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2 Jedi and a Hellmouth

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This story is No. 2 in the series "2 Jedi....". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Second Chances. In the aftermath of Halloween, new powers are discovered and possibly a new love for Xander Harris

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Star Wars > Xander-CenteredthesithspawnFR1358,96021315,70029 Jul 0525 Nov 05No

Found...and Lost again

Two Jedi and a Hellmouth…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Star Wars.

Summary: Sequel to ‘Second Chances’. In the Aftermath of Halloween, new powers are discovered and possibly a new love for Xander Harris

Rating: PG-13; just to be on the safe side.

Author’s Notes: Thanks for all the reviews:)

May Contain Spoilers for various events and books in the Star Wars Saga!

Chapter 5 Found…and Lost again

Buffy and Willow were strolling the Bronze idly chatting away. As they neared the Bronze, Willow asked Buffy, “So do you think that Xander managed to get us the couch?”

“He should have. We sent him early enough,” Buffy answered tartly.

Willow snorted in amusement at Buffy’s comment and she opened her mouth to comment but stopped when she found that Buffy was no longer keeping up with her. Willow looked around and found Buffy standing a couple of paces behind her staring in disbelief at something. Willow followed Buffy gaze and found her looking at a guy making out with a girl in the middle of the street.

Two things happened when she recognized the guy, her jaw hit the floor in surprise and disbelief then a surge of jealously ran through her body.

“Am I seeing things or is that Xander standing there…kissing Cordelia!” demanded Buffy in shock and disbelief.

Willow didn’t answer her as her brow furrowed in confusion as she watched Xander smooching Cordelia several meters away from them.

As fate would have it, Cordelia was also on her way to the Bronze at this time and after she had parked her car, she came upon Willow and Buffy staring mindlessly at the two teenagers that were making out in the middle of the street. She went up to them and said in disgust, “Sheesh, can’t you two get a life or something?”

The two girls jumped in surprise at Cordelia’s voice coming from behind them. They stared in shock at her then shared a glance before Buffy said, “If Cordelia’s over here…then who the hell is Xander is kissing!”

Buffy comment was like a slap in the face of Cordelia, “Xander is kissing someone?” Cordy said in disbelief, while wondering how they had found out about her and Xander’s illicit smoochies.

Wordlessly the two girls pointed and Cordelia followed their fingers with her eyes and realized that the two teenagers passionately making out in the middle of the street were Xander and some blonde girl that looked like her.

A variety of emotions began to whirl inside of her and the predominant one was, much to her immortal surprise-jealousy.

Her? Jealous, because Xander was kissing some other girl? Impossible! She was Queen C and he was the Zeppo! He meant nothing to her! She told herself.

But deep down inside she knew that wasn’t true…

The three girls just continued to stare, a forlorn jealous Cordy, a jealous Willow and a very surprised Buffy.

Willow continued to watch, as they suddenly broke apart, Xander had a look of supreme surprise mixed in with something she had never seen before on his face, while the unknown blonde girl on the other hand…wait a sec!

“That’s not some blonde, that’s Tahiri!” Willow screeched in amazement and wondering what the hell was going on.


Xander felt the passion overwhelm him and for a while he was lost in the kiss, finally he was able to break away, reminding himself that this was Lily and he was Xander Harris, that they were not Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila.

Breathlessly they stood there looking into each other’s eyes. He saw many things in her eyes, hope, disbelief, and embarrassment, even love but most troubling of all; there was an alienness to them that were startlingly familiar, though he couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was so familiar about them.

He looked her, taking in her shoulder length blonde hair, her pale blue eyes, and button nose. The rest of her figure that seemed so similar to Cordelia’s.

The silence stretched into a pregnant silence as each one waited to for the other to begin speaking.

“Uh…I think that was one of my nicer hellos…heh, maybe I aught to roughly grab girls more often…” Xander mused out loud.

Lily laughed at his comment and smiled coyly.

Xander smiled uncertainly at her, he wasn’t used to an attractive girl laughing at his jokes, “Uh, though seriously, why did you do that?”

Lily didn’t even blink, “Cause you’re Anakin, silly, and I’ve missed you…or at least some parts of me have. The rest of me doesn’t even know you,” she explained simply.

“Oh…that’s all was it,” it was a statement not a question, though at least he could understand her impulse, apart of him wanted the same thing.

