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2 Jedi and a Hellmouth

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This story is No. 2 in the series "2 Jedi....". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Second Chances. In the aftermath of Halloween, new powers are discovered and possibly a new love for Xander Harris

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Star Wars > Xander-CenteredthesithspawnFR1358,96021315,76829 Jul 0525 Nov 05No

2 Jedi and a Hellmouth

Two Jedi and a Hellmouth…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Star Wars.

Summary: Sequel to ‘Second Chances’. In the Aftermath of Halloween, new powers are discovered and possibly a new love for Xander Harris

Rating: PG-13; just to be on the safe side.

Author’s Notes: Thanks for all the reviews for Second Chances, here’s the sequel as promised, sorry for the delay but it couldn’t be helped : (

May Contain Spoilers for the New Jedi Order series!

Chapter 1 Coming Clean

Xander Harris walked into Sunnydale High in a daze. The morning
after Halloween had produced more revelations for him. As he walked to
school he had felt the Primordial Darkness grow gradually stronger as
he neared the school buildings.

…As he neared the Hellmouth.

Now in the library it was overwhelming.

Xander looked around for anybody, “Hey G-man! You here?” he called out.

Giles came out of his office at Xander’s yell, “How many times have I asked not to call me that?” he said as he let his office.

Xander shrugged, “I don’t know…a few million times?” he said sarcastically.

Giles let out a long-suffering sigh, “Your friends, Buffy and Willow haven’t arrived yet,” Giles said ignoring the last comment.

“Not a problem…I just really need to talk to you,” Xander said tensely.

Giles looked at Xander sharply. Xander was never serious! “What’s the problem?” he asked worriedly.

“Willow told you about what happened yesterday, right?” Xander asked.

“Yes you all became your costumes,” confirmed Giles.

“Did she tell you what I went as?” asked Xander.

“She mentioned something about you going as a Jedi Knight, correct?” Giles said.

“Yeah, Anakin-” Xander began.

“Dear Lord, Xander!” exclaimed Giles, “You went as a Sith Lord! What the devil were you thinking? Were you even thinking!”

“-Solo. Anakin Solo. Not Anakin Skywalker and besides I was just going as a nameless Jedi Warrior,” continued Xander.

Giles brow furrowed up in confusion, “There’s a second Anakin?”

“Yeah, Han Solo and Princess Leia’s youngest son,” explained Xander to the perplexed Watcher.

“Oh…they had children?” asked Giles quietly.

“Yeah three, fraternal twins and Anakin.”

“Oh,” Giles took off his glasses and started cleaning them, “So…what is bothering you then?”

Xander eyed Giles as Giles continued to wipe his glasses, “I can still use the Force.”

“Oh…WHAT!” Giles exclaimed in shock and surprise, this was unexpected to say the least.

smiled and gestured at the now forgotten pair of glasses that Giles
still held. Giles watched as Xander’s forehead began to perspire
profusely. Giles’s eyes grew as round as saucers. He watched as his
glasses rose shakily up into the air, till they were eyelevel. Giles
stood there dumbly not comprehending what he was seeing.

“Hey G-man you might want take your glasses before I drop them,” Xander said smartly to Giles from between clenched teeth.

reached up in shock to take a hold of his glasses that happened to be
floating in midair in front of him. Giles slowly examined them closely
turning them over as he did. He looked up at Xander and opened his
mouth to say something. Then he closed it. Then he opened it. Then he
closed it again. Then he opened it again. Then he closed it. This time
it remained closed as Giles tried to come to terms with Xander’s
newfound ability.

As for Xander, well he was watching Giles with
a smug look on his face, amused that he had finally found a way to
truly dumbfound the Watcher. Giles continued to stand there in a near
catatonic state and Xander could practically hear what Giles was
thinking; I knew living on the Hellmouth was going to be strange but bloody hell this…this is utterly absurd!

“Hey G-man, I got one more surprise for you,” Xander said as he
reached into his pocket. He extracted a small metallic handle and held
it up for Giles to see. Giles looked at it closely and realized that
appeared to be a lightsaber

Giles frowned at Xander in confusion, “That appears to be a handle of a lightsaber?” he said simply.


“It is,” was Xander equally simple answer.

Giles stood looking
dumbly at the purple energy blade, held inches away from his face that
should have been impossible in this day and age and realized that from
now on life on the Hellmouth was about to get very interesting…for everybody.

