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Across The Stars

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Summary: A Buffy/Ange/lStar Trek: Voyager crossover. After losing Kathryn and going back in time to twenty-first century Earth, Chakotay struggles with his loss with the help of a broken Slayer who knows loss all too well.

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Across The Stars

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel belong to Joss Whedon and Star Trek: Voyager belongs to Rick Berman. The songs This I Promise You, When You Love Someone, What You Never Know, In This Life, May It Be and Hero by Sarah Brightman, Mariah Carey, N'Sync, Bryan Adams, Chantal Kreviazuk and Enya belong to the songwriters who wrote and composed these lovely songs.

Timeline: AU after the events of the Voyager episode Coda and after the Buffy episode Chosen. (3rd season Voyager, post 7th season Buffy and beginning of 5th season Angel .)

Paring(s): Buffy/Chakotay (friendship), Buffy/Spike, Willow/Kes (friendship), Willow/Doctor (weird pairing I know), Janeway/Chakotay, Angel/Cordelia, Wesley/Fred, Paris/Torres, Xander/Anya, Giles/Joyce

Summary: Upon the death of Captain Kathryn Janeway, a devastated Chakotay is forced to carry the responsiblities of getting the crew home on his own. But after the ship gets caught in a space abonaly, the crew find themselves back on Earth but in the twenty-first century. As they adjust to their new surroundings, Chakotay meets Buffy Summers aka the Chosen One who, like him, lost someone she loved so much. Still reeling after the death of Spike in the final battle against the First Evil, Buffy struggles to deal with her loss and help Chakotay deal with his.

Across The Stars

By RaeAngel

Twenty-fourth century

Delta Quardant.

Why didn't I do anything more to save her? She should be here now.

Chakotay stood inside his quarters pacing back and forth. It had been a mere week since he lost the woman he had fallen in love with. The woman who captured his heart. The woman who now placed the fate of her ship in his hands. The woman was Kathryn Janeway. Dead one week today. for the crew, they had lost their ship's captain and friend but to Chakotay, he lost a half of himself that would never be replaced and the sunshine in his heart that would never be brought back. He had lost the love of his life and the reason he had redeemed himself. All of the pent up emotions Chakotay had been holding back for the last week then came forth. If anyone aboard Voyager could hear him, they would hear his screams of grief and agony and the pounding on the wall of his quarters. Exhausted and grieving, Chakotay fell onto his knees and gave in to his grief. Sobbing, he whispered.

"Why Kathryn? Why did you have to leave me? I need you."

August 2003

Outside of Los Angeles, California

I miss him so much. Please God, I wish I told him sooner how much I love him!

Buffy Summers stood outside the crater that was once Sunnydale aka the Hellmouth. For nearly three months, she was still reeling from the saciface Spike had made to save the world. Despite the fact that he died so everyone else could live, it hurt her so much to know that she had never shown Spike how much she truly loved him.

"Oh, God. Spike, I miss you so much." Buffy whispered.

I love you

No, you don't but thank you for saying it.

"I love you." Buffy said. then she said again then again. She kept on saying it till she lost it completely. She fell onto her knees sobbing and crying. She kept crying out the name of the man she loved.

"Spike, I love you." Buffy sobbed. "I wish you're here with me." still crying, she walked back to her car and then laid her head on the steering wheel and sobbed crying herself to sleep.

Buffy found herself in a strange place she's never been before. Lightening split the sky. Okay, where the hell am I? she thought. It was then that she heard a voice. A voice of a man. Acting on a hunch, Buffy followed that voice to a remote spot a few feet away. She saw a man looking about somewhere in his late thirties with dark hair and a tatoo on the right side of his forehead just above his eyebrow. He was perfoming CPR on a woman lying on the ground. Buffy touched the woman to check her for a pulse and felt nothing. She then looked up at the man who was frantically trying to revive her.

"Please, Kathryn. Breathe." The man pleaded frantically. "Damn it! Kathryn. Come on! Come on!"

The sound of dispair in the man's voice made Buffy feel extremely sorry for him. Not sure if he could see her, she laid a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him. Again, the man did mouth to mouth on the woman but to no avail. Then he picked the woman up and held her in his arms.

"No, Kathryn!" The man then burst into sobs. "You can't die." He sobbed.

Buffy's head flew up as she woke up. She was shaking and her hands trembled. Tenth time in a goddamn week I've been dreaming this! Why the hell am I dreaming of someone I don't know?

Twenty-fourth century

Delta Quardant.

Chakotay found himself somewhere back on Earth but there was something about it that didn't feel right to him. It was in a cave. Strange lights came out of nowhere and the cave was shaking. Rocks formating and fell all over the place. Then Chakotay heard voices. One of the voices was that of a young man with bleached blonde hair and was speaking in a British accent. The other voice belonged to a young woman. She also had blonde hair and green eyes. She was talking to the man like she was trying to save him from something.

"Gotta move, lamb." The man was saying to her. "I think it's fair to say school's out for bloody summer."

Chakotay looked up to see that the cave was collasping at the top and bottom. Then he looked back at the young couple standing before him.

"Spike!" the woman was crying out.

"I mean it." The young man told her. "I gotta do this."

The young man's hand was frozen as if he couldn't move it at all. Chakotay saw the young woman interlocking her hand onto the young man's. Both burst into flames but they didn't acknowedge it as they looked at each other.

"I love you." the young woman said shaking.

The young man was smiling kindly. "No, you don't. But thanks for saying it."

Chakotay woke up in a haze of restless sleep and sweat. He was bathed in sweat and his heart was pounding. The dream both angered and frightened him. he had no idea why he was dreaming of someone he didn't know and why that person. Why am I dreaming of someone I don't know?

Well? What do you think? If I missed any details, please e-mail me and I'll correct it. Please review but no flames please. Update coming soon!!!
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