She smiled innocently at him, “Well know that that’s settled how about introducing yourself, I mean our other selves know each other pretty damn well and yet we don’t know each other at all, ” Lily remarked idly and playfully.

“Yeah that would be of the good,” he admitted, “I’m Xander Harris.”

“Lillian Munroe, but everyone calls me Lily-Xander huh, weird name.”

“Yeah well it’s short for Alexander, but don’t call me Alex, I’ve always been Xander.”

“Cool, no problem. Though I do have one tiny question,” she began.

Xander frowned, “What?”

“What the hell is wrong with this town?” Lily demanded.

Xander grimaced in response, she didn’t know about the night life of Sunnydale, or rather the night unlife, “That’s easily answered…but you really won’t like the answer. Listen G-man can explain it all better than I can. So why don’t we go talk to him?”


“Yeah, Giles, he knows about this stuff and can answer all your questions-al least the ones about this town. How we can still use the Force well you guess is as good as mine,” he explained quickly.

She took a second before she nodded in agreement; he turned around to lead the way to the Sunnydale High school library. They hadn’t gone more than a few steps before Xander noticed that they had had an audience for their conversation, “Uh, hiya guys…I found Tahiri-uh, Lily,” he managed to say lamely while Lily waved shyly at them.

“I remember you guys from Halloween,” Lily added.

Xander surveyed his friends; Buffy was smirking at him while Willow, of all things, looked jealous for some reason and Cordelia…Cordelia looked hurt.

“Uh, we’re going to see G-man, you guys coming?” Xander asked feeling (and rightfully so) as if all the attention was on him.

Buffy answered for the three girls, still smirking, “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


Lily didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This couldn’t be true! She couldn’t be sitting three feet away from a portal to Hell!

G-man turned out to be a distinguished middle aged Englishman called Rupert Giles who was the Librarian at the public school and a member of the Watcher’s Council an ancient group that was responsible for training the Chosen One, the Slayer to fight and kill Vampires, Demons and everything else that went bump in the night (and someone who felt a compulsive need to clean his glasses every two minutes).

Vampires and Demons for Christ’s sake!

They were telling her that the bogie man and every monster she had feared as a child existed and prowled the night in search of prey, though Xander had chosen that point to point out that leprechauns were actually a myth.

She’d looked at him in disbelief. How could someone joke about this? For the second time in a very short period of time, her world had been turned upside down, first she gained Force powers and the memories and personality of one very messed up Jedi, then she gets told that pure evil exists and she’s living on it’s turf!

She hadn’t believed them at first but then things had began to make sense, people not going out after dark, the sheer number of cemeteries, the disappearances of students and teachers from her school, and the people in Halloween costumes when it wasn’t Halloween…

She shuddered, it was so unbelievable a tale at first glance and jet every sense in her body was telling her it was the truth.

Though most disturbing of all was that the fate of Humanity rested on the shoulders of a petite, fragile looking, blonde, female high school student that was the Slayer…who acted like a mindless Californian cheerleader. And she’d proved it by bending a metal bar into a loop.

It was all so disturbing and surreal.

A ironic thought, crossed her mind, And my father sent me to this town because it was supposed to be safer than the big bad city…

She snorted in derision of that thought, her father was so wrong, it wasn’t funny.

She needed air, she had to get out of the stuffy library…and away from the insaneness that was threatening to overcome her life.

She rose from her seat at the library table breathlessly and said, “Look I can’t take this all in,” she grabbed a pen and paper off the library table and jotted down her number, “Here’s my number, call me tomorrow.” She ran out of the library in a daze before anyone could stop her.

Xander ran after her, out into the corridor, “Wait, it’s not safe now!” he called out to the rapidly disappearing girl.

Buffy came up behind him, “Don’t worry Xander I’ll go after her, I’ll make sure she gets home safe,” with that she was off running after Lily.

The rest of the group came up behind him and Willow tried to reassure him, “Don’t worry Xander, I’m sure Buffy will reach her quickly. Lily probably won’t run into anything before Buffy catches her.”

Xander looked in the direction that the girls had taken off in, “I hope you’re right Will.”

But deep inside he knew that wasn’t going to happen, Murphy had his own palace in Sunnydale.

Author’s Notes: Hope u like this chapter. Please Read, Enjoy, and Review. Sorry for the delay, it couldn’t be helped.

The End?

You have reached the end of "2 Jedi and a Hellmouth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Nov 05.

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