thirty people. When Buffy called and explained what had happened at the Sunnydale remains, the gang knew that she needed help to get the wounded to safety. Angel, Wesley, Giles, Robin and Cordelia had already gone to help Buffy while Fred, Lorne, Xander, Willow, Dawn and the Slayers had gone to another warehouse to find another truck. After walking around for nearly an hour, Gunn finally found a tracker trailer with enough space for at least forty people. It was a huge truck with a blue symbol on the back but it was a good start.

"Faith!" Gunn shouted. "Over here!"

Faith ran to where Gunn was standing and she smiled. "Awesome choice, Gunn." She said.

Gunn smiled back. "Glad you like it." he said.

"Now, let's get that baby started and go and help B." Faith said as she went inside the truck to find the keys.

Remains of Sunnydale, California

Buffy and Chakotay waited in pure suspense for Angel and the rest of the newly merged Scoobies and Angel Investigations gang to arrive with means of transporting the ship's crew and residents back to L.A for medical help. Buffy couldn't help but look at the tattoo on Chakotay's forehead. To her, it looked like some sort of a Native American symbol. Chakotay must've noticed Buffy looking at his forehead because he stared at her with a netural expression on his face. Buffy, when she caught Chakotay staring at her, turned away.

"I was just looking at your tattoo. It is some sort of a Native American symbol?" Buffy asked curious.

Chakotay nodded. "I had it tattooed on my forehead to honor my father." He said. "He was killed in an uprising at a Cardiassian outpost."

"I'm sorry." Buffy said quietly. Hearing about Chakotay's father painfully reminded her of her mother's death two years earlier.

"I lost my mother two years ago." She said quietly. "She was recovering from surgery and I found her dead on the couch."

No wonder she looked so sad when I told her about my father. Chakotay thought glazing at the petite young woman in utter sympathy. This was something he and Buffy had in common. They both lost a parent they loved so much. He glanced upon her with a gentle look on his face.

"That must've been hard for you." Chakotay said to her.

"It was." Buffy agreed. "It was hard on my sister too. Dawn and I had a hard time dealing with it for a while but then it got easier as time came and went." Buffy didn't bother telling Chakotay that she ended up dying while fighting a hell goddess and brought back to life by her friends. I don't think it's that time to tell Chakotay about that part yet. The silence was interrupted when Buffy and Chakotay heard the sounds of trucks coming at them and then they saw the pair of lights. That indicated to the Slayer that reinforcements were on the way. The sounds grew louder as the trucks came closer. Buffy saw Angel and Giles in one truck, Faith and Gunn in another, Robin and Wesley in another, Lorne and a man Buffy didn't recongize in another truck and Willow was standing on top of a truck with a smile on her face. Cordelia was sitting inside looking like she was hypervantiling.

"Are those your friends?" Chakotay shouted over the roar of the trucks.

"Yep. Chakotay. Those are my friends." Buffy yelled at him back.

Angel got from the truck he was in and rushed to where Buffy and Chakotay were standing beside her car.

"More trucks are on the way courtesy of Wolfram and Hart." Angel said.

"Thanks." Buffy said gratefully and then made an introduction. "Angel, this is Chakotay. He's the captain of the ship that crashed."

Angel took Chakotay's hand and shook it. "Pleasure to meet you." The vampire said.

"Pleasure to meet you, Angel." Chakotay replied. Then he shouted to Tuvok who was standing twenty feet away from him. "Let's move these people out!"

"Let's rock and roll!" Buffy shouted in agreement. Angel and Giles ran to help B'Elanna with a crewmember while Faith, Kennedy and Robin gathered a group of twelve and led them to the truck.

Wesley ran to where a group of fifty people including a woman with strange ridges on her forehead were standing. Two of the men in the group were injuried. Wesley noticed that the woman was also hurt for that he saw a nasty looking gash on her forehead. She nearly fainted but Wesley caught her before she hit the ground. Despite her weakness, she was starting to struggle in the ex-Watcher's arms.

"Miss, it's all right. I'm here to help you and your friends." Wesley said in what he had hoped a soothing voice.

"Who are you?" the woman demanded.

"My name is Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. I'm here to help you like I said. You're injuried and need medical assistance." He said.

The woman turned her head in alarm. "Where's the Doctor?" she asked. Wesley was about to ask for a clarfication when the woman, despite her weakness, broke from his grip and ran back to the ship. Wesley ran after her and followed to where he assumed was what they called Sickbay.

"Computer, activate the EMH program." The woman said. As she uttered the words, a man appeared in the middle of nowhere. Some sort of a holograpic image.

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency." The Doctor said in his usual greeting then he turned to the woman and Wesley in confusion.