Giles silently replaced his glasses and then cleared his throat, “Any more surprise today for me?”


“Good…then I can collapse now,” added Giles as he moved to the nearest chair and collapsed bonelessly into it.

smiled smugly at the Watcher’s antics and disengaged his lightsaber. He
moved over to the table and placed his lightsaber on the table, next to
Giles, “I’m guessing you need to research G-man, so I’ll just leave you
this so don’t think that this was all just a hallucination. I’ll see
you later, ok?” Xander told Giles.

Giles mumbled something that
sounded like an affirmative from where he was slumped. Xander turned
and left walked out the library with a smile on his face, his ability
to razz the Watcher had now entered a golden age, one that was going to
last a very long time.

The rest of the day passed quickly for
Xander, each subject now came easily to him especially mathematics.
Willow and Buffy had been talking non-stop about what had happened last
night. Willow was saying how creepy it had been to be non-corporeal
while Buffy was going on and on about her newfound sewing and crochet
skills along with knowledge about various other traditional feminine

When they had finally asked him about what remembered from
his costume; which was when Buffy had remembered that he had been
calling himself Anakin. She tore into him just as Willow and Giles had
ripped into him at the mere mention of that name. She had colored
nicely in embarrassment when he had explained the difference.

the final bell had rung the Scoobies made their way to the library as
usual to check in with Giles and find out what Xander had to tell them.

what’s the stitch Xander? And why did we have to wait all day long to
find out about it?” Buffy asked of Xander as they made their way down
the corridor.

“I asked G-man to check up on a few things for me,
it might have an impact on what I have to say,” explained Xander as he
pushed open the door to the library.

Buffy opened her mouth to
complain again but instead ran into the back of Xander when he stopped
suddenly, “Ooff, why’d you stop…” she trailed off as she saw what had
caused him to stop.

“Woah…” commented Willow.

The library
was in a state of utter dishevel, books were covering nearly all the
available surfaces, even some parts of the floor. The main table was
covered in stacks of books 10, 20 high. Sitting at the table was a very
frazzled looking Giles, the first two buttons of his shirt were open
and his tie was undone. His tweed jacket lay on the floor behind him.
But most disturbing of all was the lost incredulous look that was on
Giles’s face as he intensely read the book in his hand, he hadn’t
noticed their arrival.

“Giles! What happened?” cried out Buffy in alarm.

head shot up in alarm at Buffy’s cry, “What? What?” he said as he
looked around, “Oh its just you,” he turned back to the book at hand.

The three teenagers exchanged glances before looking back at Giles, “Giles! What. Happened. Here?” demanded Buffy, “Did we miss the apocalypse of books or something?”

looked up again from the book he was reading, “What? Oh, this is just
some research Xander asked me to do,” Giles said with a dismissive wave
of his hand.

Some research! We don’t do this much research when we’re facing an apocalypse!” exclaimed Buffy.

Giles paused, at a loss for words.

Buffy turned to glare Xander as Willow looked expectantly at him, “Can you tell us now what’s going on?”

“Yeah, sure…Ah Giles did you find anything useful?” Xander asked of Giles.

nothing can account for what has happened to you,” said Giles with a
mournful shake of his head, “Or how that…that thing can exist,” he
continued as he pointed at an object at the far side of the table.

“What’s happened to you?” asked Willow in a worried.

“You’ve all, or at least Buffy, has been remethings from Halloween, right?” Xander began.

“Yeah,” said Buffy and Willow.

“Well, I still remember everything Anakin Solo experienced in his life plus…”

“Plus what?” urged Willow impatiently.

“…well…I can still use…The Force,” finished Xander as he braced himself for their reactions.

looked at him once before breaking into laughter while Willow merely
looked at funny, “Ha ha, very funny,” said Buffy when she had
recovered., “Now really what’s happened to you?”

“I’m not kidding Buffy, I really can use the force,” repeated Xander.

Buffy put her hands on her hips and looked skeptically at him, “Well then prove it.”

Xander rolled his eyes and gave her indulgent smile. He raised his hand and gestured.

jaw hit the floor as she watched a book float across from the table to
land in Xander’s hand. Willow could only look with wide eyes in shock
of what they had all witnessed.

“Now do you believe me?” said Xander smugly as he placed the book in his hand on the nearest available surface.

“Wow, I mean…Wow,” was all Buffy managed to say in response.

Xander smiled smugly and said, “I take it you believe me now?”

Buffy could only silently nod in response.

Xander turned to Willow to find her looking at him with a disturbed look on her face, “Wills, you okay with this?”

“I…I…You’ve got Force powers?” she managed to say hesitantly.

Xander nodded.

The disturbed look grew stronger on her face, “So you could…go all…” she mined heavy breathing sounds.

good feeling Xander had been having evaporated and he answered Willow
in a grim voice, “It is possible…The fact that I’ve got these powers
proves that anything is possible on the Hellmouth. I just have to be
careful in why and how I use my powers.”

Buffy had been following the conversation and as she looked between the two she realized what they were talking about, “WOAH! WOAH! Are you saying you could become a Dark Lord of the Sith! Cause if you are, dealing with a Dark Lord of the Sith is NOT in the Slayer job description! Vampires, Demons, and various monsters, yes…but NOT Sith Lords! IT’S IN THE PROPHACY! And besides I sooo do not want to slay my Xander-shaped friend!” ranted Buffy, horrified at the possibility.

“Relax Buffster, its a remote possibility,” consoled Xander.

Buffy was only slightly mollified.

An uncomfortable silence descended on the three teenagers as they stood there each waiting for the other to say something.

sound of Giles slamming a book down onto the library table brought
their attention back to him. He who had returned to his books as Xander
had explained everything to his friends.

“It’s bloody impossible! It is absolutely scientifically impossible for that thing to exist!” denied Giles vehemently.

“Giles, What thing?” asked Willow curiously.

“That thing! Xander’s Lightsaber!” said Giles as he pointed at a metallic object at the end of the table.

“Xander’s WHAT!” demanded Buffy in surprise.

“His damn Lightsaber!” confirmed Giles.

slowly moved to the end of the library table and picked up the small
metal handle she found there. She hefted it in her hand felt its
weight. She then examined it closely. She found the activation stud and
pressed on it.


The purple energy blade extended
to its full length in front of Buffy with the blade pointed upwards.
Buffy waged the blade slowly through the air in front of her as she
watched intently with her eyes firmly fixed on its movements. Buffy
turned to face Xander and very slowly a devilish grin spread across her
face. Very slowly she moved to the middle of the library, Willow and
Xander moved out of her way and Giles watched from his chair in

When Buffy stood in the middle of the room, she
began going through some practice swings with the lightsaber. She had a
rapturous expression on her face as she practiced.

“Ah, Buffy…you might want to be careful with that…You could accidentally slice off a limb…or worse, a head,” warned Xander.

“Relax, Xander. I’m the Slayer weapons come naturally to me,” said Buffy confidently.

Unfortunately, for Buffy belied what she had just said confidently.

movements had brought her next to Giles’s card catalogue and as she
turned back to face them she pivoted to right…she sliced half way
through the card catalogue, igniting it before realizing what she had
done and dropping the saber in surprise, the blade extinguished itself
as it felt..

“Noooo!” came Giles’s cry of anguish as he watched helplessly as his card catalogue caught fire.

pounced into motion, grabbing the nearest fire extinguisher before
anyone could react and put out the fire before it could spread.

extinguishing the fire Xander stood there examining the scene around
him; Buffy was standing frozen next to him with a very surprised look
on her face that was remarkably similar to the one on Willow’s face.
Giles was also frozen, halfway out of his chair with an expression of
anguish across his face.

Giles broke the silence first, “You!” He
pointed at Xander, “Take that thing and leave! All of you! Go away!” He
cried out as he jerkily waved his finger angrily in their direction.

bent down and picked up his lightsaber from where it had fallen and
placed it in his pocket. They all then made their way to the door.

the library door had closed behind them, the three teenagers stood
there facing each other. Xander spoke up first, “Congratulations Buffy,
you killed G-man’s card catalogue,” Xander said as they stood there.

That set Willow off laughing. Buffy scowled at her in annoyance and in response she punched Xander’s arm.

“That didn’t hurt,” he said smugly.

She punched him again, harder.

That hurt…” he said softly as he rubbed his numb arm.

Author’s Notes: Hope u like this chapter. Please Read and Review.
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