"Lt Torres, what is going on and who is this?" he asked referring to Wesley.

"Doctor, there's no time to explain. There's a warp core breach and you have to get off this ship." B'Elanna said.

The Doctor suddenly grew alarmed. "I can't leave the ship without my holo emitter." He said. B'Elanna remembered that she found it completely damaged and without it the Doctor wouldn't be able to escape. Then B'Elanna turned to Wesley.

"What did you say your name was again?" she asked

"Wesley Wyndam-Pryce." Wesley said. "Miss."

"B'Elanna. B'Elanna Torres." She said. She was about to say something else when a voice rang out.

"Warning! Warp core breach in ten minutes."

"Damn it!" B'Elanna cursed. "I won't be able to repair the Doctor's holo emitter in time."

"I think I might know someone who could help." Wesley said and ran out of Sickbay yelling "Stay there!" over his shoulder. B'Elanna didn't bother yelling for him to stop. The least she could do was let him help her. The Doctor looked alarmed and slightly angry.

"Who was that?" he demanded.

B'Elanna shook her head. "Someone who wants to help." About a minute went by before Wesley returned this time someone else was with him. A petite young woman with red hair and green eyes stood behind him. B'Elanna raised her eyebrows at Wesley.

"This is my friend, Willow Rosenberg. I think she can help you." Wesley said.

Willow waved at B'Elanna who returned it with a smile and then she turned to the Doctor who had an uncertain look on his face. She recited a spell in her mind that could make the holographic Doctor more solid then without giving a second thought, she began to chant. Her green eyes turning black as it always did when casting spells.

Goddess of Earth, queen of humanity

I call upon you to make a non-living into a living

I call upon you to create a soul for this non-living
I call upon to create life within this object
Restore the humanity within this object
Restore the soul within this object
Make this non-living into a living

B'Elanna and Wesley watched as a swirling mass of blue light circled around the Doctor who was now looking very confused and frightened. B'Elanna couldn't believe what she was seeing. Is this woman a witch? As soon as it appeared, it disappeared. Willow smiled and turned to B'Elanna and Wesley both looking shocked and confused.

"What did you do to him?" B'Elanna demanded.

"I cast a spell on him to make him human." Willow said.

Wesley was shocked. "You turned the Doctor into a human being?"

"I'm human?" The Doctor sounded shocked.

"He's human?" B'Elanna gasped.

Willow nodded her head. "It was the only way to save him and like you said, Wesley, he's a valable member of this crew."

The Doctor didn't listen to Wesley's arguments and focused only on Willow. She was the most beautiful human woman, the Doctor had ever laid eyes on. Her red hair and her eyes the color of grass. He was of course shocked that he was turned into a human but he was turned into a human by someone who had the power to do so. From the second she began to chant the spell, the Doctor had known that she had to be a witch.

A very powerful one, I bet. He thought.

The Doctor was rocked from his thoughts when the computer went off again. "Warning, warp core breach in four mintues, fifty seconds."

Wesley looked very alarmed. "We must get out of here." He said and turned to Willow. "How good are you with the transportation spell?"

"I was still working on it before the fight in Sunnydale so I'm hoping that it does work." Willow said. She grabbed the Doctor's arm and Wesley's hand. Wesley and a very confused B'Elanna linked arms. Willow chanted the spell praying to the Goddess that it would work.

As Angel helped round up the rest of the remaining crewmembers aboard the truck, he turned to Buffy and Chakotay both looking very worried.

"Wesley and Willow are missing." Buffy said.

"One member of my crew is missing too." Chakotay added. "My engineer, B'Elanna Torres."

Angel looked alarmed but before he could say or do anything, a blue light swirled around in a spot about two feet away from they were standing. Appearing in it were Wesley, Willow, B'Elanna and another man Angel and Buffy didn't recognize but Chakotay did and was shocked to see him.

B'Elanna noticed the look on Chakotay's face and said "We'll explain later. Right now let's get the hell out of here."

Angel, B'Elanna and the Doctor went aboard the truck while Wesley, Willow and Chakotay went to ride with Buffy in her car and once everyone was safe inside the car, Buffy drove like a bat of hell back to L.A on top speed.

Hyperion Hotel

Los Angeles, California

The Hyperion Hotel was filled with injuried Starfleet officers and many of the Slayers had begun to assist the Doctor in treating of many of them as possible. Willow had even badaged up some of the officers burns and helped the Doctor treat a burn victim despite her rather weak stomach. Then she got to a beautiful blonde haired woman that frighteningly reminded her of Glory. She struggled to push her fear aside to help the woman and treat the burn on her arm. The woman must've sensed her fear because she smiled at Willow.

"Don't be afraid" she said. "I'm not who you think I am."

Willow was shocked. "You can read my mind?"

"I can if I wanted to." The woman said. "My name is Kes."

"Willow." Willow said. "Nice to meet you, Kes."

"What a pretty name, Willow." Kes said.

Willow blushed. "Ah, ah, thanks." She stammered and she felt her cheeks turning a few shades darker.

Kes smiled again this time when she caught the Doctor staring at the two women. "I think the Doctor is taking a liking to you."

Willow smiled shyly at the Doctor who grinned at her back. "I think it's his way of saying thank you for saving his butt back at the ship." And I think I'm starting to like him too even though I changed him from a hologram to a human being.

Chakotay couldn't believe the sight before him. Many young girls between the ages of thirteen and seventeen were assisting the Doctor in treating the wounded including Dawn, Buffy's sister whom she introduced to Chakotay some time after they arrived at the hotel. Those who were critually wounded were taken to Wolfram and Hart including Tom Paris who was badly hurt during the crash. After arriving at the hotel, Chakotay met the rest of Buffy's friends, the one-eyed carpetner, Xander, Willow, Giles, Wesley, Cordelia and a mousy young woman named Fred. He was shocked when Buffy explained who she was as a Slayer, about Willow being a witch and Angel a vampire but despite those discoveries, Chakotay found him liking Buffy and Dawn. For some reason, he felt connected with them somehow and with Buffy, he was starting to develop feelings of friendship for her.

Needing some time alone to think, Chakotay went in one of the empty rooms of the hotel and sat on one of the chairs, all he could think about was Kathryn and Buffy. They were so different and yet had some of the same qualities. Bravery, the ability to command, descion-making for a group. Chakotay admired the petite Slayer for her strength, her bravery and her ability to able to lead. But yet, Kathryn.

"Is this seat taken?"

Chakotay didn't have to look up to see who had spoken. He already knew that Dawn Summers was in the room before he even heard her voice. A skill he picked up while he was with the Maquis.

"No, you may sit down." Chakotay said quietly. Dawn took a seat on a chair across from him.

"I guess, it's hard for you. about everything Buffy told you about us? About her being the Slayer, Willow being a witch and me used to be a blob of energy."

"It's harder for me to believe it." Chakotay admitted. "I find it hard to believe that Buffy was at it for this long. Someone like that would've died a long time ago."

Dawn gave Chakotay an even stare. "Buffy made it this far because she had one thing that other Slayers before her didn't. Friends who help her fight the good fight. When our mother died, she didn't think twice about protecting me and did it the best way she knew how. She's dedicated to protecting humanity from anything evil. Just like now, she and Angel are giving you and your crew shelter here at the hotel. These girls down there are treating the wounded and helping the Doctor. I've seen more pain, suffering and death more times than I care to in a lifetime."

At seeing the tears in her eyes, Chakotay felt so sorry for the girl. He remembered what Buffy had told him about the deaths of their mother and of Willow's girlfriend, Tara and how hard it was on Dawn. She is so young and yet has seen too much death and sufffering.

"Dawn, I'll let you in on a little secret and you must not tell anyone, not even your sister. All right?" Chakotay said.

Dawn nodded her head. Chakotay took a deep breath and spoke as clearly as he could without betraying any hint of emotion.

"When I was with the Maquis, I saw and did things that I regret doing. I've seen death and suffering too. I've had crewmembers die in my arms and crewmember injuried by enemies. I've seen things that I couldn't explain and I also did things that broke laws. If I was still with the Maquis, I would tell you that they were heroic acts."

"But you don't think so now because you're not with the Maquis anymore." Dawn said remembering what Buffy had told her what Chakotay had told her in the carride back to L.A.

Chakotay nodded his head and fought back tears. "A week ago, I had the woman I loved die in my arms. I loved her more than anything else."

"I'm sorry, Chakotay." Dawn said. "Buffy lost someone too. Three months ago, Spike was killed fighting the First Evil and she misses him so much just like you miss the woman you loved."

Chakotay was now struggling to keep from completely losing it in front of Dawn but the teenager got up from her seat and stood in front of him with a sympathic smile on her pretty face.

"I think Buffy would know how you feel because she lost someone she loved too." Dawn leaned forward and hugged Chakotay for a few moments before she pulled away and then walked out of the room to give Chakotay some time alone.

Okay! Again, please do not flame me if this is not clear. I'm not too clear about Kes's powers (it's been years since I've watched the show). If I made a mistake about her powers, let me know and I'll see if I could change it. Chapter four will be up soon!!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Across The Stars" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Apr 06.

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